Wednesday, June 9, 2010

AMW Revews: Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler

I laugh and smile a lot!  Everyone who knew me personally would probably nod their heads right now!  (Be careful not to hit the computer screen)  The only negative side about it is that, I can literally see lines particularly on my forehead and near the mouth area!  Well, I can't blame it all on smiling and laughing, I am not getting any younger anyways so seeing laugh lines or wrinkles are expected for *ahem* maturing woman like myself!  

I don't mind using anti-aging creams as long as they don't give me allergies!  But using a wrinkle-filler is something I wouldn't have thought in this world!  I want to thank a friend for giving me a sample of the world famous Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler from GoodLabs.

 **photo from GoodSkin Labs

Tri-Aktiline  Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler says ---
GoodSkin Labs introduces Tri-Aktiline Instant Deep Wrinkle Filler, a potent deep-wrinkle formulation that instantly fills fine lines and wrinkles while helping to firm the skin over time.  This innovative concentrate helps eliminate the appearance of wrinkles on contact, evening out and smoothing away the look of the deepest, most visible lines.  Use it right where you need it most - on crow's feet, laugh lines, anywhere facial expressions have left their mark.
  • immediately provides a visible reduction of facial lines
  • clinically proven to help fill and relax the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles
  • visibly reduces wrinkle depth and length
Studies also showed a significant improvement in skin moisturization and barrier strength.

Key ingredients:
Gatuline Expression : helps relax the look of facial tension and expression lines
Kombuchka PH Extract : plums and smoothes wrinkles
Argireline: prompts skin into its re-build mode, boosting natural collagen production for visible results.

AMW says ---

  • as compared to other anti-wrinkle creams, you see the effect of this in an instant!
  • feels very light on skin
  • non-oily and non-greasy
  • easily absorbed on skin
  • fragrance free
  • lessen the look of lines
  • a little goes a long way
  • a tube lasts forever!
  • I love the tube packaging, mess free and no product wastage
  • when dried completely, this product works as a good base or primer!  Makeup applies easier when lines are reduced
  • a bit tricky to apply, if you applied it wrong, it'll flake or create tiny ball of "glue like" texture
  • takes a bit of time to set
This product may sound and looks like a miracle product but I want to stress that this works for mild lines.  If your lines are deep, do not expect them to be completely gone!  If that's the case, there's no "wrinkled" skin out there.

This product blurs out lines and wrinkles but only up to a certain extent.  What I love about this is that the blurring of lines happen in an instant, you don't have to wait for months or years but you can see it right after it sets!  I love using this on "mature" clients who has really deep lines and it helps lessen the lines before foundation application. 

  • I can't stress enough the importance of applying this in a dabbing motion!  NEVER apply this like you would on a regular cream

  • it would be better if you warm this product at the back of your hand first before applying it directly onto lines, this will lessen product flaking or product build up
  • while waiting for the product to set, you can do other stuffs to save time
  • keep in cool dry place
  • if rashes, allergies or itchiness occur, STOP using the product immediately
  • it's suggested to use morning and evening for best result, I think its up to you on how comfortable you are with the product, you can start once a day
  • you can use on areas that you would want to blur out lines
  • apply moisturizer first or this?  It's your preference, after tests, I prefer doing my skincare first then apply this prior to makeup application
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at selected Watson's Department Stores available in 30ml for Php2,600 (approx $56.50)

Note from Author: All Photos below has been photo-shopped ONLY for cropping.  No other forms of alterations has been made.

Here's to show how much product is needed to fill in certain lines
All photos can be clicked to enlarge

Check out the lines on my hand on upper and lower portion
(check mark has Tri-Aktiline)

I tested it on my forehead.  I arrowed the areas that has lines 
and areas that I have applied Tri-Aktiline

(This photo was taken in an instant, did not wait for hours or weeks)

Applied on the under eye area, since my eye wrinkle is prominent it did not blurred out everything

Though the great effect of this product can be seen in an instant, I am more intrigued with the long term effect of this!  I was told that this product, when used over time will really help lessen fine lines and wrinkles!  Well I will definitely do a revisit on this!
Have you used any wrinkle filler creams?
Do you think you need them?
Click comment and I'd love to hear from you!

Keep smilin'
(even if it causes wrinkles, LOL)
Stay happy!


  1. Sounds like a very nice product to prevent wrinkles

  2. hmm, interesting! its easier to get old snd still stay pretty nowadays! hehe

  3. i think there are certain hand movements to apply it but i forgot. i have given my tube to my mom, but unfortunately she said it didnt work magic on her. but i think she has not been persistent enough to use it

  4. the differences on your picture mae me want to grab this product immediately. i wonder if it will fill up the stubbon lines on my forehead? and i like it's in a tube. so much easier to maintain...

    thanks for the review. this is another product to look into.

    or should i just embrace the old age.... LOL

  5. Wow...seems it really works, especially the pic of your hand.

    I have some fine line under my eyes too, feel like getting it right now.

    Thanks for your review.

  6. Will head on to Watson's after office! Excited! thank you for the photos, I believe you! - sandra

  7. interesting product! i can see that it really works..

  8. please do a revisit of this! i saw phoebe review this too. i tried this out when i was in the US but didn't see much of a difference aside from the slightly brightening effect. i saw a big difference on phoebe though. i guess my fine lines aren't prominent enough for the cream to really work its magic. maybe i'll need in 3 more years :P

  9. Thanks for the review. I have some fine lines too and am really tempted to pick up a tube now. Looks like it works so well on you.

  10. wow.. ang galing! please do a revisit.. ill look forward to that. thanks

  11. Anastacia yes it did! :)

    The Ghetto Gurls, girl!!! It is very interesting instead as you can see its effect in an instant! I just hope the long term effect is as great!

    Xin, yes you're right, it took time for me to learn the right "application technique" :)

  12. Jojoba, who knows? coz it does blur out my lines..not the deep ones...but it does! Let's try to look for products that works, if they don't, let's embrace old age! hahaha

    BeautyOnTheWay, yes, the hand pix is the best! I was surprised myself after seeing the before and after photo!

    Sandra, goodluck! Let me know how it works on you

  13. Khymm, thanks!

    Crystal, of course, definitely, but the revisit may take some time, i want to finish the tube before I revisit!

    Gio, :) I hope you have this available

    Maki, no worries, I'll do a revisit for sure!

  14. Great post and good before and after pics - I have seen this product loads and wondered if it does actually work - well Im going to give it a go - thanks :)

  15. Happy1234, thanks for saying so! Goodluck and let me know how it works on you :D

  16. I read your post on this and decided to buy a tube. Unfortunately, the cream "glued" on me, I don't know if I didn't give it enough time to set.
    But how do you use it? Apply before or after your eye cream? Moisturizer? Sunblock?



  17. Erin, thanks for trusting my opinion to purchase one for yourself after reading this review. With regards to your query, I apply AFTER moisturizer and sunblock application, but I am making sure both products have enough time to "set" or "absorb" to my skin, then I get a bit of this product, rub it a bit so that the consistency will be easier to apply, then tap it gently on areas that have lines or wrinkles! :) Give it another shot and let me know how it goes! Goodluck!

  18. Hi Nikki,

    Thanks so much for replying! I'll try your method and get back to you. Btw, it does really help in decreasing fine lines.

    Take care!

    - Erin

  19. Nikki,

    I forgot to tell you, my bf knows you pala from SJCS. :)


  20. Erin, the permanent decrease of fine lines I can't tell yet as I used it for almost a month pa lang, but it does decrease the look of lines in an instant as seen on photos :) What's your BF's name?

  21. Ay, I meant it does give that instant decreasing effect, as for long-term effect, please do update us! His name is Charles, and his last name is the same as your maiden name raw. ;)

  22. Erin, yes it does, but not the deep wrinkle or lines ha? Ahh I know your BF nga!


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