Friday, July 23, 2010

Tech Report: Cherry Mobile's Press Conference with John Lloyd and Kim Chiu

Good Friday everyone!  There may not be electricity still at home but hey!  I'm ready with this scheduled post!  I was going to report about this right after the event last Saturday but my weekend was packed so here we are!  I'm almost a week late on my reporting!  As always, better late than never right?

When the wonderful people from m2comms invited me for this event, the email entitled "Cherry Mobile's Press Conference with John Lloyd Cruz and Kim Chiu" really got me!  I wanted to meet Kim Chiu in person!  *laughs* Yup!  It's Kim Chiu because I've seen John Lloyd in person way back!  

The event was held at Annabel's Restaurant, Thomas Morato.  It was timed at 12nn and the time conscious Nikki got there 11:45am!  I was able to salivate on the food available for guests!  These, can't wait for weekend food tripping! 

Yummy cupcakes and brownies

Fish and Meat

Pastas and more Meat

My favorite Lasagna!


I was seated together with the lovely people from traditional media.  I've met a lot of good writers and editors!  I want to thank Butch for being super nice to me as I literally can't find a single familiar face and he made me feel welcome and part of the crowd!  I learned so much about traditional media and entertainment news! *laughs*  Butch was also the one who told me to register as I may win the raffle!  Thank goodness for him as I did win!  That's why I was able to take this photo with Kim Chiu and John Lloyd Cruz --- the endorsers for Cherry Mobile.

The event started by introducing Big Screen Box Office King John Lloyd Cruz who told us his favorite Cherry mobile phone is the Q5i. "I love the sound of the Q5i - with my packed schedule, it really helps when I can sit back and enjoy my favorite tunes whenever I want to in fantastic sound quality," enthused the multi-award winning actor, "the Wolfson Audio chipset of Cherry Mobile Q5i makes listening to music with clarity and crisp."

I had my jaw dropped when Ms. Agnes Conopio, Cherry Mobile's Marketing Head, states that the favorite mobile phone of JLC only costs Php3,490 (approx $76.00)!

A couple of minutes after, John Lloyd introduced Cherry Mobile's  newest endorser, one of the most sought after young actress Ms. Kim Chiu!  She is seriously pretty on television and in person!

Kim Chiu showed to us her new favorite phone.  The Cherry mobile X90 Blush! "X90 Blush blends into my kikay kit (beauty kit) easily with its chic swiveling slider design.  Blush is a mobile phone and accessory in itself.  Girls like me will have a hard time going out of the house without it, because of its girly and stylish look, which makes it distinct from the other mobile phones."  Kim added.

If I may add, one thing that caught my interest about this phone is the menstrual tracker!  *laughs*  So guys, not for you! :P

After the event, I stayed a bit because I wanted to take a photo with these two "hot" celebrities!  JLC was busy with an interview with Jobert.  I was really patient!  If you are waiting for someone as handsome as him?  Not a problem!

My hard work paid off when the lovely people from m2comms were kind enough to give us "bloggers" the time of the day!  They actually helped us in coordination with the people on having our pictures taken with the celebrities!

Thanks to Ian and Cecille!  Sad to say, I wasn't able to take a shot of Cecille due to my excitement! 

Because of these lovely agency staffs plus the photographer, these photos were made possible!  Check out my dreamy look!  *hahaha*  Why in the world wasn't I looking at the same camera as JLC????

Thank goodness I was able to take as hot with Kim Chiu (whose last name sounds like Tiu) *lol*  She was kind enough to give me the time of the day even though she was bombarded with media people!

Group shot with the rest of the bloggers

I haven't used any Cherry Mobile phones, I actually gave my "winning" phone to my dad as the functions are quite simple to use.  I believe Cherry Mobile came up with a high end model that works just like Blackberry and Iphones.  I can't say these phones are bad just because they were Made in China, my Mom-in-law actually owns a China Made phone that's dual sim, touchscreen with TV, which was gifted by Mr. and Mrs. Askmewhats and its still working up until the very moment for the past 3 years!  I guess its the way we take care of them too?
Do you own a Cherry Mobile phone?  Or any China Made Phone?
Love it? Hate it?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Hi Nikki, I used to have the Cherry Mobile P1 as my backup phone. What I love is that it is very basic, and it does the job - call and text. Though, call quality is a pain, but I don't really mind because I got it for only Php990 (what do I expect? LOL). :)

  2. Nope, I didn't heard about Cherry Mobile...

    That guy looks hot! Yum! hahaha~

  3. Dianneregina, so true, what do we expect if its inexpensive right? if it lasts for a year, that's ok :)

    Anastacia, it just arrived our shores a couple of years ago, so definitely new :D

  4. i really liked the blush phone the first time i set my eyes on it!

  5. i have a cherry mobile q3i. it quite looks like blackberry afar. some of my friends mistake it as one. love it!

  6. Lucky! you get to meet JLC and Kim Chiu! Gah! I'm so J! Love the dreamy look btw, hahaha. i'd be the same too ;). Haven't heard of Cherry Mobile but perhaps something for me to consider if I ever visit the PI. =)

  7. Bianca, I like it too! so pretty!

    Johanna, I KNOW! I've seen it in person!!!! Super Blackberry-ish. I call it the Blueberry LOL

    Kganir, ooohhhh Dreamy look is not meant for JLC..its meant for Kim CHiu LOL Just Joking! JLC is gwapo talaga in person!

    Marnelli Anne, she is! Probably working too hard! But she has a pretty face!

  8. oooh the phone looks super cute! and it's pink! :)


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