Thursday, July 22, 2010

AMW Reviews: Garnier Light Brightening Scrub Wash

Right this very moment,  I am not writing in my "crib" and I am not happy about it!  The transformer from our compound blew up and we don't have electricity for almost 2 days.  Talk about living the primitive life!  And if I may add, no electricity means no water as we solely depend on water pump which uses electricity.  We are checked in a hotel and trust me, this ain't vacation!  I love staying in a hotel and sleeping in late but looks like it's not going to happen as I need to wake up early for work.

Am I complaining?  ......
Am I unhappy?
Nothing to do about it!

So let's get back to regular programming before I go into "nerd" mode about our electricity down here!  *laughs*

As you all know, I love doing product reviews but there's so much products out there and my poor face can't handle a lot of products!  Thank goodness for family!  Family, aside from being your support system, are also there to help you do product reviews *winks*  So here's me channeling Mr. AMW for a facial scrub he finished up!

Garnier Light Brightening Scrub Wash

Garnier Skin Naturals Light Brightening Scrub Wash says ---
With pure lemon extract polishes away dull skin and helps even out skin tone.

Mr. AMW says ---

  • cleans the face really well
  • skin feels squeaky clean and bright after washing
  • smells great
  • oiliness lessened
  • inexpensive
  • the spots are still there after finishing up the tube
  • may be drying to dry skinned individuals
  • may cause allergies to some sensitive skin
This is a type of scrub were you don't love nor hate!  It works well on the "brightening" and "cleaning the face" department.  When it comes to lightening the spots, it may take a lot of time and you may need to complete the whole system (toner plus  moisturizer).  That's why this review is a bit incomplete because Mr. AMW only uses this and does not want to use any moisturizer at all!

  • for normal to dry skinned individuals:  use this scrub once a week or once every two weeks depending on your skin 
  • for oily skinned individuals: can use once to twice a week 
  • do not scrub hard
  • stop using if allergies and skin irritations occur and give this to friends who will make good use of this
Will I repurchase?
No, not meant for me.  Hubby says he found something better!  Will let you know his HG facial wash/scrub soon.

Where to purchase and how much?
At groceries and department stores for less than Php100.  Will get the exact price one we have electricity!  *lol*

Hope this simple review helps!  I have another willing tester who tried the Garnier Light Cream SPF15 for the past months!  Will report on it as soon as I get the chance to interview her! :)  Watch out for it!

Have you used Garnier Light Brightening Scrub?
How do you like/dislike it?
I'd love to hear from you!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Garnier's other facial wash is better. I don't like this one coz it's hard to wash it off! But I love garnier especially their eye roll-on.

  2. I have a sensitive skin to scrubs and can't use any of them :((

  3. Panic mode made me buy the moisturizer which yielded terrific results on my skin! =) So I tried the whole line (scrub, facial wash), which didn't really suit me well. Dried my skin up and made me breakout. Oh well, can't win 'em all.

  4. Oh, and the eye roller must be used sparingly. I got so addicted to it that I kept applying it more than the recommended dose. If you look closer, you'll see lotsa tiny red dots. Probably an overdose of caffeine on the capillaries?? =/ My bad.

  5. I love the Garnier press powder. It is non-comedogenic which is what I look for first in a product. Lots of products are advertised to be non-comedogenic but you never know for sure until you try. Can you do a review of the WII AFGF? I saw it on the TV shopping channel.

  6. my bf has a lot of garnier stuff more than i do! (he even had that eye roll-on which i don't have, LOL!).. no cons for him.

    i have this scrub and i can say that it doesn't do much with lightening dark spots and i agree it can be drying at times :(

    aargh, this post reminds me that i am so needing a face scrub now!

  7. Oh dear!! I hope your transformer gets fixed soon!! I know how annoying power cuts can be... you feel so powerless (lol!)!! :D

    Thanks for the intro! Guess i'll give this one a miss then since i have dry skin!!

  8. haven't tried this scrub coz im allergic to their whitening cream too bad coz its good in oil control sana . =P im using St. ives scrub btw.

  9. This smells good but I'm scared to use it because I feel like it has too much fragrance in it. I've tried the toner but it does nothing for me. The light cream with SPF 15 gave me breakouts. Guess I'm allergic to the entire range. Good thing it's inexpensive. haha :P

    This is off topic Nikki, but do you know the ideal age range for the L'Oreal Derma Genesis line?

    Thanks. :)

  10. Hi Nikki! I am a user of the Garnier face powder and so far its ok with me--plus the fact that its really affordable.
    Hi to Mr. AMW! hehehe

  11. That's awful, I hope your transformer gets fixed soon.

    Thanks for the review. I haven't tried this and don't think I will.

  12. Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie, what do you mean hard to wash off? the beads are still there?

    ☆Anastacia☆, same here, that's why I don't try this, give it to my hubby who loves scrubs!

    Janine, so true about "can't win 'em all" we cannot just purchase the whole line just because one product out of the rest works for us! Moral lesson eh? So true about the eye roll on using sparingly, it puffed my eye the more when I overused it lol!

  13. The Demigoddess, the garnier pressed powder received a lot of positive reviews. Sorry about the TV Shopping Channel product, I do not purchase from there! LOL :(

    dianneregina, that's great! Guess even the men in our lives uses Garnier! Face scrub, once a week, do not overdo it ok? Reminder only! hehehe

    Jenn, it's fixed! thank you dear Lord! Love electricity, i can start kissing each switch at home! LOL

  14. Khymm, I've used St. Ives, it's the first scrub ever I've used, my bro loves it! Me, I stopped scrubs overall, maybe once a month or something!

    Helen, oh I know what you mean, is the scent that strong? Haven't really thought about it, but right about scented products, can cause allergies at times! For L'Oreal Derma Genesis line, there's no specific age range as long as it works for your skin type, my sister in law uses it and she's 19, it works for her!

  15. The Ghetto Gurls, so true on the price, Garnier products are really affordable so if it works for you, stick to it! :) Mr. AMW says HI BACK!

    Gio, thanks dear. I know what you mean, there are just brands out there you know that works great for others but not for you!


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