Friday, July 16, 2010

AMW Reviews: Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush

For a flat top brush, nothing comes close to my heart  except my Everyday Minerals (EDM) Flat Top Brush.  I did not even try to look for a duplicate as I know nothing can match its quality and price!  However, I think I've spoken too soon!  Local readers will like the fact that a similar quality EDM Flat Top Brush can be purchased locally and in my opinion, it looks even better!

Charm Luxe Collection: Luxe Flat Top Brush

Charm Luxe Collection - Luxe Flat Top Brush says ---

As mineral foundation demands to buff, buff, and buff, create that flawless face with the perfect buffing mineral foundation/powder brush, the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush!

Created with densely packed synthetic bristles, The Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush ensures you a wonderful time in front of your vanity mirror as you enjoy the silky softness of the Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush, and see flawless results with it! Ultra soft, but firm bristles work their way into perfection!

The Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush is great for applying loose mineral foundation, or pressed foundation, to ensure even, buildable, flawless coverage on the face!

AMW says ---

  • very soft, non-scratchy feel

  • no shedding nor bleeding even on first wash - I was a bit harsh on it on my first wash
  • maintains its original shape once dried
  • very lightweight 
  • bristles attached to the ferrule pretty well

  • perfect density

  • can be used for pressed and loose powder
  • since the brushes are made of synthetic hair, can be used on liquid foundation too
  • method in application: Buff and Stipple, both works!
  • inexpensive for good quality brush
  • perfect length and size
  • the longer ferrule (silver part) makes it unique
  • PINK!

  • takes a bit longer time to dry as compared to other brushes (because of its density)
  • non-pink lovers - this is in PINK!
I have nothing bad to say about this brush as it performs really well.  I've tried this brush and its a breeze in application.  The size is perfect, not too long nor too short!  I prefer using this with my loose mineral foundation!  Love! Love! Love!

  • always wash after purchase
  • since this brush is a bit dense, remove makeup reside with Olive Oil first then deep cleanse with baby shampoo + dish washing liquid (with conditioner)
  • always make sure brush is dry before usage
  • never blowdry the bristles, let it dry naturally
Will I repurchase?
I won't need to as this looks durable, but I strongly recommend this to friends!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Beauty & Minerals website for Php600.00 (approx $13.00) + Shipping

A close up on its simple and nice logo

Length side by side with EDM's Flat Top Brush
EDM - approx. 4 inches
Charm - approx. 6 inches

Both are dense and really soft

I believe this was added to the Charm brush collection due to public demand!  It's made available to purchase just last month and I'm glad I own this!  Definitely a keeper!

Do you have a favorite flat top brush or are you still on a search?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. =O!
    It's gorgeous!
    Why do you guys get all the good stuff? *pouts*
    SEND ME ONE! LOL, jks

  2. I'm pretty happy with my Charm Retractable Kabuki brush but now I'm getting tempted to own this one!

  3. Both brushes really looks similar to each other! I want this brush too!

  4. cute brush! but i have a few flat tops already so i can live with them for a while :)

  5. its so girly! love it! i also own the EDM flat top and I use it for pressed powder application. Now i know, olive oil is used pala to remove the makeup residue. I have a question, does it also work for concealer residues (on my concealer brush)? TIA!

  6. It's so pretty. I love pink! I'm planning to get the retractable one on my birthday. :P

  7. Love the brush, it's so cute, girly and pink! And it seems to be working very well too.

  8. this brush looks so fluffy and sofT!

    i use a flat top kabuki by mac but it doesn't actually get much usage :P

  9. I've been looking for alternative to EDM Flat Top and oohh this is so cute and nice handle size! Makes me want one! hehehe Thanks for the review!

  10. I just received mine yesterday and I washed it this afternoon.Now I can't wait to use it tomorrow. =)

    Thanks for the review sis!

  11. Lisa, trust me, you guys get a lot of great stuffs too!

    Lauren, I have the retractable k-brush too! and they all function really well!

    Anastacia, this one has longer handle which i like!

  12. Crystal, well you only have one face di ba? :)

    Khymm, yes, it does remove all liquid and cream makeup! Try it, purchase the Extra virgin ones ha?

    Pammy, yay!! Advance Happy Birthday!

  13. Gio, yes it does! thanks!

    Mona, so soft is true!

    Dana, no worries, my pleasure

    Greenpease, yay...let me know how much you like it!

  14. my favorite is the elf flat top brush...although the everyday minerals is by far the softest one that i've owned, but the elf brush is good for applying liquids so it's more 'usable' for me..

    it's hard to resist the pink handle!


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