Saturday, June 5, 2010

AMW Reviews Elianto Polishes

I've owned several brands of polishes but I haven't gotten the chance to really review them because, I have to admit, they are part of the "Unsung Heroes".  I've used them a lot but I never thought of giving them the time of the day or a special post for them.  So here it is!  Better late than never right?

One of the most recent polish brand I've tried is from Elianto.  From my Elianto shopping experience.  I've picked up 2 polishes from the brand.  One transparent and another one is Turquoise (thanks Sophie for helping me pick up this shade)

After usage, I can give a brief review on the most recent Elianto Polishes I own.  

Turquoise and Transparent

Elianto Nail Color says ---
Show off your beautiful nails and toes with our selection of radiant shades that glide on smoothly onto nails to deliver beautiful, long lasting, chip-resistant colors.

AMW says ---
  • has so many shades to choose from
  • shades are unique

  • inexpensive as compared to other brands
  • color lasts for 3-4 days, with top coat, can last up to a week
  • dries up like regular polishes, approximately 15 minutes above for 2 coats
  • the polish does not dry up easily as long as you store them well
  • does not turn my nails yellow instantly as long as I have base coat on
  • packaging is simple yet I love how it was labeled with number and shade name

  • the brush, I find local brands have better brush
  • some shades are quite sheer, need to apply 3-4 coats
Elianto is known for their wonderful polish shades from regular to party shades!  I personally like them because of the price and its quality.  I don't have to pay a lot to get good quality polishes. I have to clarify though that hat not all shades have the same pigmentation and consistency!

  • store polishes in cool dry place
  • never shake the bottle, gently roll them between the palm of your hands instead
  • since not all of the shades are of the same consistency, do test out their testers, they have acetone anyways
  • always use base coat to protect your nails on all polish application
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?

At Elianto stores for Php99.00 (approx $2.00)

A sample of Turquoise applied 2 coats

Have you tried Elianto Polishes?  Do you like them or dislike them?
Click on comment and let me know your thoughts!

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  1. i've been meaning to buy that turquoise shade because it reminds me of CG for audrey!

  2. love elianto polishes!!!

    try the shade sky blue nikki! i also have turquoise, love it too

    here's turquoise on a darker skintone, and it can pass as dupe of China Glaze Flyin' High!

  3. i have only tried tfs polishes.. ang ganda ng turqoise.. :D

  4. thanks for the review nikki...I find elianto stall on the first week I arrive Manila.. and Im happy to know that I found one in Robinson's place in Manila and I also bought this Turquoise polish plus the lilac which is a bit sheer..this color is great on u...
    nikki,where i can find elianto boutique?

  5. i must say
    i do like them
    they are easier to paint on as compared to etude house and face shop
    only thing is i find that it chips faster than face shop
    do you like this better than elf?
    i just ordered two elf nail polishes cant wait to try them :)

  6. Wow! Such bright blue color! Lovely!

  7. I love Elianto polishes too! If only their brushes were better *sigh*. Ooo I have the same turquoise shade but kinda afraid to wear them yet as they scream "LOOK AT ME!". Hihihi.. By the way, do you find some of the colors streaky?

  8. That's a beautiful color! I wish this brand was available here.

  9. I loooove Elianto polishes, and have been in love with them since their store in SM NE opened!

    I'm jonesing for the Sparkling Diva line! A friend was wearing "Racing Green" from the line, and it was super fab!

  10. I've got that shade too... love elianto!

  11. Oh gosh Nikki! I ♥ their nail polishes! Main reason is because of the shades, they are all unique,,imagine they have different shades of hot pink =) I've been using their nail polishes since 2006 and up until now, I'm still loving it! I even posted an entry about my nail care routine and one of the nail polish that I used was Elianto's Blue Splash ☺ (

    Great review =) Hugs to you dear!♥

  12. Crystal, Beautynomics (Sophie) was the one who helped me pick this color, she did say AUDREY!

    Lelila, you are one nail polish expert!Thanks for sharing some more ideas and giving more chances to shop! hehehe

    Donnarence, yes, its one of the prettiest shade I've seen! It caught my attention big time!

  13. ThRiSzHa, SM malls, you can find them! especially SM Megamallj, North Edsa and SM Mall of Asia! Landmark has Elianto too!

    LyNn, I like ELF, they dry up pretty quickly! I can't really choose as it really depends on the shades! There are a lot of shades that Elianto have that TFS doesn't and vice versa!

    Anastacia, I love it too

  14. @DdY, so true, I do have trouble with the brush! But that's it! I haven't tried a lot of Elianto polishes so I can't really say about the streakiness!

    Gio, well, you have a lot of gorgeous polish brands there!

    Karla, their SM North Edsa store is super gorgeous! I am looking at the "Racing Green" line myself

    Elsa, :)

    CoLine, so true about the uniqueness of shades! I found a lot of shades they sell that other brands don't have! *hugs back* to you!

  15. glad you have good experience with them - i just got two bottles in white and peach, i thought of doing a french mani but the peach was soooo incredibly streaky and STICKY. seriously it was horrifying. even after numerous reapplications which was a bit okay it dried super bubbly.

    i loved their other formula though, the one with the glitters or metallic ones. they're a joy to put on :)


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