Thursday, May 13, 2010

Eureka Moment: A Lipstick Holder That Fits

I've always been frustrated with the way I store my lipsticks.  I don't know about you, but the OC-ness in me store them upright and in a very organized way, but even before the week ends, it'll always end up like a mess.  Picking some lipsticks for the train case on gigs and throwing them back in a lipstick basket is a huge responsibility you know?  *winks*

I tend to throw them in a random case and forget to use a couple of them at the bottom part.  I know there's so many DIY lipstick cases out there but let me reveal something about myself... I am not a DIY-girl!

A couple of weeks ago, while checking out stuffs at Daiso and looking through their lipsticks.  I was impressed, not with the lipstick but with the lipstick holder.  It's a clear case that fits the size of lipstick perfectly!  I did a silent *curling of fist* screaming "YES" internally!  I told myself not to get excited until I find the case!  I literally ran..well not really...brisk walked toward the clear cases area and guess what?

It's called D-Tray A62-2, the case is meant for cosmetics, accessories and other smalls stuffs.  In AMW's dictionary, it's for my Lipstick Army!!!  Made in Japan, clear, sturdy case with nice curved edges.

Now this is the Nikki you know!!!  

My concern with this case is the probable difficulty to pick up your "lipstick for the day".  I did a random picking and I don't have any problems with it.  I can reach out any shapes and sizes of lipsticks in no time.

There's no reason to be a slob with all the nice containers and cases available at a very affordable price.
The Daiso D-Tray costs Php88.00 (approox $2.00) at Daiso stores.  I bought mine at Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas. 

I will definitely repurchase!

How do you store your lipsticks?
Share some tips and rock my world! *winks*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh I should find something like this for my lip products!! Good thing I don't have too many lipsticks yet...though I do have too many lipglosses lol. xD

  2. I LOVE that clear case with the curved edges! It definitely looks so much nicer than the regular plastic containers.

    Hmm... again Austria does not have Daiso. :/

  3. I keep mine in those baby wipes container..plastic, wth rounded edges,,,so far working good...

  4. I love it! :) I would've gotten the same if I owned that many lipsticks heehee.

    Miss yah, Nikki!

  5. i should really have something like this! i put my lipsticks in a tupperware during gigs. my problem with using this for gigs though is that it doesn't have a cover, so i guess i'll be stuck to using a tupperware for a while :(

  6. Well, I am ashamed to admit it but I can be quite a slob as well. LOL. All my lipsticks are in a canvass pouch, in a drawer filled with cosmetics and what nots. I bring two or three lipsticks with me to work everyday so I'll have the flexibility to change colors if I need to drop by somewhere else after. But yeah, rummaging through that canvass bag can be quite a challenge. Sigh. I wish we have Daiso here.

  7. wow i definately need something like that... thanks for posting! i really wish we had a daiso over here where i live. the closest one is in vancouver.. which means a plane ticket down or an 11 hour drive :( booo.. maybe i can get my friend to send me over some :D haha thanks!

  8. nice idea Nikki! i store my lipsticks/gloss in my traincase and nakakalimotan ko gamitin yung iba... kakatamad sometimes to open it hehe

  9. eureka moment indeed! this is so cool! because of this i'm trooping over to daiso. :-)

  10. I wish Daiso was more accessible to me but it's really not. Haha. I love finds like this though, it makes being OC and organizing so fulfilling! :D

  11. That looks pretty and handy! I need to find something like that to store my lipsticks too.

  12. My lipsticks are EVERYWHERE. But enough about me. How many containers did you buy, Nikki? How many can you FILL?? Enquiring makeup minds need to know!

  13. ARGH, i wish we had Daiso here in my little island!! It sucks that the nearest one to me is more than 300kms away! :(

    But i'll definitely keep an eye out for this one when i pay Daiso a visit!! :D

  14. Maggie, oh, you can store lipglosses on these too :) But I'm sure you already have your nice storage space ! :)

    Jess, yes, and it stores easily! :) Too bad you don't have Daiso down there but I'm sure there are similar cases there right?

    Resham, ahhhh that's great!!! Very innovative :) You save a couple of bucks! :D

  15. You just gave me such nice idea to store my lip stuff! ThanQ so much! Gonna do it too!

  16. Tara, naku sis, you're going there! So purchase one now and see your collection GROW :P Miss you too dear

    Crystal, oh, I won't carry them on gigs for sure, I put them inside my drawer :) it looks so nice :)

    Kaith, ohhhhh! I know what you mean, it was just recent we have Daiso down here and I can't help but feel envious everytime I see girls purchasing nice cases from Costco or some random homeware stores!

  17. xAgnes, oh man! A plane ticket down there to purchase this/ NEVER MIND! I am sure you can find one, not exact, but could be similar to this! :)

    Khymm, so true, I am lazy at times to keep on opening up my traincase! :(

    ADiego, yayness! Let me know once you purchased yours!

  18. Chrissy, same here, I live down Manila and Ortigas is way up there! hahhha but if you did manage to set your foot on that area :) Take a look! Its fun to hang around Daiso!

    Gio, how do you store your lipsticks?

    Janine, I only purchased 1, you would be surprised but I give away most of my lipsticks as I don't plan to let it stay for long, it gets expired easily under the humidity down here :) So..yes, I'm being a good girl, 1 case plus a lot of backups that are still boxed...LOL

  19. Jenn, oh man! 300 km! Well I'm sure you have other ways to store your lipsticks :)

    Anastacia, my pleasure sweetie!

  20. oh wow, i need to find one of those! so neat!

  21. Ooooh I need this bad! LOL

  22. sis nikki, im going to need this case too :) i'm in a lipstick phase right now kaya bigla cla dumami :)

  23. I have the exact same container! I love Daiso, I was so glad to find it in Korea! I have like 5 similar ones too, it makes organizing my makeup SO much easier!

  24. clover, let me know once you found it and tell me how much you like it :)

    Staciee, what do you currently use to store your lipsticks?

    Emily, I know!!! APIR to both of us!

    Michievous Mack, wow , so you have Daiso in Korea too? That's good? How much is it there in USD? Cheaper?


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