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AMW Reviews: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

When I accepted the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate Challenge, I am very serious about it.  So serious that I tried to complete 7 hours of sleep.  (I use "tried" because there were some days I failed).  To jumpstart with the challenge, I went for a simple facial wash from Mineral Flowers, no scrubs nor toner was used as I went straight to this Concentrate even on days without electricity!  (It's not hard to put on skincare product with flashlight! hahaha)  I even had to tote this bottle along when I stayed in a hotel!

In most cases, it takes me at least a month to review skincare products as I strongly believe most products do not work miracles and it takes time for the skin to get used to the product and of course, to see its effectivity.  Since the challenge calls for 15 days, and I think with this challenge meant the company is confident enough that consumers and users like myself will see some changes as early as 15 days after. 

I have to clarify that my skin is okay to start with.  I don't  have acne marks nor scars *knocks on wood* but one thing about my skin --- it's my "sensitivity-oh-meter"!  My skin has occasional pimples and allergies from food, from environment and of course, from different beauty products!  Let's not forget the dryness that I've been complaining for years since my mid-20s!

I've done The Challenge for 15 days and I've reported about it once in awhile, here's my summary and of course, photos to show!  Ready?  Set?  Go!

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate says ---
One night.  Two drops.  Younger-looking skin by morning.  99.80% Natural Ingredients.
  • Paraben-free
  • Skin looks visibly restored by morning
  • Enhances skin's natural recovery activity
  • Recyclable glass bottle, dropper and plastic squeeze top in a protective 100% recycled board carton.

AMW says ---

  • wonderful dropper that's easy to "gauge" how much product is needed

  • no product wastage
  • does not cause breakouts nor skin irritations/allergies
  • skin looks hydrated and fresh in the morning, non-oily at all
  • this product is paraben-free and silicon-free!  Which makes my skin breathe
  • smells great and relaxing
  • this full size bottle will last forever!  As only the stated 2 drops are needed because this is a "concentrate"!

  • has manufacturing date included on box which makes it easier for you to know the expiration of the product

  • my hubby and myself can see the "brightening effect" after a week!
  • skin feels and looks moisturized
  • putting a lot may cause breakouts
  • oily-skinned individuals: may find this really oily and uncomfortable upon application
  • first few days of application may cause "discomfort", some sensitive skin may react to this!
  • a bit pricey especially to those who are not working yet!
Imagine the "Korean actresses" glow we are longing to have?  Well, I kinda achieved it with the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate.  It was a glow I am not used to as I found myself re-applying face powder all day thinking my skin is oily but I mistaken the brightness to oiliness!  *laughs*  My bad!  After a week, I found myself getting used to the brightness and waking up and taking a look at my skin in front of the mirror is my favorite activity after using this product for 15 days!  (Note: I am not that vain!) After the challenge, I found myself using this product and incorporate it with my favorite moisturizer to keep my skin hydrated after the challenge!

Does this product work?  It does!  And I shall say, this will probably work better after longer duration.  15 days for me is still not enough to see the overall effect of this product!  So the review continuous! 

from Kiehl's
Apply 2-3 drops on cleansed skin. Gently press fingertips to cheeks, forehead, and chin to evenly distribute the application before gently massaging it into the skin. Can be worn alone or under moisturizer. 

from AMW
  • greasy feel on first few usages, it takes time to get used to this product
  • drop 2 drops and gently pat on your skin until absorption is felt
  • if skin irritations occur, stop using product immediately
  • include your neck on application
  • the rest? I rub it agains my knees and elbows!  
Will I repurchase?
Maybe, if I finish up the current skincare products I own.  I have a lot to test!  *laughs*  Do I recommend this?  I strongly suggest to test on samples as not all skin types would work well on such concentrate.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Kiehl's Store Greenbelt 5 for Php2,880 (approx $63.00)

The dropper I love, easy to create 2 drops

The concentrate, though feels oily, is actually light and looks like water

My skin diary
My skin definitely went a bit crazy on Day 1, not used to the oily after feel
The 4th day felt better as seen on photos

Before and after shot from Day 1 and Day 15.  PhotoShop was used only to crop and watermark photos.  Camera settings was set the same, whatever lighting changes are due to natural fluorescent lighting.  Both photos taken at night.

You can click photos to enlarge.  As seen on before and after photos, there wasn't much difference on my skin, only that my second photo has this weird smile!  *laughs*  But in person and up close, I have seen some "brightening" effect on some areas especially on my cheeks.  Take a look at the "shadow" part near the hairline was actually lightened up!  And most of all, I was able to survive without moisturizer with this concentrate. 

Do I really need the concentrate?  I can live without it but its definitely a nice "addition" for that added luxurious feel. 

*whew*  Long post, loads of photos and lots of things to say! 
But overall, I want ONE LOCAL Reader to try this concentrate!
Do check back as I'll be posting the details on the contest anytime within the day!

Do check back!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I'm currently using emu oil as my moisturizer. Do you think I can use it with this, or will it be overkill?

  2. can tell that the skin has a dewy glow!

    i havent used my samples consistently because sometimes it feels heavy even though my skin needs the moisturising due to it being winter!

  3. Bibili ako Nikki! Nag wowork siya sayo ha! - Cath

  4. nice and comprehensive review nikki, and you've got good skin :)

  5. You have so clean and beautiful skin!

  6. Thanks for the review. You have beautiful skin and this made it more dewy.

  7. Soap girl, hmm..you plan to use this together with EMU Oil? It may be a bit too much, be careful, maybe one at a time!

    Jean, thanks!

    Xin, yay sis!

  8. Cath, enjoy! let me know how it works for you!

    Erin, thank you dear!

    Tara, yes no sis? And i'm glad it did not break me out! Thanks for saying I have great skin hahahha you're too nice

  9. Anastacia, thanks

    Gio, thank you

    Patty Dayrit, awww...who knows? you may own this in the future?

  10. Your review on Khiel's MR is very thorough! It takes dedication to make this kind of review, and what best is, you include the pictures so that readers can see either the product works or not and the period of time it takes to see the result as claimed.

  11. Thanks for finally writing about >"AMW Reviews: Kiehl"s Midnight Recovery Concentrate" <Liked it!

  12. Thanks for finally talking about >"AMW Reviews: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate" <Liked it!


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