Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Blue Is Hot For The Summer" Nails

Stayin' Alive...
Stayin' Alive...
Stayin' Aliiiiiivvvvvvveeee!!!

Last song syndrome (LSS) at the moment with this song.  That's how I'm feeling!  Have to stay alive and awake to last the week!  Humpy Wednesday is here!  And I hope you missed my nails!  I have done my nails weeks ago but no one was there to take a shot of my nail art!  Yumeko wondered how I took shots of my step-by-step tutorial, well, I am super dependent on my photographer!  If he's not around and I'm too lazy to fidget on the tripod, it's buh-bye nail art tutorial! :)

Now that we have our in-house photographer available, let's bring the mojo back!  I call this "Blue is Hot for the Summer" Nails!  Aside from the new polish I recently purchased made by L.A. Colors, which is super gorgeous by the way.  I've done a bit of experiment combining lines and dots! I've always thought it's a "no no" to combine both in nail art, I guess I proved myself wrong!  I am actually liking this fun, playful colors all ready for the heat!

Step 1:
I protected my nails with The Face Shop's Base Coat, I applied 2 coats of L.A. Colors Color Craze polish in matte blue (sorry no name color was written or even color number, I've searched all over the bottle!)

Step 2:
Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in matte baby blue, create diagonal lines on your nails, you can go whatever direction you're most comfortable with.

Step 3:
Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in White, create a thinner diagonal line just right below the blue line.  Do not worry about uneven lines, you can check out the next step to know why.

Step 4:
You can cover whatever uneven lines with L.A. Colors Art Deco in gold right in the middle of the blue and white diagonal lines.  It gives a nice pop of glitter/shine on your nails.

Step 5:
You can stop on Step 4 and top with your favorite top coat.  I prefer to go further, I don't like the blank space, so using Prettynail's Art Pen in white, create random dots, do as many dots as you like.

Step 6:
Protect your nail art with your favorite top coat.  I am using OPI's Rapidry Top Coat. 

Colorful Summer-ready nails! 
Ready to wave to the world 
like a Ms. World candidate! :P

Hope this day treats everybody fine!
Keep that genuine smile coming and you'll be surprised how great the day will be!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Love the nails! Reminds me of the beach :D

  2. Very nice as usual, Nikki, and yes, I missed your nails and your nail art! I guess that goes without saying, I also miss your photographer when he's not around to take your photos, LOL! Say hi to him for us your loyal fans!

  3. You are so skilled, Nikki! Very cute!

  4. love the blue! i feel like im at the beach already..bliss *smiles*

  5. What a gorgeous shade of blue!! So pretty!! :D

  6. Nice nice! haha, like everybody else, I really look forward to every nail creation.

  7. gorgeous.. very creative.. will try this one.. :)..Keep on posting hun..

  8. This is so pretty! You're so skilled and creative.

  9. I really like this design!very cheerful color

  10. Hey nikki.. im loving your blog.. gone thru the whole archives...

    was so inspired by ur nail arts that i tried to do them myself.. though i was successful wid the left hand but wasnt able to do it on my right hand myself.. any tips sweetheart..??

  11. Love the colors! they are my fave ;) ...hehehehe

  12. So funny, my bf's sisters were playing the Stayin' Alive song not too long ago lol.

    I love your nail tutorials. I feel like doing my nails too but i tried one time and my hands gets too shaky ugh!

  13. Thanks everyone for liking this nail art *MWAH!!!!!*

  14. beautiful yet simple
    me like!


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