Sunday, June 6, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping: My Vaseline Road Trip Food Galore!

I am not picky when it comes to food.  I try to be as adventurous as possible as we live only once right?  During the 6-days Road Trip Adventure care of Vaseline, one of the highlight of the road trip is the local delicacies!  I am quite excited to give different dishes a try!  As to what our director would say, he oringinally hought I was a food blogger as he saw the excitement of my eyes every time "food" is mentioned.  I am just a passionate person you know *winks*

When we were at Laoag on our first day, it was a busy day full of activities.  I did not feel hungry at all but when we finally stopped at La Moda Panciteria (owned by Shen's family).  I learned that La Moda is the oldest restaurant in Ilocos.  That's when I took a breather and realized how hungry I was. Each of us got our own plate of the famous Pancit Canton, known to be preservatives-free.  Being Chinese myself, I am a expert when it comes to noodles and this definitely rocked my world.  Topped with fresh vegetables and "Bagnet" (Deep Fried Pork Meat).  I can't get over that this huge plate costs Php55.00 (approx $1.20) only!

Still at Laoag, we went full blast with Ilocano dishes.  We had lunch La Preciosa, which was owned by the Aragoza family.  I've met Mrs. Aragoza and I enjoyed the introduction on each dishes served right in front of us!  I try to remember each dish but the hungry side of me took the best of me.  So I can only recall a couple...sorry!

Dinuguang Bagnet

Poqui Poqui
My absolute favorite!  Eggplant with lots of tomatoes and onions.  I was told that most Poqui Poqui are served dry, but this restaurant made the difference and I'm glad they did!  It melts in my mouth!

Grilled Squid


Their specialty, Carrot Cake!  To carrot haters out there, give this a  try, I swear you won't taste carrot at all! I can turn into Bugs Bunny after this!  I love how huge the slice is!  Perfect for sharing!

After 2 wonderful days at  Laoag, we head on to Saud, Pagudpod and after all the sight seeing, we had a nice lunch at Tera Rika Beach & Dive Resort.  Wonderful view of the beach as you enjoy scrumptious dishes with great company.

Pinakbet, Ilocano Style

More Veggies!

The high-cholesterol Bagnet (Deep Fried Pork)

Soup that warms my tummy!

Freshly grilled fish

After a nice lunch at Tera Rika, we head off to where we will be staying for the night.  It's at Hannah's Beach Resort!  The resort is right in front of the famous Blue Lagoon and the blue water made me sigh and reminisce.  There's only one restaurant inside the resort and they serve wonderful breakfast!

Beef Tapa with egg that woke me up early in the morning
I like my eggs sunny side up!
** Beef tapa are cured beef usually served with garlic rice and egg

Hannah has been craving for Tocino all through this trip!
So her wish was granted!
**Tocino are also cured meat and sweet.  Pork  are usually used

After all the food tripping from Laoag to Pagudpod, I am most excited to try Vigan local dishes.  I've set my mind to try the famous Vigan Empanadas but sad to say, the breakfast I've had early morning at Hotel Salcedo de Vigan was enough energy to last me the whole day!  Next time Vigan time!

Vigan Longganisa with my favorite sunny side up and garlic rice

Going to Baguio, we passed by other wonderful tour-worthy location like the surf capital of the North  (in my dictionary) --- La Union!  We had a quick stopover at Midway Grill to fill our stomach.  It was jampacked with tourists and  upon looking at the menu, I am quite impressed with the prices.  Quite affordable!  We took a break from local dishes and shared on ...


and Binagoongang Pork
Whew, this is hard to pronounce I tell you!

Ahhh, Road Tripping ain't complete without Food Tripping.  Me and my stomach (yes, I consider it as a second person) are both happy with the different dishes we've tried!  Fresh vegetables and fish are my favorite and now I'm back in Manila, let me get back at McDonalds and KFCs.  *laughs*  JUST JOKING!

Wonderful Sunday everyone!
Have an adventurous food tripping ok?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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