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Tech Review: Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica

I may blog a lot about beauty and fashion, but I have a "techie" side in me in which I call it my "nerd mode".  I am very particular in every product I purchase and gadgets are no exception.  The more money I need to spend the more research time is needed.

I recently changed my mobile phone after using my trustee Nokia 6300 for more than 3 years.  I took care of my mobile phone and I am proud to say it looks brand new up to this very moment.  On choosing a new phone, there are some requirements needed and one of them is WIFI function.  I need to check important emails at times and I don't have my laptop with me!

I was given a lot of phone recommendations, from Iphone to Blackberry to Nokia E-series phones.  What did I end up with?  Intrigued?  Read on....

Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica says ---

The Samsung Galaxy Spica is SAMSUNG Ireland’s first device powered by Android, giving customers instant access to familiar applications, as well as access to a range of ever-expanding services being developed for the Android operating system. Whatever your lifestyle, there will be an Android application for you and with its expandable memory, you can personalise your Samsung Galaxy Spica with as many apps as you desire. Go directly to the Android market via a widget on your Samsung Galaxy Spica and download a variety of unique applications.
AMW says ---
  • design: love the sleek, easy to hold phone

  • it runs on Android Operating System (OS) 2.1.  Android OS has thousands of applications available.
  • one of the cheapest Android phone in the market to date
  • WiFi and 3G ready and with Bluetooth
  • comfortable 3.2" touchscreen

  • it auto rotates from portrait to landscape and vice versa
  • expandable memory up to 32 gig using microSD card
  • very important for music lover like myself: 3.5 mm standard jack so you can use your favorite earphones.  I have a favorite earphone because the earplug size fits my tiny ear perfectly!

  • has voice dialing feature for other voice dialing lovers out there (not my thing though)
  • bright and clear screen
  • comes with an extra back casing (red) the original one is in black
  • high capacity battery: used whole day with an hour of surfing, several phone calls and a lot of texting, got home with 1/4 battery capacity!

  • good calendar and clock
  • love the Android Market!  Most of the applications are free! (Ex. Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Gmail, etc.. and a lot of games!)
  • 1 Year Warranty Part and Service
  • No flash support on built-in browser (read tip on how to deal with this) 
  • No built-in camera flash, which is a big downside for me!   
  • No multi-touch (for those who want the “IPhone” experience).  Multi-touch are used to zoom in and out the screen using 2 fingertips at the same time.  In Samsung’s case, you just need to double tap for zooming in and out. (read tip if multi-touch screen is very important for you)
  • Contacts:  is a tedious task to transfer from a different mobile phone
  • For those expert texters like myself, using touchscreen for texting is a big challenge! 
  • What added the challenge? QWERTY Keypad!  
  • No free mobile pouch or strap
I made the right decision purchasing this phone because all the requirements I have in a mobile phone has been met by the Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica and a lot more!  I have used this phone for 2 weeks and I am still surprised on a lot of functions it can do.  

The best part?  I got all the features of what other phones can do in half the price!


  • install third party applications like Skyfire for semi-flash browsing experience
  • for multi-touch screen lovers: there’s a new Samsung Wave out in the market which does the job!  (I believe it’s locally sold around Php19,000-20,000) 
  • must purchase: phone strap, phone case and screen protector
  • don’t use your fingernails please!  It won’t work!
  • for local readers:  If you don’t want to be charged with surfing rates.  Disable the 3g Service.  (Go to Settings --- Wireless & Networks --- Mobile Networks ---Access Point names --- (service provider name insert here) Internet --- APN type --- choose MMS only) 
  • unsure if you have 3g on?  Check if there’s a 3g logo on the upper portion of your phone
  • want to prolong your battery life?  Switch off automatic WIFI search, lessen the screen brightness and remove the keypad sound
  • purchase in Cash payment for cheaper rate

Will I recommend this to others?
Yes!  Definitely!!!  I am very happy with my purchase!

Where to purchase and how much?
Any mobile phone stores, price ranging from Php13,500 to Php14,100 (approx $293-$307)

Here's side by side look on my old Nokia 6300 phone 
with the new Samsung Galaxy Spica

Sleek and easy to store, rounded edge which I like

Easy click button on the sides of the phone, be careful not to click it when you don't need it though!

A look on the first page of the screen once turned on

A closer look on the icons on screen
Very clear

Applications that are included on the phone
Note: You can always download via Android Market
for extra applications!

I am a happy camper!  It was a wonderful purchase!
Feel free to comment if you have any questions as the Nerd Mode is definitely turned on!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love it Nikki! Thanks for the thorough review. ^_^

  2. sis!!! now i have the urge of writing about my phone too!

  3. Why, hey there, nerd!!

    You've gotten yourself a pretty smexy phone! ^^

  4. What a nice gadget for use! I want iPhone too but have a contract 'till next year :(

  5. i just bought a new phone as well,i want to get the e71 but they told me i should go for a touch phone which i really dont want cause they seem sensitive haha,but i ended up liking it ^_^.but i still want the e71

  6. I crush on this phone! As in I was thinking of getting it before I got my iPhone. Kaso at that time, wala pa sya. Congrats on the new phone!

    Pareho tayo ng old phone! And your pic with Keith is so cute!

  7. I have this HUGE aversion to Korean made products. Especially phones because the ones that family or friend have used have ALWAYS broken so easily, or had issues with hardware. I heard that it was much better in the newer releases though, so I'm tempted by this new android phone of yours~ looks tres cool XD

  8. it's exactly the same as my friend's phone! hehe coincidence ^^

  9. oh i just got the american version of that!


  10. im also a Samsung user! i have the STAR model..

  11. i'll be getting the new samsung i9000 as well. :)

    yey for samsung! :)

  12. you look so 'nene' in your pic over your n6300 phone! :) i just noticed :D

    don't you just love samsung's high resolution phone?

  13. That's a great phone! Thanks for the review.

  14. I'm very intrigued to get a new mobile phone myself (although my Nokia E71 is just one year old) - better to say a smartphone.

    I've been considering one from Samsung as well. Have fun with your new Samsung Galaxy Spica! ;)

  15. September, no problem, I enjoyed reviewing this!

    Xin, go ahead! I'd love to read about your HTC phone! It was my 2nd choice!

    Lisa, hahaha thanks dear!

  16. Anastacia, I know what you mean about plans! Go ahead next year! Time flies pretty fast!

    Tina Marie, true! :P

    Shobe, it really depends on your preference, I think my fingers like the touchscreen better than the qwerty keypad and I like the bigger screen!

  17. Tara, oo..I was surprised it arrived our shores na! I was just browsing about it online tapos when I called the seller, they have na pala! LOL on the old phone! hahaha you saw how "nene" i was!

    Rasilla, oh no....knocks on wood..i hope this last..MORE than a year! LOL

    Anonymous, really? Your friend is smart too! :P

  18. Cathy, I wonder what's the difference with this Asian and American version?

    Khymm, how does the STAR look like?

    Mia, yayness! I love the screen of Samsung, guess they're really good with screens!

  19. Herroyalbleakness....*SHHHHHH* :P I love the high resolution, never thought I'll be going for Samsung, I don't like the regular non-touch screen phone one as its not user friendly like Nokia, but I guess they changed my mind!

    Gio, thanks too for reading!

    Jess, Nokia E71 works fine, my hubby owns Nokia E63 which is almost similar as the E71 one and it works just as fine!

  20. i know this is a phone post but your nails are darn cute hehehehe

  21. Mona! hahahaah you are a true Beauty blogger!


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