Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tech Review: A4 G-Cube G-Laser Mouse

Being a blogger for more than 2 years, you'd probably think I'll go around coffee shops and anywhere in public to blog without any problem at all!  Well, you're wrong!  I have a hard time blogging in public without my trusty mouse and mousepad!  Seriously, I carry around my laptop, mouse and mouse pad ALL THE TIME!  You can ask my Road tripper friends Ada and Hannah about it!  There is something wrong with my fingers, probably too short or too lazy to move around the touchpad!  You do the choosing!  *laughs*

I feel naked using a laptop without a mouse, for someone who's very dependent on mouse, you know that I won't just purchase any mouse out there.  The size, the look, the quality are all an important factor for me.  I'm not just a beauty product reviewer you know!  *winks*  I am very  "OC" with everything I spend my money on!  So after almost a year, it's the best time for me to give my gorgeous looking mouse a space it deserves!

When I saw G-Cube mouse at a local electronics store, I can't take my eyes off this item and I purchased this in a heartbeat!  Was it a right decision?  Was it long lasting love and not just love at first sight?  Read on...

A4 G-Cube  G-Laser Mouse says ---
Golden Surfer Model (photo above)
When it's time to escape in your own island paradise, do it in style with the Aloha Collection.  Bring the fun and delightful look of the islands on your notebook or desktop computer.

Mini 2 handed design - for left and right hand users
Cord Management - tangle-free solution, roll up, fit in and easy go!
1000 DPI G-Laser works on 99% of all surfaces even transparent glass - safer than normal laser mouse.  The light from G-laser is proven to be harmless to the eyes.

Package includes: G-Laser mouse, travel pouch and manual

Made in: USA

AMW says ---
  • fits my hand perfectly, size is not too big  nor too small
  • USB plug: plugs and play easily
  • you can choose your own design base on your personality and design preference
  • very unique
  • has x2 button which means, if you activate this, no need for double clicking!
  • design does not fade
  • can easily store the cord without any hassle or problems

  • comes in with free pouch!
  • easy to tote around due to its size
  • packaged in a really nice designed box, I hate throwing this box away

  • inexpensive
  • no weird optical light that can hurt the eye
  • does work for most surface as compared to my other optical mouse
  • limited designs and choices locally
  • not all computer stores or electronic shops sell these
Reading the G-Cube inspiration, I learned that this was started when a young lady noticed most computer accessories are dull and masculine, that's why she decided to make it fashionable to accommodate women as well!   G-Cube is designed by women for women and this is the best simple "idea" ever! It maybe superficial to men but as for me, I like purchasing and using products that make me happy!  

Way back, I wouldn't mind purchasing any mouse design as long as it's comfortable, but after seeing a wonderfully designed "mouse" with the comfort I desire, why would I settle for less?  Definitely 2 thumbs and 2 toes up from me!  This is the best mouse I've purchased to-date!   Enough said! :D

  • purchase this together with the mousepad of similar design!  You won't regret it I promise you!

  • store the mouse back in the pouch to prevent dust 
  • wipe your mouse 
  • never pull off the USB plug with force
  • test the mouse in store, it doesn't matter if it takes time, it's a huge hassle to purchase a malfunctioned mouse!
Will I repurchase?
Yes!  I'd love to purchase other design for backup!

Where to purchase and how much?
Electronics Boutique, Robinson's Place for Php540.00 (approx $11.74)

Have you found the mouse that has the comfort and design you want?
Is it even important for you that your most is gorgeous looking?
I'd love to hear from you!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. It is sooo YOU! :) I love it! And I'm a mouse girl, too! Can't live without it!

  2. wow! that is such adorable mouse I've ever seen!

  3. that is so freaking cute :3 i hate using wireless mouse now because the battery dies out of no where. I doubt i could find that mouse in stores here, but there's always hello kitty mouses :p

  4. I want one! It's so pretty. :P

    Sometimes, the touchpad screws up just a bit so maybe I should purchase one. :P

    Thanks for posting this.

  5. This mouse would be perfect had it been retractable. :)

    Nice find. I'm slowly becoming a techie (comes with buying a netbook methinks) so I love that you've posted something of this genre.

    Still love the beauty posts though. Your most recent nail art is gorgeous!

  6. i saw them before too! they look really cute, as much as i like cute stuff, my mouse is the black boring mouse. LOL

  7. have it too!:)I'm using G-cube for a very long time..I've got a laptop skin, mouse and mouse pad although we don't have the same color..mine is black and white..heehee
    g-cube also sell web-cams..and it's super cute too :)

  8. that's so cute! i wish even my laptop looked like that. hahaha!

  9. waahhh!
    ang cute

    in my case i prefer those tiny mouse..i hate it when it's so big & bulky that i feel like my whole hand is occupied by it, i only want those 2-3 inches & really thin's a good thing there's a cheap one available at cdrking...though i would want a rather funky design like yours!

  10. Tara dear, are you back na ba? Can't wait to see you sa Heaven event! Girl, you know me too well to say "this is so me!" :D

    Anastacia, yes, and I'm sure there are more adorable designs!

    Ushishi, they have this in wireless too! But I am lazy with battery change so I opted for this wired version :D Hello Kitty mouse? WOW! I'd love to see that

    Pammy, yes, go for mouse! I'm a pro-mouse user!

  11. Shasta, hahaha trust me, I am a techie lover, I need to incorporate more of these! And I think I will! Let me know what netbook you're eyeing for, my hubby's an expert on those and he can give you tips!

    Xin, hahaha black mouse is ok! and I find it weird for saying that! ahahahha

    Marnelli Anne, high five!!!! We are both pretty mouse lovers! YAY!!! I love how it lasts years no? I've seen their other peripherals, too bad the laptop skins are not available locally!

    Crystal, we all wish!!! :)

    Thiamere, the super tiny mouse gives my fingers issues! ahahhaha it hurts! matanda na siguro fingers ko! hahahha

  12. Yes dear I am back na :) I think I'm seeing you earlier than Heaven's event, for TEA! :)

  13. That's so pretty, I want one too!

  14. ah! i go around tagging along my laptop, mouse and mouse pad too! my sister make fun of me cus it's so hard for me to use the laptop without the mouse...

    but what can i do? i've always been a PC user... i saw this brand when i was buying a laptop case... they're really cute... maybe ill get one too!!! i love the matching mouse and mouse pad!

  15. Hahaha!Yeah!High five!!
    OH!laptop skins are also available locally..yes! they do (giggles)'s a matter of "know how" to find one..:)

    Ok..let me share it to you..
    you can't find it in MOA..

    it's only in SM south, SM bicutan and at Robinson's..

    so there..I've posted mine's my link:

  16. Tara! yay! On Tuesday next week right? G5?

    Gio, I hope it's available to where you are!

    ...crickette... same here! I can't help lugging my mouse and mousepad too! At least you're not alone!!! :)

    Marnelli Anne, thanks for the info!

  17. I remember seeing these cute baby in one of the electronic shops in Shangri-La :)

    They are really eye-catching, especially to kikay girls like me. LOL.

    Too bad, I really don't need a mouse for my laptop, I'm a touchpad-dependent(?) person :))

  18. Madelyn, wow, lucky you on being touchpad dependent, I wish I'm that way :D

  19. Thanks for sharing this post... I'll be having a laptop soon (maybe by July 5th)... and as I have been waiting for it, I saw this post... I am already asking honey to buy this kind... I keep convincing him... hahaha! XD

    I even sent him your article to convince him more... ^__~

    I'm so excited! I can blog all I want then!!! ^__^

    Please check out my blog,

    I haven't posted any entries these days... so busy... it makes me sad not being able to blog... =(

    Thanks again, Ms. Nikki!!! ^__^

  20. I'm a guy and I like the G-Cube mousepad a lot too, it works great with whatever optical mouse I put on it. :)

    It doesn't only have good looks, it's very functional too!


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