Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AMW Reports: Ipanema Colorful Sea Collection Launch


It was a fun affair last week when Ipanema launches the Colorful Sea Collection endorsed by none other than the Brazilian goddess and world's most successful model, Gisele Bundchen

The collection talks not only about hip design, high quality and chic style but Ipanema's model, Gisele Bundchen is a devoted environmentalist who actively adheres to her role as UN ambassador by using each GB collection to raise funds and awareness for specific eco-causes.  The 2010 "Colorful Sea" collection supports the preservation of Brazil's turtle population as well as the welfare of our own local marine life.  Now that's beauty IN AND OUT!

The event was held at White Space, a lovely place for events to be held.  Cute Ipanema sandals for all ages were showcased as people got busy checking out the new collection.  I met and chatted with a couple of bloggers as the nice waiters serve hors d'oeuvres and drinks on the side.

We were then guided to the function room and was greeted with wonderful table setting.  Jelly fishes couldn't be any cuter!  Look closely on the photos and you can see gorgeous Ipanema sandals as decors!

Via Mare Restaurant served the food for the night and there are desserts  to fill in the tummy!  I can't forget their blueberry cheesecake!  Up until this very moment!

The event started with welcoming address from the lovely emcee Anne Joy Asis or DJ Anne of wave 89.1 (thanks reader Rhea for her name), I can't help but stare at her Ipanema Thong Fem in Ivory White.  Matches her peachy pink dress which made her look relaxed and free!

A welcome address from the Managing Director of ELRO (Exclusive Distributor of Ipanema, Grendha and Rider) Mr. Francisco "Patxi" Elizalde.

Talks about our local environmental issues was done by the Vice Chairman, President/CEO of WWF - Philippines Mr. Jose Ma. Lorenzo Tan.  Water conversation was stressed and we were all taught to start doing something to save our environment.  Everything starts from our own and we should do something real quick to save our natural resources!

The lovely dance troupe with a fabulous, breathe-taking dance number from The Ballet Philippines. I enjoyed the dance number and enjoyed starting at their Ipanema sandals as they change the it base on the theme!  I may not a ballet dance expert, but one thing I know for sure... it is VERY difficult and challenging to do a complicated dance steps on sandals!  So bravo to the Ballet Philippines! 

It was great seeing familiar faces and new faces in this Bloggers' Event

I'm holding the Thong Fem in Ivory White as Shen said it's my personality and she thought of me when she saw it! :)

This was my first GB Ipanema sandals bought to me by my then boyfriend, now hubby, Keith !  I've used this so many times for the past 2 years.  I guess its time for it to relax...you can tell by the photo that it still looks new and the print didn't fade!

Now that I own the The Colorful Sea "Thong Fem" in Beige Gold, I will definitely alternate this on "relaxing" days, which I personally believe was made to exude pure class and grace, adding an extra touch of tropic sophistication to my wardrobe!  According to Ipanema, it's perfect for casual strolls or romantic evenings.  For me, it'll be perfect for those long walks with the dogs, and of course, shopping!

But man! I can't help but long for Ipanema GB CS Thong Special Edition Fem in Grey Silver!  It's made with real Swarovski!  The bling is definitely in!!!

Do you own an Ipanema sandals? I did! And it lasts me a long time!  I have weak legs and feet so comfort is definitely number one for me, I am glad companies are coming up with more fashionable and comfortable sandals for people like me!

Keep smilin' 
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  1. Wow, I like your Ipanema. From your photos, I can feel it's such a fun event. I don't own Ipanema as of now but I'm starting to think about it. Or maybe ask the BF too? Haha. I hope I will part of an event too and meet you beauty bloggers someday. :)

  2. i do love ipanema
    some of their designs are just so pretty
    but it comes with a hefty tag too here in malaysia :(

  3. so so pretty!!! show us a photo of them on your feet pls :D

  4. gorgeous new designs! they look really soft.. how much is it pala? =)

  5. They're indeed very pretty! too bad I am staying away from flats because I'm petite and I prefer the higher ones. It looked so good though, especially the one with the bling :)

  6. Your new Ipanemas are cute :) I have one pair so far, and it's the same as your first pair of Ipanema sandals :)

  7. Simply Effortless, awww you are so sweet, who knows? WE'll definitely get the chance to see each other, the world is not too huge you know :)

    LyNn, really? I do wait for sales to purchase these! And they are worth it because it lasts!

    Xin, I don't have pretty feet, but ok, I'll try to show you photos, I think I have it somewhere when I was trying for it!

  8. Khymm, it costs around Php1,500 (approximate) within that amount! :) Not bad!

    Charry, they have it in the COlorful Sea Collection the pumps! Around 2 inches high! I think you'll like it :)

    Crissy, *high five* the first time I saw it more than 2 yrs ago, I think it costs even more expensive, around Php2,000 plus, but I can't help but fell in love with it because of the design and comfort!

  9. hi, nikki! the host is Anne Joy Asis, or DJ Anne of wave 89.1. she's also my batchmate in highschool. :)
    nice ipanema you have there!

  10. What a fun event! I don't own any Ipanema yet but I'm thinking about it. They look really pretty.

  11. cool its launched already.. i own the gold starfish sandal Lookie Here

    i love ipanema

  12. I've never heard of this brand, shame on me :p I will watch out for it...I dont think they have store in Melb though

  13. You always get to go to fun and glam events! Thanks for sharing!!

  14. You always get to go to fun and glam events! Thanks for sharing!!

  15. wow! That was one great event!

    I love buying things knowing that I can also help with the preservation of our environment.

    I actually do prefer Ipanema over Havs. I think Ipanema is way softer and cormfortable for my feet :)

    BTW, I love the color of your Ipanema :)

  16. i don't own any as they are too thin nd flat for my easily cracked feet. but they are so pretty to look at. and you girls are too!

  17. i love the ipanema collections, they're so comfy! pity the straps from mine broke off just 3 months after i got them... but i'm looking forward to checking out the new collection!

  18. I can't wait to visit Bambu for my Ipanema fix. Sadly, my barely-year-old Grendha sandal broke yesterday ._.

  19. i luurrrvvee my ipanemas!! :D on the lookout for another pair, and here comes your post - on my list of what to get when i go home for easter..hehe..

  20. Rhea, thanks for letting me know, I've already added her name in this post! thanks to you!

    Gio, oohh Ipanema is the first "pricey" sandals I bought and its worth it!

    DaMnViXeN, how's the gold starfish one? I like it but it's just too flat! :)

  21. Hana, really? None yet? They should!

    JC, I know! I'm lucky for the past few weeks, I do have a couple of events I've attended! Such a nice breather after work!

    madelyn, of course! same here! I like those who help out certain organization!

  22. Jojoba, I think they have the 2 inches version! which, I'm wearing right now, I am feeling a bit taller! Love it!

    Feeyona, I love this collection! I remembered the choices back then wasn't much! at least this time, we have a lot of choices to choose from to suit our personality!

    Jean, really? I don't own any Grendahl, I actually wanted one from the said brand , it's like a ballet flat with ribbon! :) Should I???

    Bee, ooooo can't wait to see what style you'll get!

  23. nikki we have the same pair of GB sandals cept mine are in purple/blue/gold :D

  24. i really love my gold starfish pair.. i wear em almost anywhere.. id just have to be diligent in putting on moisturizer on my soles coz of wearing flats way too often.. ^^

    The ViXeN's LaiR


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