Thursday, July 15, 2010

An Update: The Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Diaries Challenge (Days 9-11)

AMW signing on reporting on Days 9-11 using Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  I have to admit, the first 8 days felt a bit like a chore, a "task" that I must complete!  On days 9-11, things have changed, I've found myself enjoying the regimen before I go to sleep!  Before I tell you my observations, let me admit one thing!  I haven't been doing the 7 hours sleep because of some "jobs" I need to finish up!  But read on before you judge me ok?  *blushes*
  • I took time in massaging this concentrate on my face and neck and pat my fingers gently onto my skin
  • Remember the dryness around my nose area?  Gone because I made sure not to forget that area
  • Mark my words:  I seriously saw the brightening effect!  The effect was seen by my hubby on the 10th day!  
  • Brightening effect: At first, it looks like "oiliness", I found myself not used to the "brightening" look that I kept on patting face powder thinking it was my oily skin!  But looking closely, it was the unexplainable "glow".
  • Moisturized?  I haven't been using any moisturizer as I want to see the full effect of this concentrate, since my skin is super dry, there are some dryness on random days but it is bearable. This probably won't happen to oily skinned individuals and I should really use a moisturizer after the 15 days challenge!
  • No allergies nor skin irritations
  • Skin never feels oily as compared to the first 4 days!
  • Skin feels really soft.
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I will definitely sum up all my observations after the 15-days challenge!  We'll have photos for sure!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. wow! ilang days na lang po! ^__^

  2. wow. this product seems nice product to try.

  3. Angelamhiere, lapit na!

    Bheii, yes, its worth trying!

  4. i have read your experience using this product & im very curious na. i want to actually buy myself na after your posts..but im still not sure if it could work the same with me for i have a pretty erratic skin..

    sometimes its good, most often its not..will be waiting for your final verdict!


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