Saturday, May 8, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: Simplest Nail Art Design Ever!

I am one nail art addict, I am proud of that.  Why?  No matter how tired I was from a trip, I took one look at  my almost "2 weeks old"  nails and I can't help but drag my tired body and redo my nails!  Chipped nails, nail growth showing --- not a pretty sight!

Such great timing, I also received an email from a reader requesting for a very simple nail art tutorial for beginners!  I've done one in the past using nail stickers but this reader wanted to give nail art design a head start.  And dots came into my mind.  Dots for me are the easiest nail art design I could think of!  If you have a dotting tool, its even easier but if you don't, be creative!  You can even use toothpick or even ballpens!

It's also a great timing that I picked up a nice "Turquoise" polish color from Elianto (Check out my post on Getting Intimate with Elianto).  The inspiration started there and the rest came out random!  Nail art tutorial for the week --- Funky and Playful nails!

Step 1:
Apply a base coat to protect your nails.  My favorite is The Face Shop's Base Coat.  Apply 2 coats of Elianto's Polish in Turquoise.  Let dry.

Step 2:
Using a nail art dotting tool, or any preferred tool, randomly create white dots on top of the turquoise polish base.  You can stop here and protect you nail art with a top coat.

Step 3:
If you prefer to make it more playful, make sure the white dots are dry, apply a yellow dot on top of the white dots to create dimension.  I used Korean polish called BNC polish in Yellow.

Step 4:
Add another color on top of the white dots.  I am using Caress Polish in Orange.

Step 5:
Making sure all the dots are dry, top your design with your preferred top coat.  

VOILA!  Easy, colorful, and eye catchy nails!  
Perfect for our weird weather!

Come to think of it, this nail art reminded me of my Get Laud dress I just posted yesterday!  It's not intended by the way! 

I hope I inspired you to give nail art a try!
Come on, you can do it!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Cute!! Love polka dots, these remind me of Easter eggs~ :)

  2. Aww, cute tutorial! They look like little eggs, haha. Cute (:

  3. Sooo cute! The pattern reminds me of easter eggs :)

  4. thats so cute! reminds me of easter too. I think im gona try this haha. is that the for audrey dupe? loks really nice :)

  5. ohhh yeh.. I love this very simple...
    im a nail art lover too..I hope u'll check my blog too
    I've been following u & love ur cute simple creation...
    xoxo nikki!!

  6. owhh
    i just had a dinner gathering yesterday and the theme was retro
    should have done my nails like this

  7. Nice nails! I love reading your blog. It's like a ritual after checking my emails and FB. :) Anyway where did you get the dotters? And do you still have those 2 way nail pens? And lastly, do you have any idea when will the MAC release Viva Gaga and Cyndi here in the Phils? Thank you!

  8. Maggie, so true, it does right?

    Arezu, I should have done this on Easter Sunday :) hehehe

    Blu, yes, I guess I haven't really thought of that til I look back at the photos!

    Khymm, its the easiest of all! :)

    Suush, let me know how it goes on your first Trial! I'm excited for you

    ThRiSzHa, thanks for the visit

    LyNn, oh man! too bad! But hey, you can always do it now and you can still enjoy the Retro nails for the rest of the week!

    trolleydollysaysit, thank you for saying so! About the dotting tool, I give them for free for every 24pcs nail art pens purchase, but they're all gone now! You can try online. Haven't seen them locally yet! About the MAC, I heard customers are researching their Viva Glam Cyndi and Gaga so you can give MAC a call and you can tell them what you plan to purchase so they'll reserve it for you! I have a feeling its all gone before you can even take a look at it :)

  9. Wow! Gorgeous! I HAVE to find a dotting tool! I so need to copy that look :D

  10. The turquoise color is so pigmented!! lovely nOTD!

  11. nails are really matching your dress! so nice and summery looking! cute!

  12. That's so nice, Nikki, a gorgeous way to showcase the 2010 color of the year. Love the color combination you came up with. So upbeat and cheery -- just like you, I bet.

  13. This is so pretty and fun. Looks pretty easy to do too.

  14. The turquoise colour is so pretty! I've heard lots of good things about elianto products but it's not stocked in Australia =(

    Love this manicure and so simple too!

  15. It really resembles the cute polka dress. And your nails look cute and playful! I have the Turquoise polish too but I don't get to use it.

  16. simple yet awesome color combination! 100% matches the dress even though not planned. Good job!

  17. Nikki, Your nail art is always so cute! you are really good at it.

  18. That is such a fun design! Love it!

    Visit my blog too :)

  19. This is such a fresh and cheerful look! I just love it!

  20. love your inspirations! Very cute nails!!

  21. Sue, thanks

    Mischievous Mack, with or without dotting tool, try to look into products at home you can use :) Anything with rounded tip

    Anastacia, thank you

  22. Jo.frougal, thanks sweetie, you are too nice to write such compliment :)

    Gio, it is one of the easiest and the great part? Still makes me happy everytime I take a look at it

    OxfordJasmine thanks for the visit

    Chelle, oh too bad how about the face shop? They come out with great polishes too!

    Pammy, use it! The color is just great for the heat!
    Lavender, thanks

    BeautyOnTheWay, thanks for saying so!

    Kittynail, thanks dear, I will visit your blog too!

    JC, thanks!

    Connie, glad you find it cute :

  23. great site. Keep doing


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