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RAWColor Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush Review

**Note from Author: It was confirmed that RAW Cosmetics company do give out free trial but they charge you after 30 days if you've decided to keep the trial set.  I apologize for learning about this recently.  Hope this helps. Thanks to Khymm for confirming this.

One thing you should know or you may already know is that --- I am still a kid at heart!  A new makeup brush waving right in front of my face is like a huge M&M Peanut chocolate to my hubby! *laughs*  That is such a nice comparison!  Well, you get my drift!

A new brush, no matter how cheap or expensive, big or small, deserves at least 5 seconds of "oohhing and aahhing", 10 seconds of staring, 30 seconds of touching, and a lifetime of brush cleansing!  Over the holidays, I received a wonderful gift from my dearest friend Toma and the love pack includes something definitely NEW...RAW Natural Beauty Cosmetics (RAWColor, RAWMinerals, RAWSkincare).

I've played most of them and expect to see reviews from this brand, but in the meantime....

Let me talk about the RAWColor Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush


RAWColor Maximum  Coverage Foundations Brush says ---
The secret for flawless application, this professional-quality brush is specially designed to pick up and distribute the perfect amount of RAWMinerals Foundation for soft, even application in seconds. The cashmere-like, high density bristles “grab” minerals and sweep them evenly over your skin, leaving you with flawless coverage.

AMW says ---

  • very soft
  • no shedding, not a single strand
  • no bleeding during washes
  • no flyaways - for now
  • drying time isn't bad
  • long wooden handle which makes it easier to control
  • bristles are dense, gives a nice maximum coverage
  • versatile:  can be used with powder, cream or liquid makeup
  • perfect for heavy to maximum coverage
  • can easily reach hard to reach areas by other bigger brushes like the sides of the nose, undereye area, eyelid, etc...
  • multi-purpose: can be used to apply foundation, concealer, cheek color or even contouring powder
  • can take a bit longer time to cover the entire face as compared to other bigger flat top brushes
  • very pricey if bought on it's own (check out how to get a deal for US readers..lucky you!)
At first glance, this reminded me of my Everyday Minerals (EDM) Flat Top Brush which has been a favorite maximum foundation brush of mine!  This is definitely the baby version of it, but 2 identical brushes can definitely have huge differences!  The coverage of the RAWColor Maximum Coverage Foundation brush is even more flawless!  One advantage of this brush as compared to all the rest of my brushes is it's capacity to reach even the most hard to reach area!  I don't have a single difficulty applying my foundation and on some days, I don't even need concealer because of the nice maximum coverage it gives to my problem areas!  This is not a necessity but this is one brush worth adding into your collection!

  • always tap the brush prior to buffing as this tend to deposit a lot of foundation as compared to other brushes
  • as this can deposit a lot of pigments, do wash this brush more often to prevent germs
  • use this brush to cover areas that needed heavier coverage and use a bigger fluffier brush for the rest of the face
  • after buffing, always stand back and check your reflection to see if you blended everything well.  This brush gives MAXIMUM coverage so be careful not to over apply your foundation
  • gently dip the tips of this brush on the concealer shade of your choose and buff it on areas that needed coverage, redness of your cheeks, dark undereye areas, etc...
  • gently dip the tips of the brush on your favorite cream brush, and gently buff into the apples of your cheeks!  (this is a new favorite trick of mine!)
Will I repurchase?
One is enough, with it's price, I can settle for cheaper alternatives locally.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Raw Natural Beauty website for $35.00 (approx Php1,600)

Here's the top view of RAWColor Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush


Bristles are soft yet stiff at the same time
Perfect for buffing

The wooden handle has the brand imprinted
and "maximum coverage foundation" written on it
You won't go wrong!


Thanks again Toma for this!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!
Happy weekend!


  1. nice! I've been meaning to get myself that kind of brush!

  2. It really looks like EDM flat top brush! But a longer version. Hm. But very pricey indeed.

  3. oh it's like a long EDM Flat Top Brush nga ^_^

  4. love reading ur blog =) thanks for this post!

  5. the flat top brush looks similar to EDM nga, pero its much smaller noh? =) nice set!

  6. that brush looks very similar to the everyday minerals flat top, just with a longer/different style handle.

  7. hello nikki! Thank you for this review. :)

  8. The brush looks so great! I know it works amazing! Omnomnom!

  9. Thanks for the review. It sounds like a great brush, too bad it's so pricey.

  10. Hi i just googled raw natural beauty

    apprently it's a scam, and if you don't return the product w/i 10 days, you get charged $90 for it...

    and apaprently they claim to have "lost" your return and charge you anyways...

  11. Y, the smaller version of the flat top brush really is nice to be part of your brush collection :)

    Sue, yes, this is a longer handled version and smaller bristles!

    Au, :)

    laneige couture, thank you for visiting too!

  12. Khymm, yes, its way much smaller!

    Christiana, yes, I have the EDM one and it is very similar!

    Mona, yes it is fanstastic to use too!

    Bea, no worries, my pleasure!

    Anastacia :)

    Gio, yes, I was a bit shocked with the price!

    Anonymous, really? Oh that sucks, thanks for letting me know, I have to investigate and see! :)

  13. That brush is cute. :P It reminds me of MAC 188 which is the baby 187. That is like the baby flat top. ;D

  14. thanks for the review! I've been wondering about this brush. it's awfully pricey though :-/ I don't think I need it enough to purchase it. I can make do with what I have now!

  15. What a great resource!


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