Friday, June 18, 2010

Eureka Moment: My Favorite Eyebrow Shaver

I seldom care about eyebrow shavers!  But at times my client's eyebrows are "all over the place", I need to reshape and trim their brows which led me to a tool that I think is a must for most makeup artist -- an eyebrow shaver.  Is there the right one?  Is there even the best one?  I usually purchase them randomly based on price and design.  When I was looking around my "Eureka Favorite Store" Daiso, I randomly picked an eyebrow shaver amidst all the  eyebrow shavers in front of me.  I picked this base on its size, its color and of course, it comes with a cover!  And who have thought this goes to my "EUREKA MOMENT" list?

Most eyebrow shavers are made in China (yup, I've checked) and this one is no exception, definitely made in China, produced for Daiso Japan.Hopefully, there's the Quality Control there :D

One pack comes with 2 eyebrow shavers, the length of the blade is just right for good control on eyebrow shaving.  

The cover is easy to remove and put back on

Comes with easy grip handle, length of the handle is just right

And best of all?  It shaves neatly and it doesn't hurt the skin around the eyes!  Each shaver can last approximately up to 5 shaves and you have to throw this away and purchase a new one!  Blades do get dull and better not hurt yourself using a "dull" blade.

Priced at Php88.00 (approx $2.00) for a pack of 2
I can't tell the brand name but do remember the packaging and please leave some for me okay? 
I'll be back at Daiso to repurchase!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. OMG, I love these too! They're so convenient and pain-fre. :)

  2. It is my must have in a brow shaping routine :) love those things too :)

  3. thanks for this nikki.. i am soo afraid to shave my brows because i might cut my skin but i will probably give this a try..

  4. I love them too~~ Japan makes the best ones!

  5. Thanks for the suggestion. Now I can keep my brows well trimmed with this tool.

  6. My brow shavers are from Saizen Daiso too. It is really full of "eureka" stuff. ;D

  7. I've never used brow shavers, but I'm recently been curious about using them. Too bad we don't have a Daiso here.

  8. I've never usd brow shavers, I'm too scared I'm gonna cut myself lol. But I'm glad these work well for you. :)

  9. you're right this is a must have! purchased mine at metro department store for 20 each..

  10. you're right this is a must have! purchased mine at metro department store for 20 each..

  11. Great review. i've never tried a brow shaver before but really want to. I'll look for this brand.


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  12. Maggie, so you use one too?

    Anastacia, are you a plucker or a shaver? You have great brows!

    Donnarence, I know, it took time for me to get used to it too :)

  13. Fuz, I haven't tried the authentic Japanese ones :)

    AiDiSan, enjoy! :)

    Pammy, I know! I seldom go there but everytime I do, I just see so many cool stuffs!

  14. Arezu, maybe, try other shavers? Its tricky though...I have tried a lot and I am not impressed with a lot of them

    Gio, so I assume you go for plucking? Threading?

    Khymm, 20 each is ok!!! :) That's a good price!

    Roxy, hope you can find these! :)


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