Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Eureka Moment: Handy Converter/Transformer for your Tools

Remember my post regarding my darn-it's-110v Hot Tools Professional Gold Curling Iron?  I have been searching around for a lightweight transformer!  I've seen enough bulky converter/transformer at home and in stores!  I could never tote this around on gigs! *panicking*

Thank goodness I got an Engineer for a brother and he suggested I purchase a travel size converter.  I told him the specs of my curling iron then he recommended me to purchase 150watt max converter!  After searching high and low, the geek gal found a perfect sized converter for her spoiled curling iron! :)

Newstar NF150 AC-AC Converter
150Watt Max
Round and Flat Outlet
made in: Taiwan
Php599.75 (approx $13.00)


I did some research first prior to purchasing and its perfect that the brand is Newstar.  The reason why I purchased this brand, aside from its size is because I have used the same brand for rechargeable batteries and I don't have problems with it!  

7 days full warranty upon purchase and I can easily take this back to the shop if there's something wrong. Input AC220V/Output AC110V or you can change the setting to Input AC110V/Output AC220V, works for both round and flat outlet.  Which is perfect for travel as well!


Glad I have my own handy-dandy converter!  Huge nerd!  You know, I'll do anything to make my Hot Tools Curling Iron work!  

Keep in mind, do check with a professional on what maximum wattage you should purchase for a converter!  I purchased this at Electronics Boutique, Robinson's Place Ermita Manila.  You can purchase similar product (same or different brands) at your local electronic shops!  

Eureka Moment!
AMW Nerd signing off....
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!



  1. Good for you, Nikki. That's a worthy investment and one whose price and bulk won't break your back. ;)

  2. Glad you find need thing for you!!

  3. newstar is an OK brand! I have their battery charger =)

  4. You always find the nicest things, even converters! Haha. Nikki ka talaga! Miss you, sweetie! Hope you had a blast on your birthday! =)

  5. Jo.frougal, I know! it is worth it! I'm glad to purchase this!

    Anastacia, it feels so good! I've been searching for this for weeks :)

    Khymm, true! I have battery charger in this brand too!

    Dang! :) hahaha converters pa! Nerd talaga! hahah hope to see you soon Dang!

  6. hi nikki, i actually found this post rather funny bec there's actually a smaller adaptor (adapter? haha) the size of your plug that you can use for a converter. that's still kinda big!

  7. Bea! Yes, I've seen that in different brand, but the sad thing is, they don't have the wattage that I want and I can't seem to wait longer na :) I want to use the curling iron! :) Thanks Bea dear!

  8. wow! this is such a nifty find. definitely something all of kikay need for those electronics we can't use here. :)

  9. haha i never knew there was a transformer that small! that's good to know.

  10. Shen dear! :) You're right, we beauty geeks need these stuffs! :)

    Crystal, how are you??? :)

  11. I've got engineers for brothers, too, and I usually manage to sweet-talk them into doing geeky favors for me. Glad you found a converter that works for you!

  12. All Women Stalker, thank you! :) i am still using it after a year and still working :)


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