Monday, March 22, 2010

AMW Reviews: SkinFood Dark Circle Salmon Concealer

Have you perfected your own makeup routine?  Is there a "safe" look because youl know it'll never fail to make you gorgeous?

I know I do, but there's something lacking with my overall look!  I tried to deny it but I have to face the truth that the dark undereye circles hindered me from looking "awake" and...well... a bit...prettier! *blushes*

Experiment after experiment, research after research, I've learned that mild darkness can be covered with regular foundation, and during those days that you're not into wearing foundation, a concealer one to two shades lighter than your skin is enough to cover the unsightly!

But what if your dark undereye circles are just too evident?  That's where salmon hued concealers come to the rescue.  Why salmon hue you ask?  The salmon hue of a concealer can blend right away into the purplish tone of the undereye circles which can cover the darkenss and brighten up the entire eye area and even the face!

The first salmon hue concealer I've heard is the one from Eve Pearl, I tried purchasing online but shipping is just too expensive.  That's why when The Skin Food, came out with a salmon concealer, the rest of the nation, including me went ga-ga and I told myself I have to give this a try!  Is it worth the purchase?  Read on....

SkinFood Dark Circle Salmon Concealer says ---
Contains triglyceride which is similar to skin constituent, so it can be applied on the weak skin around the eyes.
Concentrated and creamy, it effectively covers dark eye circles and wrinkles.  Can be easily applied without irritation.

Available in 2 shades: 
01 (light beige)
02 (natural beige) - this is what I purchased

AMW says ---

  • perfect to conceal undereye circles because of it's "orangey" shade which counteracts the dark undereye
  • very creamy and easy to blend with both fingers and concealer brush
  • do not set in fine lines or wrinkles
  • moisturizing but not oily
  • lasts whole day if set with powder
  • one pot lasts a long time
  • very pigmented, a little goes a long way
  • no weird scent
  • no allergies
  • cute pot!

  • only available in 2 shades, they could go for more! :)
  • I find its a bit difficult to get the product with your fingers especially if you have long nails like myself (please read tip below)
If you have dark undereye circles, this is a good product to invest and practice on this to perfect the best concealing technique.  If you get the hang of this, you'll love this!

  • apply this with your fingers or your concealer brush gently after foundation application
  • set with your preferred powder 
  • to prevent bacteria from the pot, use a concealer brush to grab the product and apply on your undereye circles instead of dipping your fingers
  • use patting motion, never rub your eyes
  • apply more as you go, do not apply too much at one time
  • even though this is moisturizing enough for your eye area, please do not skip your eye cream!
Will I repurchase?
This isn't a bad product, I don't mind repurchasing but I have to finish this first!

Where to purchase and how much?
You can purchase this at SkinFood stores for Php950.00 (approx $20.65) or you can pre-order in various multiply stores for lesser the amount but you have to wait!

SkinFood Dark Circle Salmon Concealer #2 on pot
Left: no Flash, Right: with Flash

Swatch on hand, left applied once, right blended while
Note: not too orange as compare to pot

Here's how I applied my SF Dark Circle Salmon Concealer

  1. Using a concealer brush to transfer concealer to my undereye area, I use my clean fingers to gently pat the concealer on areas needed to be concealed, adding as needed.
  2. Stand back and check on areas needed to be concealed, the areas near the lower lashline needed more, so I use a smaller concealer brush to reach the said area.  Be very gentle.
  3. Blend well using your fingers, again, use patting motion, never rub! 
  4. Set with your preferred powder.  In this photo, I am using Neutrogena's Fine Fairness UV Compact #21 Natural Beige.

Before and After shot to show the effect 
(no Photoshop or any form of alteration, 
lighting could be a bit different due to a bit of camera movement, 
but you get the point) :P

Are you purchasing this or have you purchased this?
How do you like it?  Tell AMW by clicking comment button! :)
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  1. Do you think the shade in "light beige" would work well with my light skin tone (in MAC foundation, I'm NC20)? I usually get the lightest in pretty much anything when it is applied directly on the skin. Lightest concealers, powder, foundations, etc. So since I'm so interested in this product, just wanting to know :) Thanks for such a thorough review! :)

  2. Thanks for the review!!! :D I tried Skinfood salmon eye serum before (I forget the actual name XD) and it worked pretty well for me! I wish I had more, and some of this concealer too! XD

  3. wow!!! your dark circles have just been DELETED!!! gosh!

  4. u look good with this dear!

    i had wanted to try getting bobbi brown's salmon correcter as MAC concealer i think it's the moisture cover up doesn't cover much of my dark circles. tot of getting something salmon-y and use it as a base before i layer my own concealer on top.

    do you think this would work for mac moisture cover? i using NW25 or 20 i think. can't remember, but certainly when using it alone, it doesn't help much in coverage :(

  5. Hi Nikki! Did you also get the matching setting powder? With pre-orders this only cost P500 and even less! Imagine how much SF marks up their products here in Manila.

  6. WOW! you're dark circles really vanished LOL.. been wanting to try this concealer but don't know which shade to get.. since we have the same skintone, ill get #2.. =) haven't tried orange hued concealers before.

  7. Hi Nikki. How does this compare to NYX Concealer Jar? :D

  8. Thanks for the review! I've been wondering about this concealer :D

  9. looks good! what i normally do for clients is to mix a bit of orange concealer with regular concealer to get that tinge of orange :) but this is nice because i can skip that step already. haha! this is tempting.

  10. looks like a good concealer! i have pretty bad undereye circles too lol so I've been wondering what product I should use. This looks pretty good thanks for the review :]

  11. I'm gonna go check this out tomorrow! Thanks so much for the review, Nikki. Love the before and after pics.

  12. Ooh, that looks awesome! I've been looking for a potted cream concealer like that! I really wanted to try the MAC Studio Sculpt, but I'm allergic to the SPF in it so I bought the MoistureCover one instead (like in a lipgloss tube), it's ok, but I think I'm gonna go for a little higher coverage next time. This one looks perfect! Thanks so much for sharing, Nikki!

  13. HI, just got this from a seller in for just 450php. I've tried a lot of concealers ( MAC, NYX,Max Factor,TimeBalm,Covergirl,TBS u get the pic) and this one is really really good. I set mine with the matching powder and it stays the whole day.

    Thanks for the great review..i love your site :>

  14. the before and after pix help a lot! i can see it working well for you. it's too bad it only offers 2 colours. what a joke. most asian brands aren't too bothered with offering colours. they should really improve on this if they want to take over the world! :)

  15. Just exactly as I thought, Nikki. I got the wrong shade when I purchased it last year. It seems like this shade provides much more coverage than the lighter one. And it did a good job on concealing your under eyes. :P

  16. Wow, this sounds great! Your dark circles have vanished!

  17. You liked it too! one of HG concealers for the undereyes ^_^

  18. Excellent review! I have this but may not have used correctly because it ended up cakey. If I use a powder foundation, should I apply the concealer before or after?

  19. Ang galing! :) I seriously need this as my bags are getting darker, huhu :(

  20. Sojourner, I think the light beige wouldn't work as well as the Natural beige, I am on NC20 too and the shade no. 2 works better for me :) If you have the chance, you can checkout the testers at SkinFood and put each shade on each eye, but for now, right off the bat, i would go for shade no. 2 :)

    LyNn, you know what? The funny thing is, I wasn't impressed with this product until I saw photos!

    e.motion in motion , serum? never tried the skincare line from The Skin Food ;)

  21. Xin, yes, its amazing right?

    Plue, I would say the MAC Moisture cover select isn't enough for my dark circles too. I haven't tried the Bobbi Brown one but so far, this one works. I am an NC20-25 and this works well on me

    Nikkiz, No i did not purchase the setting powder, I guess I'm just too interested with the salmon concealer and I just use regular setting powder I own! You're right about the price on preorders! way cheaper!

  22. Khymm, yes, no. 2 is the best shade for both of us!

    @Ddy, well, the tone is perfect match for undereye circles. The Skin Food one is creamier but both works well. Difference with NYX though, you can use NYX for other areas like acne scars, zits..etc... while SF one is just perfect for undereye circles!

    Dina, no worries, always my pleasure to share!

  23. Crystal, yes, I love this! but of course, does not work for all skintone!

    Lovenote, goodluck! Hope you'll like this too if you did purchase

    Charry, :) *high five*!

  24. Connie, no worries, my pleasure Connie.

    Catherine, this has better coverage and buildable of course! goodluck!

    Jowina, that's a great price! congrats

  25. Jojoba, you're right,2 shades isn't enough for different skintone and undereye circle darness in Asia alone, they should really add up more shades!

    Pammy, oh no...the lighter shade, I can imagine can make your undereye circles more evident!

  26. Gio, yes it did!!!

    Crystal, wow, your HG ha? Galing!

    lyn, use the concealer first then set with powder foundation! :) Do it in a patting motion :)

  27. Hi! I just subscribed to your blog and read a lot of your entries. Your blog really helped a lot. You really know how to pick the right foundation and concealer shade for yourself. It looks so great on you. I wish I can do that as well. I'm usually having trouble looking for the right shade. lol. Lately I've been wanting to try out some MUFE powder foundation but I'm not sure which shade would work for me. I am NC40, do you have any suggestions? So I know which shade I'd try if ever I go to their store. Thank you!

  28. I wanted to buy this. But it's like SG$70. Plus if I bought the concealer powder as well, another about $50 gone. Just too crazy for me. Rather go for Bobbi Brown. My jaw dropped when I enquired the price at Skinfood.

  29. Catmare, thank you dear for subscribing and welcome to my mini beauty blog :) Hmm MUFE powder foundation? sad to say, I haven't thought of purchasing MUFE, I should right? But for now, sorry no advice or suggestion yet as I'm not that familiar with the brand. but do checkout some local MUFE store and have the sales lady apply it to you before you can really tell the number, it's difficult to go for a shade that doesn't match for expensive brands like MUFE!

    Jyoan, oohh so expensive there! Do you girls have pre-orders too? IT's cheaper that way!

  30. 2 colors?! Well that's a bummer!!

  31. I havent tried any MUFE product yet either. I will try to go to their store when I have time and hope I will be able to pick the right shade for me. Thanks! =)

  32. i'm nc15 do you think shade 2 will work for me?

  33. GlamourandLove, well those 2 colors are basically best for Asian skin

    Catmare, no problem, good luck!

    Bella_sky, you can try shade 1 :) It's lighter

  34. hello po.. tanong ko lang po sana kung anong right shade for me? thanks po.. here's my pic po:

    pls. email me at

    thanks po..^_^

  35. Orlaine Anne, you can go for this shade that I blogged about :)

  36. I started using this last night and I was so annoyed because I couldn't set it properly :( The concealer was really good but once I set it, I start to get confused :( the lines just show up and all.

    How do I exactly apply this? Like how much of the concealer. And What do I need to use in order to set this properly? Help please! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  37. Lonesyndrome, you apply it with your fingers with a patting motion (never rub). Since your eye area is quite dry, do not forget to use a moisturizing eye cream, let it set before concealing :D

  38. Hello, do you know where can i buy NEUTROGENA FINE FAIRNESS UV COMPACT? I have been looking for this since last December 2010. Thanks. :) ANNE BEAU

  39. Great review. Will surely try this myself. :)

  40. That was the most in depth and informative review i have ever read...thats a wonderful thing :D now i know for sure i want to try this hehe. THANKS!!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you find my review informative :)


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