Friday, February 12, 2010

Something New: Mineraux Enviro Brush Set

Happy Friday!!! Thank goodness!  Finally!  Friday is here!  Am I the only one whining??? This week has been too long for me!!!! 

I am a brush whore!  Everyone who knew me should know that!  I seldom bring a lot of makeup and tools along with me on a daily basis but you just can't imagine my "collection" for travel brushes!  I am seriously sick!  I need help!  *hahaha*

My first travel brush set was from G-Lish, it was way back before blogging that I can't even seem to take a shot of it as it has been split up to my friends!  Then came the smallest travel brush set of mine from The Body Shop Mini Brush Kit which I purchased and yet, it was left as a "display" because of it's super cute size!

I can go on and on with my travel brush sets and you'd think I'll stop...obviously I didn't!  That's why this post is around! *sigh*

Remember the time I got introduced to the brand Mineraux?  I got to know about their foundation, concealer and blushes!  I'm glad to know the brand has expanded and they offer tools for the trade!

Mineraux's Enviro Brush Set


These brushes are imported from the USA and Canada and tested locally to fit the needs of the Pinays.  They are made from top-grade natural and synthetic hair/fiber.  At first glance, it's simple wooden handle reminded me of environmental friendly products like Ecotools.  The brushes are  well made and the synthetic fibers are soft and does not shed on first few washes!  There's no brand name imprinted or brush name which  inspired me to take out  my "NIKKI" stickers to label MY brushes! 


The set includes Mini K-brush


Long handled face/buffer brush

Concealer brush.


Eyeshadow brush

Eye brow brush/Angled eyeliner brush


These brushes are housed in a chocolate brown hemp "envelope" which protects your brushes during travel.  I also like to include mini foundation pot inside the case! 

How much you ask?  It's priced at Php990.00 (approx $21.50) to be purchased at Mineraux website!  Not bad!  No wonder it's their bestselling brush set!  Hay...will I ever stop?  I doubt it!  Brushes are really important for me!  No wonder my brush washing time doubled!  :)

Have a lovely weekend ahead!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Wow I've never heard of these brushes but I'd like to try them out!! Thanks for sharing & have a nice weekend Nikki!! :D

  2. Nice review. If I'm looking for brushes I'll certainly keep this in mind.
    About the brush-washing time: we have a motto, "The vain don't complain." LOL.

  3. Your brushes kit looks so nice! Especially the buffer brush seems to be works so nice!

  4. How you been girl?! its been too long...... =[

  5. These brushes look very nice! Thanks for sharing.

  6. PixyEla, no worries, my pleasure and have a great weekend to you too! Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New year :)

    Tish, hahaha you are definitely ONE big brush whore too :) hehehe

    jo.frougal, so true, I really don't complain, I am actually enjoying my brush cleansing Quality Time :)

  7. Anastacia, yes, the buffer brush is very very cute :)

    Pammy, haha you are the BLUSH whore! So we can be a tag team :)

  8. Makemeup, yes, I do miss you!

    Gio, my pleasure as always Thanks for always making me smile with your nice comments.

  9. NICEEEE... I'm a sucker for travel brushes too... still a newbie though, so I'm slowly collecting. Great review!

  10. hey sis..i would love to see a family photo of your brushes! :D

  11. Dana, thanks dear

    Xin, hahaha and I thought you want to see MY family photos! tsk tsk tsk!

  12. Nikki, can you buy the brushes individually? Some of the brushes in the set won't be of use to me. :) Don't worry, the first step to addiction is acknowledging the problem! Hurhur =3

  13. i am kind of into brushes too. but i keep getting rid of what's not used and updating my stash of those. grrr. bad habit i think.

    ok, what i think about this set from the look is that i'd prefer a long handled kabuki and get rid of that flat top buffing brush and replace it with a large powder brush. and that would work perfectly well for me. :P

    i can't use flat top brush for some strange reason. it always makes me look like the most unsuccessful clown.

  14. Jean, I think these comes in sets, if you want to buy individual brushes, do check out their site and they do sell other brushes! :)

    Jojoba, awww I kept on KEEPING my brushes because they have sentimental value! ahahaha I know what you mean about the Flat top brush, if your powder foundation is heavy coverage, it'll definitely make you look like you've applied too much :)

  15. I'm a brush whore too. haha. I seriously dont know why I cant stop purchasing brushes. I just bought a set and now lemming to buy another *gack* and I dont enjoy washing, but I do anyway haha.

    This set looks pretty neat. The angled brush looks promising haha. Ive only like kirklands angled brush for the eyebrows so far, so ive been checking out other angled brushes. ooh and a flat top! this set is a winner! =)

  16. Sush, same here! I can't stop and brushes makes me happy! In all shapes and sizes ha? hehehe

  17. The brushes look similar to the ones from blusche

  18. Thanks for featuring this, Nikki. It looks soft and is very affordable huh! =)

    Advance Happy Birthday, Niks! =)


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