Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Elianto Matte Berry Lipsticks Review

Early this month, I was lucky to have the chance to get to know more about the brand Elianto, I was on a lipstick phase when I got into their store at Trinoma (I still am by the way) and the Matte Berry lipstick line, as I was told was just launched recently and the name "berry" itself gives a sense of fun fun fun!  Thanks to my dearest friend Sophie of Beautynomics for her lovely arm swatch and it wasn't hard for me to decide on which shade I want!

Elianto Matte Berry Lipstick 01
Pink Berry

Pink Berry up close

Elianto Matte Berry 03
Cherry Berry

Cherry Berry Up Close

Elianto Matte Berry Lipstick says ---
A moisturizing lipstick enriched with vitamin E which is anti-free radicals that provides long-wearing, velvet soft, matte finish.

Available in 5 shades

** Swatch credits to Sophie of Beautynomics
  • Pink berry (01)
  • Red berry (02)
  • Cherry berry (03)
  • Deep berry (04)
  • Tawny berry (05)

AMW says ---

  • very pigmented
  • does not have a weird scent, just very minimal fruity scent
  • glides on easilyy
  • very nice packaging
  • affordable
  • does not melt easily
  • can get a bit drying
  • only 5 shades available, but hey!  How many different shades of berry can we get?
If you are into matte lipsticks, this line is wonderful! Swiping this lipstick once create a lovely shade!

  • if you have very dry lips, moisturize your lips prior to lipstick application
  • blot your lips after moisturizing so the lipstick won't slide off
  • you can always top your matte berry lipsticks with your favorite gloss for a nice shine
  • store your lipsticks in cool, dry place
  • never share your lipstick, if you need to, use a lip brush for hygiene purposes
Will I repurchase?
Yes, it doesn't hurt to have all shades, it's only 5 shades in total anyways, not bad! :)

Where to purchase and how much?
At Elianto stores for Php359.00 (approx $7.80) each

01 Pink berry and 03 Cherry berry 
swiped once on hand

Applied on lips prepped with Kiehl's no. 1 Lip Balm
01 Pink Berry 

03 Cherry Berry 

Are you into pinks or orange lipsticks lately?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. the packaging is super cute! the shades look great on your lips!

  2. The two shades look gorgeous on your lips!! :D

    Don't think i can carry off matte lipsticks ever! :(

  3. The packaging is really cute. The pink berry shade looks really pretty on your puckers. :P

  4. Oooh, I like Pink Berry! Very nice sis!

  5. i have never tried any elianto lipsticks before..but now i know that i have to try them na..

    im still into reds though

  6. Thanks for sharing.. I did purchase this elianto matte berry and I'm super in love with it.. =)..very pigmented

  7. the cherry berry looks nice:) i'm a fan of matte lipsticks so I might try this one! but i don't know where elianto is sold:(

  8. I agree! The packaging is very pretty! I can't remember if it looks the same before but it's uber cute!

  9. I want to get my hands on cherry berry!! I saw these before and I hesitated. Guess now there's no reason not to get them!

  10. Nikki, I like the cherry berry!!! I'm not sure though if it will look good on me.

  11. seems very nice!! love the range of colors too!! :D Although might not be good for me if its a bit drying. My lips are so dry, no lipbalm can cure it -.-

  12. Catherine, AGREE!

    Mona, thanks sweetie!

    Fuz, ditto!

    Jenn, I do not agree! I think it'll work for you better than on me! I have to get my butt to KL to make you agree with me hahaha

  13. Pammy, so you go for the pink berry ?

    Nikkiz, thanks thanks!

    Thiamere, me too, this is a first and I am liking it! They have an almost deep wine red! and they have other ranges too!

  14. -AnGiEpInK-, which color did you purchase?

    Joice, where are you located dear?

    tara, awww,I have a feeling the Cherry Berry would look gorgeous on you! When's your trip??? Have a safe trip ok?

  15. Anastacia, thanks!

    Chrissy, hahaha do test them on your lips! But no doubt, you'll look great in all 5 shades!

  16. Ghetto S, Cherry Berry will look good on you, I'll let you try it when we see each other!

    Iyah, I have the driest lips ever too and no lip balm can cure it and so far, I can use this as long as I prep my lips well :)

  17. Thanks for the swatch! I love the pink berry on you! ^_^

  18. Thanks for the swatch! I love the pink berry on you! ^_^

  19. I'm never into orange lipstick because the color looks weird with my skin tone (at least imo) but I really love the many orangey shades color out there,my sis told me to get pink orangey color which I did n it looks nice on me :D maybe this will be the start of my venture on the orange land lolz
    I love the pinkberry shade! Berry berry pretty!!

  20. Those shades look great on you and the packaging is so cute!

  21. i prefer pinks now. Pink berry looks so pretty! I have a few orangey lippies but I rarely use them coz i think it makes my teeth look yellow lol

  22. i'm just in Manila! where can i buy elianto here? :)

  23. Crystal Gale, thanks sis!

    Hana, I think orange lipsticks on a right tone would work really good on you, it just felt weird at first but you'll get the hang of it :)

    Gio, thanks!

    Khymm, I've been on the pink phase for the longest time, so time to move on to corals and oranges! :)

    JoiceyTwenty, try SM Malls (MOA, MEGAMALL) etc..


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