Monday, June 14, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Flower Pod" Nails

How's weekend treating everyone?  I rewarded myself with sleep!  To most local readers, it's still vacation mode to most of you but to the rest of the world?  Monday may be giving you the blues so I'm sending all positivity from my way with a simple nail art tutorial for the flower power lovers out there!

Step 1:
Apply your preferred base coat to protect your nails prior to polish application.  Thanks to Toma as I got hold of ELF's newest shades Mod Mauve.  Applied 2 coats and let dry.

Step 2:
Using Prettynails' 2 way nail art pen in white, apply dots (as seen on photo below).  Try to create smaller dots as we're creating more flowers.
Step 3:
Using a thin brush.  In my case, I am using L.A. Colors Art Deco in black, connect the flowers like "branches".  Doesn't have to be perfect in thickness like real branches.

Step 4:
To complete the tiny flowers, use Prettynails' 2 way nail art pen in yellow (or any shades you want) and dot the middle portion as "flower bud"

Step 5: (optional)
To create "glitter" effect, apply a gold polish on top of your nail art.

Step 6:
Protect your nail art design with your favorite top coat.  I am using The Face Shop's Top Coat.

Hope this gives you a bit of sunshine!  Lemme see that huge smile please? :D

I also would like to give a special shout out to Toma for being naughty, for sending me another new shades from ELF!  She knew how much I love ELF polishes!  Good quality at an affordable price!  Thank you for the wonderful surprise!  If only you could see the huge smile on my face!  Will do more nail art tutorials with these gorgeous shades soon!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. *cryyyyy* I can't see your pictures :(

  2. this looks very japanese to me.. i love it.. do you use any hail hardener when you grow your nails?

  3. i also can't see your pictures.:((((

  4. I fixed it, I hope your girls can see it now :D

  5. Thanks by the way for letting me know :D

  6. Take second! And now I see everything! Loveee the design! I totally should try it myself :P

  7. i love love love the designs!!!!!! it's so chinese new year-sy.

  8. I really love this...thanks for the tutorial, I would definitely try this, it will be perfect for me a chinese chic with oriental nail art! how perfect! =)

    Hugs to you dear!♥

  9. Oh such a lovely design, reminds me of Chinese New year or Sakura flower!

  10. Really pretty!! I must try this. Thanks for sharing

  11. hey there,
    first time dropping by,
    love the nails tutorials~
    stay pretty~


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