Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AMW Reviews: Blinc Heated Lash Curler

In today's "beauty crazed" world, technology meets beauty and I won't be surprise if future comes when we have a robot specifically there to prettify us!  That would be scary and boring!

With the temporary curls we create on our heads using curling irons, it is not surprising companies use the same concept to create a nice curl for our lashes.  I've always been amazed with such tool which explains why I purchased my first heated lash curler lash year when it was on sale at the Beauty Bar.  I thought one was enough.  But I found the ModelCo heated lash curler I bought does not curl as much as I wanted to.  So when a new brand came in with the same function, who could dare to walk away?  Not this lady typing this post for sure!

Blinc's Heated Lash Curler

Blinc Heated Lash Curler says ---
  • Works without clamping or using excessive pressure making it safer and not damaging for your lashes
  • Nothing sets a curler better than heat.  After all, that's how we curl the hair on our heads!  It's the same for your lashes.  Not only is it safer, heated curls last longer than pressured curls.
  • Delivers the precise amount of heat that can set a long lasting curl without damaging your lashes.
  • Simple yet advanced design gives you more control and makes it easy to reach and curl even your tiniest lashes
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds.  Only requires one AAA Battery (included)
  • Small, compact making it easy to carry, even in the smallest makeup case or purse
  • Blinc Lash Curler's heated comb has a special buit-in guard that prevents contact with your skina nd eyes
  • great for those who have poker straight lashes
AMW says ---

  • Housed in a very cute tin packaging 
  • great for super short lashes
  • has 2 "Heating rods" which heats up easily

  • 1 AAA battery can heats up multiple times
  • easy to change battery
  • warms but not hot enough to burn your eyes
  • not a single lash fell off since I tested it for months
  • curls up naturally, does not have a sharp curve
  • curls even short lashes like mine
  • has a color indicator to know if the lash curler is heated up and ready for use
  • tears me up a bit the first time I use it
  • scary for people who are not comfortable with "heat" on the eye area
  • traditional curlers are easier to use, this takes a lot of time
  • the free "cleaning" brush isn't nice as other brands

I prefer my traditional lash curler especially because I'm always in a hurry.  I finally realized the importance of the Blinc Heated Lash Curler when I was doing makeup for a client and a traditional eyelash curler won't fit her eye.  Thank goodness for this!  It works really well and client is impressed with the "gadget" I used on her :)

  • takes a few tries to get the hang of this so please be patient
  • never be in a hurry when using this, to prevent from accidents
  • if the heated lash curler is warm, hold at the root of your lashes for 10 seconds, then slide about halfway up your lashes & hold for 10 seconds again.
  • never leave the battery left inside the heated lash curler for a long period of time
  • to maintain optimum battery life, switch off immediately after use
  • if you're a makeup artist planning to use this on clients: Please check with them if they are okay with it, I have several clients turning down the chance to try this as they're afraid of the heat near the eye area.
  • use a mascara that holds the curl for a better curled lashes
  • clean the heated lash wand with a brush to prevent dirt and mascara build up
  • you can heat your lashes before or after mascara application
Will I repurchase?
Hopefully not! I am hoping this will last me almost a lifetime!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at Beauty & Minerals website for Php1,350 (approx $29.00) Inclusive of shipping!

I currently own 2 Heated Lash Curlers.  One from ModelCo Lash Wand Heated Lash Curler and the other one is the Blinc Heated Lash Curler.  Here's a physical comparison on both and I'll tell you at the end which one I prefer.  I have to remind you though that this is not required to be part of your personal makeup kit, but if you prefer the extra "gadget" to prettify yourself, go ahead, but I prefer using this for other people rather than myself.  It's easier to control and the curl does stay longer given the right kind of pressure!  Practice is definitely needed!

Length of the Heated Lash Curlers:
Blinc is almost an inch longer than the ModelCo
Base on length, ModelCo brand is easier to store

Heating Rod:
ModelCo has only one while Blinc has 2 heating rods 
which makes Blinc easier to heat up and curls the lashes easily

In changing batteries:
ModelCo has a push button while Blinc does not have any
But both are easy to slide off for battery changing

Cleansing Brush
ModelCo has better cleansing brush as compared to the tiny one from Blinc
No need for further explanations, you can see it clearly on photos 

If I may add, the Blinc one has a heat indicator which  I think is an integral part in any heated lash curlers!  It's a huge PLUS for me as I don't need to "guess" or use "finger touch" test to feel if it's "warm" enough to start curling or safe enough to put near my eyes.

Shot on bare lashes, no mascara before and after using Blinc Heated Lash Curler.  If you ask me, it does work minus the "L-shape" that most traditional curlers create.

I prefer Blinc's over ModelCo and I found myself reaching for this more often
Have you finally tried heated lash curler yourself?
If not, would you dare try it?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. hi nikki, one question, is there a tendency that this tool might overheat and cut my lashes if I use it over and over?

    thanks sis! nice review!

  2. So far, I've used it many many times and don't have problems with it, but I suggest you use a regular tool on regular days and probably use this on a "more special" occasion, just like the way we style our hair on special occasions :)

  3. I always want to buy the lash curler but always finish..Especially place where I stay..Quite popular here..Sigh..

  4. Aw man! That sounds pretty interesting actually! I think that I would like to try out heated lash curlers, but I'm afraid of burning my eyeball. Oh btw, I'm having a giveaway if you are interested =]

  5. I definitely can see the difference! I have a Sephora heated eyelash curler that is similar to yours. It works okay, but nothing spectacular.

  6. i dont have time to use heated lash curlers since im always in a hurry hehe... but this product is good! i can really see how it curls your lashes.

  7. funny i was planning to blog about this when i got home. i bought one in ulta here. i'm happy i finally got one, since i've been curious about them for a long time.

  8. this seems nice for pro use or personal,but i prefer the traditional since im the one who owns the clumsy "i often burn myself hands"..hehe

  9. You remind me that I have a heated lash curler too, but never tried yet, haha....

  10. I like using my heat eyelash curler too! Long lasting and more natural looking!

  11. The idea kinda scares me. But if it'll hold the curl longer, then I guess it's worth it. :P

  12. -AnGiEpInK- , oh, who knows? You'll be able to purchase one! I'm sure there are a lot out there!

    Y, hahah so funny about burning the eyeball, well it sounds funny but hoping it won't happen to ANYBODY! Thanks dear

    Fab beauty, I know what you mean about working ok but not spectacular, that's how I feel about my ModelCo lash curler too!

  13. Khymm, same here! always in a hurry girl would be me too!

    Crystal, so you bought one brand name ULTA? Or you just bought one from Ulta? Which brand was it?

    Shobe, I know what you mean, the traditional method is actually fun!

  14. BeautyOnTheWay I've had my ModelCo one for quite sometime before I give it a shot!

    Anastacia, so true, but i have a feeling its not for daily use, heat is still heat!

    Pammy, hahah i don't know why I didn't get scared with the idea of it, looking back, I really should ha?
    The idea kinda scares me. But if it'll hold the curl longer, then I guess it's worth it. :P

  15. ive been wanting this for some time...but again...scared to jump on the heated wagon. XD
    thanks for the review~ maybe my next purchase will be this one XD

  16. great review! i've tried a few heated lash curler and they don't really work on me :(

  17. traciethediva, I'm glad my review helps! :) Let me know how much you like this once you purchased yours!

    Rasilla, I understand, who in the world would like to have heat near the eyeball???? :D ---- ME! hahahha

    Mona, I know! It took a lot of time for me to get the hang of this!

  18. Im definitely getting one of that Blinc!

  19. Has anyone else tried this? What is it like?

  20. I have this curler and it is great for people who have different shaped eyes.

    My concern is for a makeup artist using this tool- how do you clean it between people?
    I know you are not supposed to share mascara and makeup applicators as you can get PINKEYE or eye infections.

    do you sanitize the lash curler between uses??

  21. @Mrs.Zeus How'd you like it so far? where you able to buy one? :D

  22. @Anonymous I wish to hear from others who have tried this too :D

  23. @Prettytastyreviews.blogspot.com Well, glad you asked this question, I actually use a regular curler to most clients as most of them have longer lashes, for the ones with sparse lashes, I'm lucky I usually use this in only ONE client in one gig and the rest, curlers are ok.

    Good question on sanitizing, since you take a bit of time in doing another person's face, this BLINC definitely goes cool again, I spritz my tissue with a bit of alcohol and I just gently pass it through the "head" of this heated mascara.


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