Friday, March 5, 2010

I Wonder: "Do You Use Facial Masks?"

Facial Masks are visible and widely used around the beauty industry.  So many brands and so many functions!  It gets confusing most of the time but it's a bit intriguing to use!  The first facial mask I've purchased years ago was from Watson's, the type where I need to add water, mix it then apply it directly on face and let dry.  It was fun yet time consuming at the same time so I shifted to sheet masks! 

What are facial masks by the way?

I believe the purpose of facial masks is to improve skin texture and appearance and there are so many variants depending on the type of skin you have.  Some examples are ---
  • Moisturizing mask - perfect for dry skin, used to hydrate the skin
  • Radiance mask - adds glow and life to dull skin
  • Peel-off mask/Gel type mask - can smoothen the skin by closing up pores.  Dries up and can easily peel off to remove excess oil
  • Clay and Mud masks - best suited for oily skin.  Dry in a very short period of time and helps detoxify the skin.  Can open up pores and removes blackheads and excess dirt.
  • Homemade masks - made from simple ingredients you can find in the kitchen, great for sensitive skin as its made of natural products.
Does it work?  I can't seem to know the difference, I've always tried the moisturizing type because it suits my dry skin.  What I've found though, is that most of these masks do give an "instant" lift or glow right after usage, but the effect does not last!  So using masks once a week is just enough to give me the extra moisture I need.

There are some tips that I think I could share in using facial masks (any type)
  • test the mask especially if you have sensitive skin.  If it is sheet mask, I test the "liquid" part that's left on the packaging at the back of my ear. 
  • I usually leave masks longer than what's instructed, I learn my lesson, thanks to blogger friends out there, I leave it as what's instructed.
  • always check the ingredients especially if you know what ingredients you're allergic to!
  • if a certain brand works for you, you can try different variants to see which one works best for you
  • if you found your favorite one, stick to it and use it regularly to see its effects
  • if rashes or itchiness occurs, STOP using it just because you spent money for it or just because it works for  a friend!

I Wonder:

"Do You Use Facial Masks? 
     If so, which brand and variant works for you?"
     This is exciting for me to know!  Spill the beans!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I use my pro activ refining mask. It works well. my pimple will disappear by the next day with spot removal.

  2. I love TFS face masks (the wet paper type thingy) especially the ones loaded with collagen and pearl essence. My face gets instant boost of moisture. I think the key is not to overuse it. Use only as package suggests.

    I have yet to try the olive and green tea masks I got from Purederm. Might do a comparative review soon. :-)

  3. I use garnier mud mask(?) because I have combination skin. Just used it last night and after that I used porestrip on my nose, definitely a surefire way for me to prep my skin once a month :)

  4. I use the Proactiv Refining Mask about twice a week, and then as needed for spot treatment. It's really great. :)

    Lately I've also been using My Beauty Diary masks. I like them. They're nothing special, IMO, but they're a treat for my skin. :)

  5. Himalaya Herbal's Neem Face Pack. It's cheap (less than Php200 I think), and effective!

  6. I've never used masks, sadly. Have always been too lazy but since this post, I'm going to start using one now :)

  7. i do i do,i have the black sugar and banana yoghurt from skin food,laniege strawberry peeling gel,but the aztec healing clay mask is my favorite though.since im oily,and it helps me prevent break outs.

  8. i use clay mask since i have an oily/acne prone skin & also a tomato mask. Those 2 keeps my acne at bay...finally!


  9. i love using garnier's pure self-heating sauna mask! its really cheap, below 50 bucks and its great for around 6 applications.

    its cheap and really does the job when i use it.

  10. I tried Aztec before but I'm to lazy to make it so i tried Himalaya neem face mask and it works, I also love the smell :)

  11. For now I am using White Clay masks, there is some Korean brands I think

  12. I have the mask from the Tea Tree Oil line of The Body Shop. I liked the facial wash and lotion of that TTO line so i got the mask too. Makes my face softer after washing.

    Recently got Himalaya Neem as well. Does wonders for its price. Absorbs oil. My face is clearer after.

    Both shows good results after washing. though a few hours later im back to my normal skin texture which is oily. Maybe the effect will show in the long run. :)

  13. I use Origins Dr Weil's Mushroom mask (good to reduce redness after extraction) and Origins Out of Trouble Mask (good for pimple healing)

  14. I rarely use masks cos I'm too lazy lol

  15. I used this egg mask from the face shop and origins out of trouble mask they're soo good! I dont use it everyday, just once in a while :)

  16. Makeup by Kim Porter, so Pro Active works for you? I haven't tried the brand! :)

    Kessa Thea, yes, I've seen those, I just haven't tried TFS masks! I just don't know why! I just get distracted with their nail polishes when I get to their stores :)

    Lanie, I have garnier whitening mask in my "stock" area, I just don't have the chance to use it, I'm a bit scared of anything with whitening :)

  17. Soapaholic, another PROACTIVE user! Guess the brand is good ha? What I like about the My Beauty Diary mask is that they are really loaded with the liquid stuffs! And they dont' dry up as easily as other masks!

    Gingerbee, oh yeah, I've seen it! It's for oily skinned right?

    Teeyah, yes! Give it a try dear!

  18. Shobe, all the brands you mentioned sounds wonderful, haven't tried them!

    Thiamere, yes, I heard clay masks are great for oily skin! :)

    Bea, is the self heating good? I get a bit paranoid with it when it heats up! I remembered using a self heating mask years ago and I washed it the moment it heats up! Talk about paranoia! hahaha

  19. Ghie, yes, masks that smells great are very impt! thanks for sharing!

    Anastacia, so that's your favorite mask?

    Jenobebs, The Tea Tree Oil from the Body Shop has masks?? OOoohh I have to take a look at it! I love the Tea Tree Range from TBS!

  20. Lavender, thanks for sharing

    Gio, hahahaha so true, masks do take a bit of your time!

    Jbreezybaby, true, once in a while is just right :)

  21. the heat isn't that bad, its more of "warm", it heats up as soon as you apply it. and since you only have to put on for around 3 mins, you won't get praning!

    i know exactly what you mean, i was scared to try it out at first.

  22. Hi Nikki. Yep. I got it for Christmas..well.. it was on my wish list. hehe. Its around 800pesos. It doesnt harden though. When I was younger I had the notion that masks are supposed to harden after a few minutes but TBS TTO mask doesnt. which is probably why i purchased Neem even if i like TBS. guess i wanted to try that feel of mask hardening on my face just as i imagined when i was little. lol. ^_^

  23. i don't do mask but after reading this post, i feel like trying. the last pic gave me a headache. Which to choose???!!!

  24. I think doing overnight masks are fun (not to mention the lol-worthy face you get when you have it on lol). I've always wanted to experiment on this but never quite knew where to start. Thanks for the tips!

  25. Bea, hehehe I'm still "praning" with warm stuffs! Thanks for sharing your experience, who knows? Someday, I'll try it

    Jenobebs, me too! I've always seen masks as the peeling and painful type!!! :) You are too cute!

    Jojoba, don't even take a look at the last pic hahah well you do have dry skin like me right? Do give moisturizing ones a try!

  26. I use the Aztec Clay Healing Mask. It's a powder that you add water to then apply to your face. What I love about it is that you can add other ingredients to suit your skin type, like honey for dry skin or tea tree oil for breakouts. Medyo nakakatamad lang mag-mix ng mask, but it's really relaxing once it's on your face. :)


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