Friday, February 5, 2010

AMW Reviews: Nichido Juicy Lips in Raspberry Float

Expensive doesn't mean the best!  I am happy to announce that today's review can also be included on my"Eureka Moment"!

Thanks to Mags for gifting me this.  I was staring at her lips one day while she was talking to me and I can't help but comment on her lovely lips! A nice shade of lipstick has been spotted that's non-drying and very inexpensive!  And I am happy to share....

Nichido Juicy Lips 
in Raspberry Float


Nichido Juicy Lips says ---
Can't find anything, they don't even have a website!

AMW says ---

  • inexpensive
  • very moisturizing
  • very pigmented
  • lasts almost the same as most expensive lipsticks
  • nice peachy pink packaging, it reminds me of AVON lipstick, I don't know why?
  • the brand name and lipstick color printed at the bottom was done with taste!
  • not available worldwide
  • thanks to commenter K, this could darken your lips, better prime your lips first prior to using lipsticks that could cause darkening!

*jaw drops*  The shade was love at first sight for me!  It works on different lip pigmentation and I've seen my colleagues use the same shade and it'll all turn out different and unique!  I love how creamy it is and non drying for an inexpensive lipstick!  

  • for super dry lips like mine: Always moisturize or prime lips prior to lipstick application
  • exfoliate lips once a week 
  • top your lipstick with your choice of lipgloss to create shinier lips
  • you can always mix and match lipstick shades to create more exciting lip colors!
  • test lipstick on your lips rather than your hand, your lip pigmentation can change the color on your lips!  (do bring a tissue to wipe the testers)
  • do not choose a lipstick color base on other people's lips!  You know it won't look exactly the same on you!
  • if your lips get dry or itchy after several usage of the same brand, STOP!  You may be allergic to it.
Will I repurchase?
YES!  Definitely!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Nichido counters for Php88.00 (approx $2.00)
Swatched on hand once


Applied on lips 
no gloss
Because my lips are very pigmented to start with, 
the shade on my lips is different with the shade on swatch above :) 


Have you tried very inexpensive lipstick that surprised even your own lips?
I am definitely not a brand snob, and I only look for the best!  This definitely passed my watchful eyes!
I am definitely looking forward to purchase more shades from the Juicy Lips line! 

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. Ooh, it looks so nice! Wish it was more readily available worldwide!

  2. That's a nice shade on you.
    Speaking of Nichido, I've tried their e/s when I was still starting with makeup and for me it was a good start :)

  3. Wow, it does look really nice I usually found that US cheap lipstick only look good if I am on a good-lips-day while highend ones would look make my lips look good even when I am on a horrible-lips-day.I wish they have something like this in US...

  4. great review! i love inexpensive and local brands.I'm currently using ever bilena lipsticks.they're also very moisturizing and reading your blog :)

  5. Beware though :) I use Godiva lightening balm underneath Nichido lipsticks as then tend to darken lips over time ;)

    will buy this juicy lips next time!

  6. will definitely get one!! the color is so pretty! great review!

  7. the shade is so so cute!!!!! makes your lips look super yummy *drool* although the packaging looks cheap, but the content is really a surprise

  8. ms nikki the shades looks so pretty on your lips..ive been ignoring our local products maybe its time na to give credits to them..thanks for this post..ill look for the lippies later hehe

  9. One more thing I love about your blog, Nikki, no brand snobbing, and you review with such honesty! =)Happy weekend my dear! And goodluck on the workshop with Dollface =)

  10. in my case i love Fanny Serrano's lipstick in Carnation (i think)...

    i have been looking for the Fashion 21 lipstick in Gentle Peach kaya lang its always OOS...

    but i will definitely buy it as soon as i saw 1..kht project 10 pan ako..ganun xa kahirap hanapin!

  11. Nikki this looks so good on you! I will have to see if it looks just as good on me. ;)
    Have you tried their lipsticks with Shea Butter? I love the Nude one, and feels so good on the lips, too, I guess because of the shea butter.

  12. Wow! Such juicy and nice color! Looks so lovely on your lips! Feels like it moisturizing very well!

  13. nice color.. but scary it darkens the lips over time!

  14. finally!! :) i'm loving you more for doing this ms. nikki!! :) we really shouldn't ignore some of our local brands, coz a lot of them are made with quality too and seeing cheap thrills like this is some kind of an enlightenment! hehehe.. :)

    i love love love your blog.. :) :)

  15. It looks pretty on your lips, Nikki. And it's true. Expensive doesn't mean best. :P

  16. Wow, that's a gorgeous color! Looks beautiful on you. I wish we had this here too.

  17. Maggie, oh, I'm sure this is equivalent to a lot of inexpensive lipsticks you gals have out there!

    Lanie, ohh some of their e/s are quite pigmented, but I have to say not all no?

    Citrine, oh I haven't thought of that, I''m always on a BAD lips day no matter how much I take care of it :(

  18. Locke, I have to try Ever Bilena lipstick in the future, when I am on the 'purchase' mood :)

    jasmin, thanks!

    K, hey! thanks, I've written down what you've told me so others may watch out, thanks girl!

  19. Nehs, no problem, my pleasure

    Xin, hahahah I can't imagine my lips will ever look yummy, thanks for saying so, you are such a nice sister :) WE have to meet!

    shobe, :) let me know, with your nice lips I'm sure you'll look great with it :)

  20. Dang, thank you sweetie, I have to thank my friend for gifting me this too! and for showing her lovely lips to me :) You are such a sweetheart dear

    Thia, I find Fanny Serrano a bit pricey pa nga eh! hahaha :D I have heard about Gentle peach ! But yeah, it's always OOS!

    jo.frougal, I haven't tried their lipstick with Shea Butter, yay! that sounds wonderful, gotta try!!!Not the nude one for sure, I don't look healthy with nude lippie! hahaha

  21. Anastacia, thank you!

    Khymm, yes, I hope it doesn't! :)

    Emoterang Karla, thanks sweetie for the compliment, don't worry, I'll write about greater finds that are inexpensive in my makeup journey :)

  22. OxfordJasmine, thanks :) nice to meet you :)

    Pammy, thanks for agreeing :)

    Gio, let me know if you want to give it a try :)

  23. That is a gorgeous colour!! :) I would love to try that although too bad it's hard to find, or maybe only in Asian countries?
    I've been loving Rimmel's Moisture Renew Lipstick SPF 18. They are really moisturizing and the shade that I have "Nude Delight" is perfect for smoky eye looks. I don't know if you have Rimmel where you live, but if you do you should totally check them out. :)
    Take care,

  24. That's a reallly pretty and healthy color on your lips! I want to try that too but I'm afraid of the darkening effects hehe ^_^

  25. I can't believe you look unhealthy with nude lipstick! Come to think of it, I haven't seen you do that smoky-eye, nude lips look. How about giving it a try? At least show your fans how it looks on you? Now I'm intrigued, lol.
    By the way, I linked to you here. ;)

  26. wow they are superpigmented but i'm not a fan of lipcolor that darken your lips though since mine are already dark :(

  27. great color. this product is available in sm makati. i love your blog!!! :D

  28. woah! i love this pink colour so much :) very beautiful^^
    by the way i'm having a jewelry giveaway, you can participate if you are interested :) =>

  29. I also have one from Nichido Juicy lips, I forgot the name but the shade is leaning towards tangerine. I like that it's super creamy and glides on like butter, but yes, it's a bit drying, so putting lip balm before applying it is a must. :)

  30. Did you know the author of this blog plagiarized this review?

  31. Did you know the author of this blog plagiarized this review?


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