Thursday, June 17, 2010

AMW Reviews: Elianto StayOn Eyeliner Pencil 01 Black

Elianto, the brand, is actually one of the most confusing brand I've known based on its origin.  It's originally founded in Malaysia, but with all the Korean writings, most people have mistaken it for a Korean brand.  And what's even more confusing?  "Elianto" is derived from the Italian word meaning "sunflower" and some of their products are actually made in Italy!

I just shrug my shoulder!  What's more important for me is to try on their products and report to you which ones I like!  Seriously, the brand did not fail to impress me!  

I've been a constant gel liner user and "reviewer" because I love the pigmentation it gives.  Most pencil liners are easy to use but I am not impressed with the color and pigmentation.  Lo' and behold!  I've finally found a pencil liner that performs...just like my trusted gel liner!  Read on and see for yourself!

Elianto StayOn Eyeliner Pencil says ---
A quick-drying, long-wearing waterproof liquid water-based eyeliner creates and enhances a deep eye line. Available in Pen and Liquid form

Available in: Black, Shimmer White and Glitter Gold
Made in: Italy

AMW says ---


  • very pigmented, one swipe is enough
  • true black that I want in a gel liner
  • glides on smoothly, does not tug my lids
  • very inexpensive
  • no need to look for an eyeliner pencil sharpener, comes in with free sharpener

  • waterproof
  • does not smudge
  • stays the whole day
  • very easy to use, perfect for first-time eyeliner users
  • can be easily removed with your favorite eye makeup remover

  • includes manufacturing date, which makes it easier for me to gauge if it's time to throw it out!

  • limited shades!  I'd love to purchase this in true brown!
  • not widely available especially for international readers
  • when applied on waterline, it fades in the middle of the day
To those readers who emailed me for the best pencil liner that does not break the bank?  This is the one!!!

  • never tug your eyelid during eyeliner application, go one stroke at a time
  • after sharpening your eyeliner, make sure to clean the sharpener with a cotton bud before putting it back
  • sharpen the eyeliner before doing the "winged" liner look
  • during application, try not to roll this liner all the way up to prevent from splitting in two

Will I repurchase?
Yes!  Will stock up on this!

Where to purchase and how much?
Locally at Elianto stores for Php199.00 (approx $4.33)

Swatch on hand, thin line swiped once and thick line swiped 2x
Left photo without flash
Right photo with flash

Waterproof test - does not smudge when wet
Photo below: Rubbed 3x while wet, minimal smudging

Rub test
Rubbed my hand so hard before the liner disappeared a bit
What I like about this liner is that it disappears instead of creating dirty smudges

Applied on one eye
Very pigmented and love the true black color
it does look like Gel Liner right?

Have you found your favorite pencil liner?
I've found the one!  And what I love most about this?  It's very inexpensive!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Nikki, I always adore your product testing/reviewing method! So in-depth, yet easy to read.

    The liner looks really dark indeed. Love how you can draw such an exact and fine line with it.

  2. hi, i found your site today from lotus palace! LOL, really?? I have no idea that Elianto's origin is that complicated. My products mostly state 'Made in KOrea' so that's why I hv no doubt about it.
    OOooh, the colour payoff looks good! maybe cz you're fair. I'm using Bloop right now. So many ppl said that it's good, but grrr...when i sweat and wipe my eyes, the eyeliner went along with it.
    Thanks for this review! Will try in the future. Or an Etude house one. heard that ones good too.=)

  3. nikki, one more question.. ok din ba siya sa waterline?? thanks

  4. thanks for this post nikki.. i was contemplating on getting myself maybelline's liner my liner smudges alot.. and this one looks great.. wow... i will buy...

  5. Seems like Elianto has a nice collection of cosmetics!

  6. hi nikki, how much is the elianto eyeliner? looks very promising though, I wanted to try kasi.. do they have white colored eyelner?thnx

  7. i have the same question as donnarence. if it smudges if used on the waterline.

    ima check this out the next time i get the chance :)

  8. Great review. It's good to know that this liner delivers yet doesn't break the bank and make the wallet bleed. :)

  9. Thanks for the review! I'm totally going out to get this when I can. ^^

  10. wow im impressed! its really pigmented and it looks like a gel liner when applied... will add this to my list =)

  11. Jess, that is very nice of you! I appreciate the compliment and that gave me the energy to give more useful reviews :)

    aisyah De Cullen, yes, its origin is a bit complicated and a lot are mistaken by it :) I know about sweating and wiping , it's a bad combination when you're an eyeliner user :) I haven't tried the Etude House one!

    Donnarence, let me know how it works on you! I use this on waterline, it doesn't stay forever , it disappears after 2 hours, but at least, it doesn't give me panda eyes!

    Anastacia, so true, I've always thought their nail polishes are the only good stuffs! Guess I'm wrong! It was a nice surprise though!

  12. maviclicious, sis! I've written the price on the post, it's Php199.00 only! ANd they have it in white I believe, but shimmery!

    Jenobebs, it disappears, but doesn't smudge bad, it looks like I had a hint of smokey eyeshadow on the lower lashline!

    Pammy, so true! I really like the price!

  13. Chrissy, it's wallet friendly pa no?

    Khymm, yes, it looks like the gel liner I"m using, I love it that their black is TRUE black!

  14. you're so thorough with your reviews!

    i do like the true black of this liner

  15. omg this sounds really great!!!!

  16. WOW! I might really buy this one :) Your review is convincing enough :)

  17. Wow, this sounds so promising! If only it were available here. :(

  18. this is really a good find! I love gel liner but pencil one is easier to take around :D love the pigmentation of elianto!

  19. Mona, I like being thorough heheh thanks

    Becky, this is super good, and I can imagine you liking this if you have the chance to try this!

    Madelyn, :D Do try their testers! I've tested the tester first before I got this

  20. Gio, sorry it's not available there, let me know if you need help :D

    Hana, have you used this? I love this! Can't believe I just discovered this now!

  21. Nikki! Thank you for this post!!! I'm forever looking for a pencil liner that stays put without smudging..I'm sold haha I'll get this this weekend ^_^

  22. Thanks for this great review. Feel tempted to try this. It's easily available in malaysia. the price is so right.
    thanks again.

  23. Just when I have passed judgement that pencil liners just don't last on oily hidden double eyelids like mine,you gave me new hope! haha. i went to the nearest Elianto booth (as far as i know, there is only one in singapore) and surprised the SA by asking to try it on my eyes. I said I'd shop around and get if it passes the test. two hours later, i went back to get it. Great timing as there was a 10% discount offered too. Thanks Nikki :)


  24. haha natawa ko sa introduction:))

    anyway, so far my favorite pencil liner is L'oreal retractable eyeliner it's also very pigmented but i haven't smudge-tested it, esp when wet! this one from elianto looks promising! thanks for sharing, Nikki!

  25. Gale, goodluck! I know how oily your lids are :) So let me know how it works for you

    Lavender, it's nice to be able to purchase products in your country right?

    Mandy, same here! I have given up on liners overall, I've always thought of them as the "smudge-land" :) Thanks to this it changed my mind!

    Joice, thanks for sharing, I have yet to try the L'Oreal one :)

  26. The swatches are gel liner-like indeed. Awesome! Thanks for the review Nikki. Will definitely try this one.

    Lots of love,

  27. Wow, I really love it because it's True black and no smudge~~ I'm using Urban decay eyeliner, shade 'zero',but it smudges because of my oily eyelids... T_T
    It's so unfortunate that I cannot get it in Singapore....

  28. BeautyOnTheWay: there is an Elianto booth at Tampines mall 2nd storey. They're having a 10% discount now, go get it! :)


  29. oh this looks promising!!! i'm definitely buying this!

  30. Great review!
    Might check this out when i get back in manila.

  31. Golden, yes, I swear the pigmentation is really good :)

    BeautyOnTheWay, I've used UD ZERO too and it smudges on me! :( Thanks Mandy, you have the chance to try Elianto eyeliner, you girls have it in Singapore! :)

    Thanks Mandy for the info! And the added 10% is just great!

    Peachroad, cheers to you too!

  32. hi... I'm also using this eyeliner and it's heavenly~ XD but I was wondering whether you could do a review on the liquid version? thanks~


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