Monday, July 26, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Colors of the Philippine Flag" Inspired Nails + Contest Winners

Today is SONA day! (State of the Nation Address).  Our new president President Benigno (NoyNoy) Aquino III will talk to the nation about his plans for our country.  Since I am on a "nationalistic" mode, I tried using the colors of our dearest flag for my nail art tutorial.  My apologies in advance as I don't own a dark blue shade so I used a purple instead, but you get th drift right?

Here's my Colors of the Philippine Flag Inspired Nails
How to achieve such nail art design?
Read on!

Step 1:
Do not forget to apply your favorite base coat prior to nail polish application.  Using Elianto's Matte White polish, apply 2 coats and let dry.

Step 2:
To create a nice "glow", apply Caronia's polish in Crystal.

Step 3:
If you have dark blue polish, use that shade.  If not, you can use any shade you want.  I am using Prettynails' Purple polish and create random lines. 

Step 4:
Using White L.A. Colors Art Deco, create lines just below the purple lines created above.

Step 5:
Using L.A. Colors Art Deco in Red, continue the lines...

Step 6:
Create a tiny check with L.A. Colors Art Deco in Black.

Step 7:
The Philippine Flag has a distinctive yellow shade (sun and 3 stars).  I am using L.A. Colors Art Deco in Gold to create a nice "sparkle" between colors.

Step 8:
Top your hard work with your favorite top coat.  I am using The Face Shop Top Coat.

Enjoy your nails!

Feel free to look around your surroundings for nail art inspiration.  Colors, shapes are always there in front of us!  We just have to open our eyes and be inspired!

Since this is a nail art tutorial day, I will announce the winner for my AMW Gives: Prettynails contest.  Thank you so much for overwhelming responses!  Here are the prizes just in case you forgot.

Congratulations to: 
Jesca Maye!

AMW also gives: L'Oreal Expert Hydra Energetic Icy Roll On!  Your excuses are so funny I was laughing when I read all your comments. 

The Winner for this is....

Mrs. Martinez!!!

I will email you both for mailing information.
For the rest, there are more contests coming for my lovely readers.
Thank you thank you thank you!  *cyber hugs*

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love ALL your nail tutorials. You're very talented and I adore your blog!
    My sister in-law is from the Philippines and expecting her first baby.
    I can't wait to go back home with her and visit her home town someday.
    keep up the fab work and keep smiling!

  2. Gorgeous mani..I love it..very simple and nice colors combination..Congratulation to the winner..So sad because I didn't win but feel happy for them who win..^_^..

  3. hey sis u r so creative! and also patriotic! congrats to the winner, i am sure she will have tonnes of fun with the products

  4. oh, nice nails you have there.. i love the gold sparkles! :)

  5. fabulous mani!! more power to ur blog pretty nikky~!! XD

  6. Whoa, looks like I can't do this one by myself, do it on my nails nalang pretty pls??? Kidding! =P Congrats to the winners!

  7. You're so creative Nikki. I love the nails, the color combo is beautiful and the design so pretty.

  8. Your nailart is so ganda Nikki! =) And timely, too. I'll attempt to try some of your looks soon. I've successfully stopped biting my nails for 3 weeks and counting - I started when I was 8, and I've decided to get rid of the habit after 16 years!!! I've been so inspired by all your Nail Art Tutorials, and I want pretty hands like yours!!!

    - Trace

  9. OMG!!!
    I WON!!! hehe

    A simple...

    Thanks Ms. Nikki
    (so much)

  10. Zxenarea, thank you! That's great when you visit down here and purchase all the nail stuffs you can :)

    Angiepink, aww no worries, they'll be more chances in the future for sure

    Anastacia, thanks you have gorgeous nail art yourself!

  11. Xin, girl oh girl! Your nail art for the day is gorgeous! Proud of you sis!

    dianneregina, thanks

    ThrRiSzHa, thank you sweetie

  12. *MrsMartinez*, congrats!

    Dang, of course! I'll be more than willing to do your nails!

    Gio, thank you for appreciating my design

  13. PEACHY PINK SISTERS, goodluck! Give it a try and who knows? You'll learn as you go on! I am still on the learning process especially on color combination and designs :)

    Congrats Jes!

  14. Christy

    Thank you so much for hosting the prettynails contest!

    I am just amazed that you do not have any shaky hands.Great nail art!
    The gold polish looks good with the white base.Might as well try that.


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