Saturday, June 12, 2010

AMW Mid-Year's Finished Products

Happy weekend everyone!  If you're living in the Philippines, you're probably in bliss right now because of the long weekend.  Happy Independence Day to my dear Country! 

Time flies really fast and we're already in the middle of the year!  I've written down the 2009 finished products !  This year, I wanted to split it in two!  Mid-year and Year-end !  I love seeing my money going to right places! 

This list is written in no particular order (You can click on product name to read my past reviews)

I purchased this in a whim, not expecting to actually like this, I ended up using this daily for touch-ups and I  can't deny the fact that this lasts quite a long time!  I purchased this March of 2009 and I finished this around May 2009!  More than a year of "almost daily" usage!  Worth every single penny.  

Will I repurchase?  Yes!

2. Clinique Purifying Toner 2
I haven't reviewed this as I've always included this as part of my Clinique's 3-Step Skin Care System.  I should have purchased the mild/non-alcohol version of this but I actually like this!  I've finished the 2nd bottle!

Will I repurchase? Yes!

3. Skin79 VIP Gold Collection BB Cream
I am quite lucky I did not go through gazillions of BB Cream before I found "The One"!  It was an easy choice for me when I've seen my "before and after" shot after using this BB Cream!  I, surprisingly, finished this up in no time!  The packaging is very sophisticated but I am not impressed that I finished this up without "knowing" I'm almost done with this!  

Will I repurchase?  Definitely!

4. Cellnique's Seaweed Cleansing Gel and Intensive Hydrating Complex
When I review a skincare line, even after reviews, if I find the product to be positive, I continue to use them until I finish them up.  This is the case for both the cleansing gel and hydrating complex from Cellnique!  I actually like them as much as I love Clinique.  Too bad shipping is an issue as the brand is not available locally!

Will I repurchase? Only if I visit  Malaysia or Singapore

5. Jessie's Girl Tatoo Pen in Black
I only use this for "winged" eye look or those rare instance that I need to draw the "band" of the falsies.

Will I repurchase?  No

The most repurchased product in AMW's Life!  I think I've finished up 2 bottles then the hubby finished up another 2 and that's a total of 4!  And I am talking about "spot treatment" only!  I don't drink this or apply this on my entire face!  That just shows how much this product works on me and to prove to you girls that I do have occasional breakouts!

Will I repurchase?  Yes!  I just did!
I love the travel kit from Amu'in and one of my favorite is the Hand lotion.  I take this mini bottle along with me and it fits inside my pouch!  I love using this as it's non-greasy, non-oily and smells wonderful!

Will I repurchase?  Yes

8. Liposan/Nivea Lip balm in Cherry
Thanks to Diamond Enigma for the "swap" and I got to meet Liposan Strawberry and Cherry.  She sent me 2 flavors and I am loving both! This is definitely a "staple" to make my lips "sane" for the whole day!  I love the wonderful tint it gives on my lips!  So natural looking.  My roadtripper friends Ada and Hannah loves this too!

Will I repurchase?  Yes, but locally this is known as Nivea.

9. Shu Uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O 
My secret to makeup cleansing?  This one!  I have finished 2 bottles of Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil in A/O and I'm on my 3rd (expensive eh?).  I don't use heavy makeup but I am very "OC" in makeup removal so aside from using a makeup remover, I love using Shu Uemura's Cleansing Oil as I feel it cleanses more!  It's just me.  It's really pricey but it's worth it!

I haven't formally reviewed this but I've reviewed Shu Uemura's High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil (Yellow) and I think it's almost the same.

Will I repurchase?  Yes!

I am actually surprised that I am liking this!  When I first used this, I felt that it doesn't clean my face at all as it's super light on skin.  What I love about this is the "energizing" effect it gives every morning!  It leaves my skin clean (not squeaky dry kind of feel) and I can literally feel my skin brightening up!

Will I repurchase?
  I did!  I haven't start using my 2nd bottle yet but it's on back up.

11. Tsubaki Treatment with Tsubaki Oil
My dearest brother bought this for me together with the shampoo and conditioner line.  I like using Tsubaki but not regularly as it gives me the "flakes".  The Tsubaki Treatment smells wonderful and works okay!  I apply a good amount of this only on the tips of my hair to lessen hair breakage and dryness.  A good product but doesn't leave an imprint in my "to buy again list"

Will I repurchase?  No, so many local hair treatments that work just as well and cheaper.

Finally finished this! I use this 3x a week.  Sometimes, I tend to forget that's why it took so long for me to finish this up!  But this product lives to what it claims.  I definitely woke up with softer and more manageable hair!

Will I repurchase?  I tried other Kerastase ngiht treatment.  Smile and click here to know what I'm talking about!
6 months...12 products! NOT BAD at all!  This post made me feel good!  I guess it's time you check out your own stash and see which product's almost on the "Finished Products" List!  It'll make you feel good I promise you!  Money well spent!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. whoa.. ang dami mo ng naubos nikki.. :D i am still trying to finish my bb cream before buying myself a new one.. :S ang tagal maubos.. hehe

  2. Amazinggggg! You finished a ton of stuff!!!

  3. i wanna try TBS' Tea tree oil for breakouts.. ang dami mong naubos hehe.. im also loving my MAC MSF =)

  4. i've found its so satisfying to finish stuff too :) I wanna try that Tsubaki hair treatment now that you've mentioned it! Could use some hair treatment.

  5. do you have a review for TBS tea tree oil?

  6. Wow, you finished a lot of products! I can't even finish one lol.

  7. omg you've finished a lot of products. good for you!!!

  8. Donnarence, yup, I am quite happy i finished a lot! :)

    Anastacia, I'm sure you did too!

    Khymm, try it, its' not that expensive naman and it really works on spot treatment especially if the zit is just starting to rear its ugly head!

    Blu3, if you can find them, great! :)

  9. Abby, yes, do click on the name "TBS Tea Tree Oil" in this blog post and it'll lead you to my review

    Gio, hahahah you will..soon!

    Beacky, thanks!

  10. Thanks Nikki, this inspired me to make my own list, pero hindi kasing dami nung sayo hehe Im so fickle kasi I want to try everything haha

  11. I am a huge fan of body shop's tea tree oil, although I mostly use it whenever I clean my MU Brushes, I always add a drop together with baby shampoo, I use it to disinfect the brushes

  12. Caby, yay! Go go go and make your own list! It's a "booster" makes you feel good right after

    CoLine, wow, that's a good tip! I may try that! thanks for sharing


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