Sunday, February 7, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Mesa Greenbelt 5

Happy weekend everyone!  I've missed last weekend's food tripping so I'll bring it back with vengeance!  More exciting food to share!  Mesa is a Filipino Moderne restaurant that serves Filipino dishes with a twist! 

Sisig* in a Pouch
Php180.00 (appprox $3.91)
*Sisig  is a Filipino dish made from parts of pig's head and liver, 
usually seasoned with kalamansi and chili peppers

I am crazy about Sisig and I love the new concept of sisig wrapped in a crunchy flour wrapper.  Very pretty and new concept but I prefer my sisig sizzling in a grill!  But such a nice experience tasting this!  Too cute!

Laing* 2 Way
Php120.00 (appprox $2.61)
*Laing  made of taro/gabi leaves cooked in coconut milk
This is my first tim eto eat Laing, because I am never a fan of it's appearance!  Since I was told this is 2 way, meaning served plain and the other one is spicey!  I gave spicey a try and this, I tell you, is my favorite dish for the night!!!  


Sorry forgot the price :(
*Pochero can be stewed pork or beef on tomato sauce, a dish influenced by the Spanish

I am not an expert Pochero eater but I can definitely say that this lacks the taste, the sauce is a bit bland and it didn't leave a mark on my tastebuds

Crispy Boneless Tilapia served with 4 sauces
Php290.00 (approx $6.30)

I love it when you have choices for sauce.  I love the presentation and of course, who doesn't like boneless fish???  I did not ask them the kinds of sauces served but I do like all of them!


CrispChon 1/6
Php799 (approx $17.37)

They offer 1/6 as the smallest, 1/4, 1/2 and 1 whole


And they help you cut it and serve it with wrap.  This reminded me of 2 way Peking Duck dish Filipino version!  There's also 3 sauces to choose from.  My favorite is the "Hoisin' sauce.


And the rest, they cooked it Chili Garlic style, now I wish I have my dogs with me! hahaha

For drinks, they serve Iced tea and Lemonade, both are ok, I don't find anything exciting about it as they taste like most Iced Teas and Lemonade from other restaurants!  These are bottomless by the way, so..bottom's Up!

Wonderful dining experience with good service!  Though I can't say this is my most favorite Filipino Restaurant, but this is definitely a nice place with good price to hang out with friends or family!  Great date place for the coming Valentine's Day too! *winks* 

The restaurant accepts cash and credit card transactions!

MESA, Filipino Moderne
Ground Level Greenbelt 5
tel no: 632-728-0886

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Happy weekend food tripping!


  1. I always look forward to your weekend food tripping posts Nikki, the photos always look so tempting!

    You've been one of my inspirations why I started a food blog of my own, if ever you have time just click on my name and drop by. :)

  2. This is one of my favorite restos in GB5 :) Love, love!

  3. Jasmin, thanks for the visit

    Madz, thanks for being such a sweetheart :) Nice to see you have a blog yourself, will visit :)

    Teeyah, really ?We may see each other sometime :)

  4. which food is better for good health...

  5. YUMMO! I was in the process of making Mussaman Curry tonight, and your pics made me drrrooooool!

  6. JC, eeeekk! My favorite is CURRY! I want some!!!!!!!!!!

  7. the sisig wraps are intriguing!


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