Tuesday, March 16, 2010

AMW Reports: Mineral Flowers Event

Last week, I got an invite from "Mineral Flowers".  At first thought, I had this impression that this is going to be a mineral makeup brand.  But after further research, I've learned that the brand carries skincare that uses Dead Sea water.  Exciting right?

Off I went to the event thinking this is going to be a very pricey product to be launched in the market.  But I am glad to report to all of you, that this is actually wallet friendly!  Read on ....

The amazing benefits of Dead Sea ingredients blended with floral extracts are now available in the Philippines with the launch of Mineral Flowers, a skincare line uniquely formulated to help cleanse, moisturize, balance and support skin renewal.

The Mineral Flowers brand has its origins in Israel, where Dead Sea minerals have been used in beauty treatments since the days of Cleopatra for their proven effects in improving the skin's health and vitality.  Minerals are essentials for cell metabolism and needed to stabilize the skin's moisture content.

In developing Mineral Flowers, founder Uri Ben Hur, himself a trained chemist, reveals that nature was his strongest inspiration.  "Formulating a natural product with rich ingredients from mother earth is the key.  I have been working hard to do this since 1991 and through the years we have come up with around 1400 formulations," he says.  "Mineral Flowers has a unique blend of natural concentrated mineral water with 35% of mineral and trace elements.  Together with Dead Sea Mud, bee's wax, freshh flowers, promegranate juice and pomegranate peel, this formula works to enhance the moisture factor of the skin and its regeneration, and will help to reduce the signs of aging."

Renowned as premium destination for health, rehabilitation, recreation and specialized spa treatments, the Dead Sea contains an extraordinary 345 grams of mineral salts per liter, with 26 different minerals and trace elements such as Magnesiium, Potassium, Calcium and Bromide contained within its salts, water and mud.  Mineral Flowers combines these unique minerals with nature's best skincare wonders like microalgae (seaweed), antioxidants, vitamin-rich fruit and vegetable extracts and essential oils.  The skincare line offers facial wash (Php430/$9.34), day cream (Php650/$14.13), night cream (Php680/$14.78), facial wash-off mask (Php710/$15.43), hand cream (Php430/$9.34), body and massage milk (Php480/$10.43), body butter (Php650/$14.13) and massage oil (Php710/$15.43).  

Variants include ---

Camomille for Sensitive Skin

Rose and Geranium for Normal and Combination Skin

Almond Blossom for Dry Skin

The event started with ONE IMDS' General Manager Mr. Edward Chua's welcoming speech on what he's excited about --- The Mineral Flowers!  The brand has been launched at Sephora and the Philippines as the 2nd country to launch the said brand next to Japan in Asia.

Mr. Jacob (Kuba) Schenhav, the Chief Marketing Officer, spoke highly of the ingredients being close to 100% natural.  I learned from him that the factory of Mineral Flowers is located in the middle of the desert with approximately 150 employees all proud to manufacture such natural product!  You can check out their products that has this written all over --- "Made in Israel, Manufactured Proudly in Arad Negev Desert, Israel".  Such nationalistic attitude.  I love the country power!

Mr. Kuba showed us a bottle of pure Dead Sea water and we were asked to test it on our hand.  He put each one of us a small drop of pure dead sea water as we rub it against our hands.  Texture felt exactly like a light baby oil but absorbs slower than regular oil I've tried.  The hands does feel smooth and baby soft immediately after absorption! 

Mineral Flowers Hand Cream in Almond Blossom was also passed around for us to try.  First reaction?  Nose-candy!  The scent is amazing!  I fell in love with the scent right away and the product absorbed quickly and we instantly felt our hands smoother.  Definitely impressive!

A photo of Shen trying out the hand cream
Don't you just love the color of her hair?

A great shot of the beauty bloggers who attended.  Thanks Gary for this shot! :)
L-R Jill, Sophie, Me, Shen and Phoebe

The super friendly Mr. Jacob Schenhav joined us with a group shot. Sorry I wasn't looking as there's just a couple of cameras I don't know where to look! *smiles sheepishly* I'm not that great with multiple cameras ya know! :P

Grabbed this lovely shot from Jill, we're enjoying Iced Tea while we chat like long lost friends!

Mineral Flowers are available at Watson's as well as Beauty by SM in Megamall, Mall of Asia, Makati, Cubao and North Edsa.

Do check them out and they're perfect excuse to pamper yourself and great as gifts for your loved ones too!

It was a wonderful event learning something new, meeting fellow beauty bloggers and enjoying the afternoon chatting about our love for beauty in and out!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. You're visiting a lot of great events! Really cute pictures! Your smile is so happy!

  2. very nice products to try.. the packaging is so cute! lovely pictures.. hope to attend this kind of events soon =P

  3. How cool!! It seems like there are always fun, interesting things going on around you! I love their packaging, so cute! The line sounds really nice too!

  4. Thank you for all the info, Nikki!! I saw this brand last week at my local Sephora (in Valencia, Spain), but didn't pay much attention. Now I'll take a better look, because it sounds really interesting!

  5. Lovely pix. This kind of events is always fun! The packaging of the products is really pretty!

  6. It was nice to see your mineral flower products. enjoyed your blog very much. keep it up the good work.

  7. i love dead sea products!! and their packaging is so cute and attractive! you're always attending interesting events nikki!! :D :D

  8. wow! thanks for the heads up! I will check the lotions definitely ^_^

  9. Anastacia, yes, and I'm glad to be invited :)

    Khymm, yes, you should be in Manila :)

    Catherine, yes, the past few weeks, there's just so many exciting stuffs!

    Lara, really? You are lucky you have Sephora there! thanks for letting me know!

  10. Gio, yes, the packaging is so ME, flowery!

    Flowers, thanks dear!

    Hana, you know what? this will be the first time I'll give Dead Sea products a try!

    Crystal Gale, it's always my pleasure to let you girls "in the know"

  11. that certainly looks like a great fun event and you all look pretty!

  12. Thanks Nikki, I've seen this at Watson's, didn't know about this brand until I read this! - catherine

  13. Jojoba, thank you!!!

    Anonymous, yes, they are available at Watson's now...so go sniff it! :)

  14. I would love to try these products they sound so good!

  15. Monica,if you get the chance, do give it a try, its not that expensive anyways :D

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