Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tip for the Day: Cream Blush Application AMW Style

As a makeup artist and beauty blogger, searching for a "long lasting" makeup is definitely a priority!  I've done my search on eyeliners, foundation, and of course, blush will definitely be the next!  I've always had problems with my blush as it fades in less than half a day!  When I finally purchased my own cream blush and tried the "sandwich" method, I never put blush without a cream blush underneath!

Now on to the requests.  A lot of you have requested on how I apply my cream blushes.  Each person has their own methods and I'm not saying mine is the best but I am comfortable with this method that I will share.  I do this method both on myself and clients! 

Tools of trade: (choose any) + any brand of cream blush
  • your fingers
  • stippling brush
  • medium sized foundation brush
I am comfortable using my Smashbox  no. 13 foundation brush from the Smashbox Beyond Beauty Encounter Brush Kit.  You can use any foundation brush that's made of synthetic bristles.  The less dense, the better.

I use "dab" method to grab the product instead of swiping it back and forth. The latter grabs more product which may lead to clown face.  Less is more.  Add as you go on, it is better to add than to subtract....well, I'm talking about MakeupTICS! hahaha


With light, gentle strokes, brush the cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks.  Of course, the blush placement depends on your face shape.  You can smile and click HERE for tips.


Stand back and check if you're happy with the shade.  Try to make this look as natural as possible because you will add a powder blush.  Using too much will definitely make you look like you've been jogging for 2 hours under the hot sun!


I try to match the cream blush with the powder blush color, it doesn't have to be exact but same family.  A pink cream blush would go perfect with a pink powder blush.  I am using a matte pink blush from the NYX Professional Makeup Artist Kit (reviews and swatches will be up soon).


Gently apply the powder blush on top of the cream blush.  Blend as much as possible.  If you think you applied too much, do not panic!  With a fluffy brush, pat on press powder on your cheeks to lessen the blush pigments!


I've actually applied a bit more for photo purpose!  I hope my step-by-step photos help for those who are wary to use cream blushes out there.  What if you have pimples or spots on cheeks?  Always make sure you prime, conceal and apply the right type of foundation to create a smooth and clear base.  When in doubt? Practice! Practice! and Practice!  You'll get the hang of it!


So, are you game to try cream blushes?  I hope so!  I am definitely hooked!
Have a wonderful day!  Thanks for the requests and trust.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks for this Nikki!

    Just in time coz I will be in Rustan's Shangrila later, to find a decent primer and tinted moisturizer with SPF, any recommendations? Now, I'll definitely look out for that cream blush.

    Out of topic, the UD Alice in Wonderland BOS is now available in Sephora! I still can't get over that makeup! He he..

    Have a great day!

  2. Really nice tutorial, Nikki!
    I have never used cream blushes yet, since I'm so afraid of getting clown cheeks.

    But it looks really natural on your cheeks!

  3. thanks for this post Nikki, I never knew I can use foundation brush for applying cream blushes. I am currently staying away from cream blushes because I think they're messy I dont want to use my hands on them. Seeing your post made me think twice. Thanks again :)

  4. Nice post!! love it! I don't have many cream blush, but I'm loving my Stila Convertible in Peony at the moment, and have been using foundation brush to apply it too!! ^^ Loves the finish look on your cheeks

  5. I've been using foundation brush to apply my Stila Convertible in Peony !! ^^happy I'm not the only one.. loves this post! loves that finish look on your cheeks!

  6. I love cream blushes! Okay, I only got two, but they're very nice and definitely make the powder blush stay longer on my cheeks. Thank you for the tips, what an informative post! :D

  7. thank u nikki for the awesome tips! i have a stila cream brush in peony in my treasure box too..time to let it shine :D

  8. I'm a big fan of cheek stains, because of the glow it gives me! Now, I'm lemming for a cream blush! :) Thanks Nikki. :)

  9. thanks for the tip nikki! I've tried MAC blushcreme before, i used a stippling brush LOL its so hard to apply that's why i sold it nalang.. I want to give cream blushes another chance coz of your tip =) Wow tagal ko nang gusto yung NYX prof set! =) *envy*

  10. and btw, thats a lovely shade on you.. ang ganda ng skin mo!

  11. oh, i thought cream blushes are applied on their own... still, cream blushes is not good for my oily skin. :( but interesting so thanks for sharing sis! btw, have you tried Benetint? i plan to try that out, but is it also recommended to apply powder blush too on top of it? 'cause if yes, then why the hell am i thinking about buying it? hehe. taray, lol.

    btw, your skin looks amazing sis! i wish i am zit-free like you. :( i got bumpy skin texture kasi! ulk.

  12. yeeeey thanks for the tut sis. i am not fond of cream blushes since i have blemishes on my cheeks. nawawala yung foundie pag nilgay ko ung cream! but ill definitely try this tip of yours.


  13. Lovely! The results are beautiful. I love using cream blushes on my clients as well. :D

  14. the blush looks great!

    I don't often use cream blushes but when I do I use a stippling brush to blend.

  15. thanks for the tips sis nikki, i just bought cream blush the other day and this tip of yours really helps me a lot=)

  16. Great tutorial! I always strayed away from cream blushes because I always felt like a clown. I guess that's because I didn't know the technique. Thank you for teaching and sharing.

  17. Great tutorial. The blush look great on you. I love cream blushes. I use them both on their own or as a base for powder blushes to make them last longer.

  18. Thanks for the tip!! Excellent tutorial!

  19. nice post,hun!
    im not a cream blush user..but if ever i get into using it your tips will be very handy!

    i actually like using the foundation brush for concealers e..hehe

  20. Lanie, I'm glad you find this helpful! Primer ? It depends on your skintype! Tinted moisturizer, I've heard Laura mercier as really good but you have to do your research before your purchase ok? Goodluck! hahaha I don't have the power to purchase the UD Alice in Wonderland, it's just too pricey!

    Jess, you won't! With light hand, right amount of product and tools! You'll be ok :)

    Charry, oohh I prefer the foundie brush over stippling brush, hands down! :) so far, it's not messy with this brush!

  21. Dana, I don't have a lot of cream blushes myself, but I'm starting to collect :) As I love it!
    Fifi, 2 or 1 cream blushes, it makes a HUGE difference :)

    Xin, yay, I'd love to see you use them! You'll look great for sure you have such nice cheekbones!

    Care G, no worries, always my pleasure

  22. Vanessa M, thanks!

    Khymm, I've always thought fingers or stippling brush, that's it! I'm glad I've tried it with a synthetic foundation brush, I can never apply cream blushes with other brushes! Thanks sis for the compliment on my skin, may foundie kc yan! So you think its perfect hahaha!

    MereMakeupManiac, I could never apply cream blushes alone! Though I have dry skin, I always set it :) I haven't tried Benetint, I have a feeling it would be difficult to spread on my dry skin! I think benetint dries up pretty quickly so you don't need to apply powder blush on top of it :) Thanks to you too for the compliment on my skin :)

  23. Jheng, I know what you mean! I apply it in VERY light hand and so far, di na nawawala yung foundie :)

    Jen, :) thanks for the comment

    Connie, thanks! You have really great looking makeup application, I don't see if you could be able to pick up a tip here! LOL :)

  24. Aiyoh, I'm glad this helps and the post came in time with your purchase! goodluck!

    My-My, I'm glad you found a technique on how to apply in my very simple post! Let me know how your application goes!

    Gio, glad you agree with me on this! Thanks dear

  25. JC, thanks!

    Thia, same here! I like the foundation brush to brush the concealer on undereye area, bigger area covered in lesser strokes :)

  26. thanks a lot for the tips hun! very useful :)

  27. Thanks for posting this! I always wanted to try cream blushes but never knew how to apply them.

  28. I love blush creams! from MAC (Lilicent,Uncommon),NYX. Currently in love with N0.7 blush tint cream. ..I haven't really tried using a foundation brush normally use a stippling MAC 187 brush I'll try it foe comparison. Thanks for the tutorial.

  29. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely try cream blushes.

  30. Shifa, you are welcome and thanks for commenting

    Arezu, no worries, my pleasure, hope you'll give it a try

    dHeL, my pleasure, personally, MAC187 works ok but I find using this foundation brush is better for me :)

    All Women stalker, you're welcome :)

  31. I just came across your blog and quite like it. It's great that you give useful tutorials. I've been using cream blush for ages but I never topped it off with powder blush, which seems to make sense!

    Will be reading for more ideas in the future!

  32. ate nikki, your makeup blog is very helpful, i love jealous of your charm travel brush kit..please do a review on the "some kind-a dangerous foundation faker" from benefit..i heard high beam is good for highlighting..thanks


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