Friday, May 7, 2010

Askmewhats Bulletin: Grendha Mom's Day

Here's what I got over email.  Thanks Cecille for sharing this information for my readers.  Mother's day is near and I am all ready to share what's in store for our special moms out there.

Hip footwear brand Grendha presents top gift choices for Mothers' Day.  Like daughter like mother (yes, the other way around).  My mom goes for comfort rather than fashion when it comes to footwear, I've always been Mom's Shoes and Sandals supplier and there's no reason not to supply her with a very comfortable footwear on a special day dedicated for her.

The Grendha Jelly Romantic Fem Exp

The Grendha Jelly Romantic Thong

The Grendha Jelly Happy Fem 
 (My favorite by the way!) 

Grendha Jelly Friends Fem

Grendha Brilliant Fem

And let's not forget the Grendha's Hip Kids' Line
The Grendha Trance Kids

On this special day, moms get 20% discount on regular priced Grendha at Bambu Stores at Glorietta 4, Alabang and Trinoma.  Get hold of a limited edition Grendha Happy Key Chains when you buy at Bambu Glorietta 4.

To know more about Grendha and its partner stores in the country, visit Grendha Philippines Fan Page on Facebook.
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. omg! the peeptoe flats and the tstraps are SOOOOO cute!! XD

    and haha, I know what you mean for being moms supplier. I do the same as well so that she doesn't wear pick something that might make me cringe XD

  2. I'm really, really, really loving Grendha footwear.. I'm hoping that I will be able to buy me a pair on my birthday/mother's day. Thanks AMW for your post.

  3. cute stuff. look like a cross breed of Croc and Ipanema Flip Flops to me... :P

    not just for mums (i think young mums mostly likely) but more for young ladies!

  4. Rasilla, they look too cute right? :) I think we're the same being a mom shoe supplier! Love it that we have a lot of thing in common!

    Practicalkikaymom, no worries, my pleasure as always

    jojoba, you're right, I'm not a mom yet but I am loving a lot from this collection. And it'll look cool on your too coz you're a mom and you're still young! Happy Motehrs' day by the way


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