Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Pink Pepper

Weekend food tripping is fun if you dine with the people you love!  I had a nice dinner with my husband's family and we love food sharing!  The first time I've dined at Pink Pepper restaurant was at Robinson's Ermita mall and I believe the restaurant was closed down?  So when we were at SM Mall of Asia, we have to revisit! 

Caesar Salad
Traditional classic salad!  Fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber served with Caesar sauce or Viniagrette!  You can actually choose to have 2!

Spicy Ribs
Marinated spare ribs in spicy sauce served with sliced potatoes and vegetables.  I love how the meat melts inside my mouth!

Whole Fried Chicken
There's nothing spectacular about this but what I love about this is the way it's fried crisp to perfection!  This comes with gravy!  You can always request for more!

Garlic Rice
Nothing beats garlic rice! 2 types of rice I eat.  Bibimbap (Korean Rice) and Garlic Rice! 

Mango Iced Tea
I love mango juice and I love iced tea.  But when these 2 are mixed together, it felt weird at first but I would say it's an "acquired taste".  I got used to it after 3 sips!

The price range of this restaurant is not too cheap nor expensive.  Just ambiance is great for gathering with friends or family members!  The total bill costs approximately Php1,500 (approx $33.00).  Not bad considering we walked out of the restaurant full!

The restaurant accepts cash and credit card payment.  10% service charge is added in the total bill!  The restaurant has friendly and helpful staffs and service is good!

Pink Pepper
SM Mall of Asia
Entertainment Mall, bay City
Pasay City
(632) 556-0397

Your turn to make your tummy happy this weekend!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. I really shouldn't read your food posts on a morning. It made my tummy really noisy with hunger, heehee. :) Thanks for sharing this, Nikki love. I love the resto's name!

  2. Mango Iced Tea sounds and looks funny! I would like to try though, I'm all for iced drinks! :)

  3. Your meat looks so nice and tasty!!

  4. the chicken made me hungry!

  5. I should have known better than to pop over to see what you're up to when it's nearly 3 am my time. Now I'm crazy hungry without any way to acquire every single thing on your post menu. Sheesh.


  6. The mango icetea sounds interesting.
    The food looks good too.Will pay them a visit sometime soon. :3

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. The food looks yummy, especially the chicken. :)

  8. Thanks for posting food post in Manila! I'm bookmarking 'em all so I would know where to go to when I visit home :D

  9. Always love your food posts soooo much~ LOL.

  10. hi nikki! it's been a while since i last visited your blog and i can see that it's still full of yummy food finds! :p and beauty stuff na hindi pa rin ako nakakarelate.

    pero sa ribs, relate na relate ako! yum-oh!



  11. Tara, we..the pink lovers will definitely love this restaurant! awww how are you? How's vacay???

    Maggie, it's unique, its different!

    Anastacia, :) It is! Super tasty!

  12. ADiego, its fried crisp to the bones! :P

    Janine, sorry, My bad...or was it yours? hehehe you opened it and read it! It did say Weekend Food tripping you know *winks* I love ya! :P

    Sugar Sugar, yes, it's really different compared to regular iced teas out there!

  13. Gio :D

    Tuesday, ohhhh you will definitely stuff yourself up with food when you're back in Manila, so many great restos down here!

    FUZ :)

    iyaiyayow Pinaninindigan ko talaga ang pagiging beauty blogger! hehehhe Well there's always food for the weekends and events too! thanks for the visit


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