Saturday, June 19, 2010

AMW Reviews: Mineral Flowers Hand Cream

Remember when I told you about my laziness in sunblock application?  Well, I've finally fixed that laziness and I am consistent with my sunblock application and thank goodness it's all in my system!

Unfortunately, I haven't covered everything yet!  There's still one "lazy factor" left in me!  And that's hand cream application!  I've always thought: "Why should I even bother if I wash my hands gazillion times in a day?"  But after years of "OC-ness" and alcohol usage!  My hands are getting drier and drier and that's not a cool thing especially if you like holding hands with your loved ones....right?  

I've always thought all hand creams are similar!  Thanks to the Mineral Flowers event I've attended 3 months ago and I learned there are so many new stuffs out there, especially from Israel!

Mineral Flowers Hand Cream says ---

Mineral Flowers Rose and Geranium was is a 100 percent natural blend of concentrated mineral water from the Dead Sea with 26 Minerals and trace elements, Dead Sea mud, a natural skin regenerator and lifter, Rose and Geranium whole flower mix species rich and vitamin C, linalol and citronellol, gently astringent, anti-microbial and skin healing properties, balancing and lifting the spirit.  Beeswax is a natural emulsifier, skin healer and organic pomegranate juice.

AMW says ---

  • smells wonder
  • does not feel oily on hand
  • absorbs to the skin easily
  • the moisture lasts even after washing your hands
  • wonderful packaging
  • hand texture improved after 1 month of usage
  • none
Works really good, doesn't feel the creaminess like most hand creams!  The texture is quite "watery" and absorbs to the skin easily.  Does not feel much difference on the first few weeks but after longer usage, I can literally feel the texture of my hands improved.  Even the hubby said so!

  • purchase the right kind of variant for your skin condition: Camomille for sensitive skin, Rose and Geranium for normal and combination skin and Almond Blossom for dry skin
  • use a good amount of this prior to going to sleep and wake up with soft hands!
  • carry this along with you and apply this after you wash your hands
  • squirted too much?  Apply the excess on your elbows and knees
Will I repurchase?
Yes, I'll try the Almond Blossom variant next

Where to purchase and how much?
Php430.00 (approx. $9.35) at Watson's as well as beauty by SM in Megamall, Mall of Asia, Makati, Cubao and North EDSA.

What's your favorite hand cream?
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. hi Ms. Nikki, my current fave hand cream is the one from Neutrogena. But since i'm almost done with it, I might consider buying and trying out some hand creams from mineral flowers! =)

    Thanks for the review, I now have another brand option when it comes to hand cream and other skincare products! =)

  2. Aweeee! That sounds so nice! And the packaging is to cute :)

  3. iluv lotions,. might grab one myself,. luv ur profile pic by the way, so sosyal!

  4. Lady Mitchelli, let me know how much you like this! I have a feeling you will!

    Anastacia, I know the packaging is just gorgeous!

    Shatzlaine, hahahah thanks dear

  5. I love the L'Occitane hand cream, but it's expensive at around P500 for a small tube, and now that I've decided to be more frugal, I'm giving this up. I bought the Nivea Hand Moisture Boost Gel Cream last week (for P130, I think), but now I can't stand it, too greasy for me. I'll check out that Mineral Flowers hand cream, thanks to your review. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything that comes in a cute package.


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