Saturday, July 17, 2010

AMW Reports: Sunsilk Meet the Hair Experts

I got an invite to meet the Hair Experts for the new Sunsilk's Co-Creations.  I've used Damage Repair when I was on my Vaseline Road Trip and I was quite impressed by it!  I was surprised to learn there are a total of 7 Best Ever Co-creations for targeted hair issues.

The event was hosted by the gorgeous Sarah Meier.  Super tall I have to say!

Was able to take a photo with a hairstylist, salon owner, and entreprenuer Ms. Yoko Yamashita.  She's behind Yuko Hair Straightening that's why she's called the Smooth Hair Expert!  She doesn't speak much English but definitely exudes a cheerful and friendly attitude!

Towers us all is the Shapes and Length Expert Mr. Teddy Charles.  A French guy who have worked with A-list celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker, Blake Lively and Hayden Panettiere. 

And the room hushed when the Brand Ambassador of Sunsilk's Co-creations Ms. Sarah Geronimo arrived in a simple yet  form fitting purple dress.  With a gorgeous smile, she can definitely launch a thousand ships with loads and loads of shampoos!  *laughs*.  I love the way she  talks and I seriously hope she sings!!!!

Take a look at  how shiny, straight and gorgeous her hair looks!

I'll definitely report more!  Just giving you guys a peek on what happened!  More photos and stories to tell!  I'll go to La-La-Land now! 

Night everyone!
Keep smilin'

Stay happy!


  1. wow! sunsilk was generous to give samples of their shampoo &conditioner and I'm lucky to receive one!

  2. OMgosh Sarah's hair is perfect!!!

  3. Sayang! :( Hope to join next time! Watched Legally Blonde kasi. But you girls looked like you had so much fun!

  4. i love sunsilk. Sarah has amazingly beautiful hair!!


  5. Hi ms. nikki, good morning! just wondering kasi this year lang Sarah G had her hair to shoulder length, ang bilis naman nya magpahaba ng hair.. naloka ako, almost waistline na agad.. ano kaya secret nya?

  6. Hi Sara's hair isnt real, she cut her hair short a few months ago. These are just extensions :)


  7. I definitely use sunsilk damage repair they gave me full sized bottle samples, how gorgeous of them to give me a sample.. but I was also wondering about Sarah's hair, isn't that extensions already? isn't that she already cut her hair short na?

  8. im curious to know whether sunsilk will come out with something for colored hair bec their expert touch ads feature a woman who's a color expert.

    i hope they do btw haha!

  9. Zashiq5, wow, that's good, its the best way to try if the product works for you no? Product samples!

    Becky, actually it has extensions, but upclose, the original hair part is still soft and shiny!

    Tara, next time! I'd love to watch Legally blodn din! :) How was it?

  10. Roxy, yes she does! :)

    Belle, definitely uses extensions to make it fuller and longer!

    Joy, you are right :)

  11. maviclicious , that's the first I've tried to! The damage repair! it's hair extensions :)

    Bea, I don't think they have it , but I'll check once I go home! :) Do check back, I'll report more about it

  12. Sarah Geronimo is one gorgeous lady and you guys are so lucky to see her in person :)Looks like you had so much fun! :)


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