Friday, March 5, 2010

AMW Reviews: Stage Wondergloss High Shine Lip Gloss

Stage Cosmetics is not available locally, but I think it deserves a space on my blog for my Malaysian and Singapore readers (stats did say I have some readers there!  So thank you!!!!)  or anyone who plans to visit the 2 countries soon or if you have friends who live there! 

First of all,  I want to thank my Angel from Malaysia for sending this to me for New Years and Birthday gift!  It is funny how you like a product that's not available down here, which gave me enough reason to list all the "to buy" list and plan on a much needed vacation!!!  Someday... *winks*

Stage Wondergloss High Shine Lip Gloss
No. 12 Sophia


Stage Wondergloss High Shine Lip Gloss says ---
Formulated shiny polymers and loaded with pearls and just enough color for a luscious high gloss shine. Uncompromising performance and absolute comfort. This non-sticky formula is light and glides luxuriously smooth on skin. The brush offers precise application with an expert's touch.

Available in 16 shades (base on website)
Net Wt.: 5.5g/0.19oz
Ingredients: (you can click photo to enlarge)

AMW says ---

  • scent: light vanilla scent, very similar to MAC Lipgloss
  • very nice and not-so-cheap packaging
  • brush applicator: gives a more precision application, glides on lips easily and washable
  • can be worn alone, shade is pigmented
  • non-drying
  • I find this quite moisturizing
  • for someone who likes the pouty lips look, this does create a fuller lips due to its high shine
  • the gloss does transfer to my mug when I drink my coffee but the color stays!
  • not available locally! :(
  • a bit pricey
  • shine does not last (but color does so it's ok)
At first glance, I want to run away from this gloss because it looks like it came from Sticky-Ville!  I am glad to be wrong at first sight!  This is my favorite lip gloss at the moment as it gives the much wanted shine minus the stickiness!  I've been wishing and hoping for a gloss to come along that won't make me want to rub my lips on hard cement!  And this is definitely the one. 

The shade Sophia is a pretty peach shade that works well with my Nars Orgasm blush.  Topped over my Clinique's Soft Shine Lipstick in Blushing Nude, it's match made in heaven!

  • wipe the brush applicator with a wet ones or spritz with brush cleanser to prevent bacteria from growing
  • if you want a natural look, apply this alone starting from the center of the lips, spreading the remaining amount from the brush on the rest of the lips
  • if you want a more prominent lip color, apply a close shade of lip color prior to lip gloss application
  • twist the cap open, and stir before use

Will I repurchase?
Yes!  This is actually on my "to buy" list if I plan to visit KL or Singapore!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Stage Counters in Malaysia and Singapore for SG$25.00 (approx Php818.00)
Oh wow, I just realized, its price is almost the same as MAC! 

Wondergloss High Shine in Sophia
Applied alone, no lip balm or lipstick
 See how naturally shiny and healthy my alligator lips look?


I've tried the Stage Nail Polish, Stage False Lashes and Stage single eyeshadow in Macchiato, all because of my wonderful friends who sent them to me as gifts!  (you wonderful ladies know who you are) With my experience on this brand, personally, I think these are the brands that deserves a space in other countries too!  Not just blogs!  So hopefully, they can spread their wings for rest of the world to try!  (P.S. Stage Cosmetics or any other companies mentioned in this blog did not pay me to say good stuffs)  It's just too difficult to shut my mouth if I like or dislike a product!  And you know that! *tries to zip mouth*  I tried...but failed! :P

Have a wonderful day! Thank God it's Friday!!!!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Stay smacker-licious!


  1. i fgot some of their single eyeshadows n lipliner!it was a rip off!the SA told me that they are american brand!then later i found out they were malaysian brand,i was sooo angry!too bad i was already back in jakarta when i found out!
    the price is just too pricey for local brand!

  2. Hi!!! My first time here sa blog mo :)

    Take Care!


  3. Ooooh! That is simply pretty! The colour is also gorgeous :3. I hate lipgloss... simply because of the sticky icky feeling it gives me. Can you recommend Local and American Brand substitute for this?

  4. I love the Stage Wonderglosses too. For me, they are probably one of the best things about Stage Cosmetics. Best to buy when they are on sale or when they run Buy 1 Free 1 :D Glad you are loving it too!

  5. This is a nice nude color Nikki :)

  6. Love the Wondergloss as well, and agreed with Paris, it's great when you get the Buy 1 Free 1 offers - wait till you see the Persephone shade! ;)

  7. What a beautiful color!!!!!! It looks absolutely amazing on you!! *drools*

    But with that price, i'm sticking to MAC. Can't fault a MAC addict for that huh!! Hehehe!!

    Have a great weekend ahead Nikki!! :D

  8. it looks good on you! =) I'm from Malaysia but I haven't even own one gloss from them. hiaks! :P

  9. so sad its not available locally! thats a lovely color nikki!

  10. I love the lipgloss shade! Looks really pretty! :) You have lovely lips as well ♥

  11. That's a very pretty shade!

  12. Such adorable lipstick! So like this lips!

  13. Ohhh, it gives you a nice shine, mama. I hope this brand hits other regions. I'd love to try it!

  14. Hi Achie! :)

    I regret not having the guts ( or maybe , at that time, moolah ) to purchase Stage Cosmetics, when I first chanced upon them @ Suntec ( ata ) . I asked them, "what makeup brands can you compare your foundation with?" Without batting an eyelash, the SA said, "MAC." I will surely check this out when I get to Sg again :)

  15. Thanks for the review. Maybe I should get one when they have sales here.

  16. Vanilla, really??? They told you that? Well probably the SA didn't know or wasn't trained enough! I don't like it when you get tricked on the manufacturing location!

    its★PINKIFIED, hey thanks for the visit :)

    Catherine, thanks

  17. DianeShishio , yes, if you hate the sticky feeling, you'll adore these glosses! Non stick!!!!

    PB, yes, I think they are really really great! With its quality, its scent and its long lasting color!

    Charry, thanks

  18. Bee, oohhhh Buy 1 Get 1 Free Offer? That sounds wonderful!

    Jenn, hahahah you are one MAC addict :) I can't blame ya!

    Sue, hahahaha well you have a chance to take a look at the brand and do test them out and see if you'll like them

  19. Khymm, yes, so many great stuffs not available down here

    Iyah, awww thanks!

    Gio, thank you sweetie!

  20. Anastacia, thanks!

    B, yes, I hope it goes to other region too for us to be able to try it!

    Sophie, oo nga! You've been there! You've seen this for sure But ikaw pa? I'm sure you'll be going for another trip or vacay! And you'll get the chance to test them!

    Lavender, goodluck! Hope they get sales soon!

  21. IMHO, Stage makes one of the best lipglosses in the market. I can't get over how super glossy they are but not sticky at all. I have Sophie too! :D Penelope is a great natural color too but my favorite is Venus

  22. I really love the shade of this gloss. It looks really simple and pretty without being too shimmery.

  23. Connie, I haven't tried a lot of lipglosses but this is the best lipgloss I've tried to date :)

    All Women Stalker, thanks!


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