Saturday, August 28, 2010

Contest Time: Happy Kainan Saturday with Mr. & Mrs. AMW (Contest Closed)

If I am asked to create another blog, I will not think twice to create a food blog.  Why?  If you can overhear my conversations about food with my husband, you will be amazed on how we talk about it  with such passion and you can see the sparkle in our eyes and hear the grumble of our tummies!

And you wonder why I started to talk about food and it's not even my regular "Weekend Food Tripping" post?  Here's the reason why.  Coca-Cola recently launched its "Everyday Kainan Happiness" (Everyday Dining  Happiness) campaign.  In that case, we are to share how every food tripping we encounter turns  into a very special moment having Coca-Cola around! Of course, Askmewhats share this space to YOU, my dear readers, to also share your own "Everyday Kainan Happiness" and get a chance to win something for you and your family!  Isn't that exciting?

Before we talk about the contest, let me share to you my experience of Everyday Kainan Happiness.  This time around, I won't be talking about myself but the love of my life!  No one is as addicted to the "Food + Coke" combination the way Mr. AMW does.  (Sorry Hubby, I have to share this to the world!)  I will share to you our happy travel, food-tripping moments together with the Star of this post --- Coca-Cola!

Happy Malaysia
This is our first "out of country" trip.  We backpacked Malaysia together with my College Friends. We toured on a budget!  Stayed in a friendly hostel, walked a lot instead of taking a cab, had our friend who works in Kuala Lumpur to be our tour guide. 

What I love about Kuala Lumpur is that most of the sites are available for tourists to visit for free or with a minimal entrance fee.  Lining up early morning to have the chance to tour on top of The Petronas Twin Towers was a breeze with early morning chats as we talk about the different people we see!  For Keith, having a bottle of Coke even as early as 7:30am keeps him alive and awake!

It was super hot and humid when we visited KL, so a stopover at a fast food restaurant will always be appreciated.  Keith loves the Fries and Coke combination, he just can't stop eating, even while taking photos!

Happy Hong Kong

A quick trip after we got married to take a breather from the post wedding stress. Hong Kong never fails to give us the "natural high".  What we love about Hong Kong is the fact that they have convenience stores on almost every corner and MTR stations!  Keith gets the excitement to look for different Coke packaging as we taste on chips, Hotdogs and sandwich!

Happy Shenzhen
I worked and lived in Shenzhen as a teacher for 3.5 years.  Keith did not get the chance to visit  me during my "work years", so I've decided to take him to this place for him to get the feel of what my life was back then.  We walked around the city like we were locals!  Took him to restaurants and street food stalls that tourists do not usually go to!  Though Shenzhen was only 2 hours away from Manila, Keith gets to see such cultural differences!  How about food differences?  Nah, there wasn't much, they all tastes good....

One thing I can't forget about this trip is when we got so hungry in the middle of the night and we're too tired and lazy to go out.  We bought some frozen dumplings from the supermarket and we used the water heater to steam!  The dumplings came out weird but still, it filled our hungry stomach and Mr. AMW has his trustee Coke (in different sizes) to complete our midnight snacks!  He kept the container and took them home!  We have them on display right this very moment in our room!

Happy Shanghai
My brother works in Shanghai as an Architect. Instead of him coming back to Manila to visit us, we visited him for a change!  I missed Shanghai, such a bustling city and there's just so much to do!  While we walk along the busy streets of Nanjing Road, we were lucky enough to bump into a ONE DAY FOOD FAIR!  We get to try different kinds of Chinese street food!

Happy Everyday Moments
Now, don't get me wrong, we don't only go around looking for Coke when we travel, we actually do that even when we're back home!  Birthday parties, Christmas Parties and on days we get so stressed from work and we just want to reward ourselves from long day's work!  We celebrate it by eating our favorite food! 

For us, scrumptious, enjoyable meal does not have to be expensive.  The simplest form of  food happiness comes from sharing --- sharing the food you love, sharing stories on how each others' day went and of course, having something you crave for the most on top of the table!  In that case, with such happy moments, hubby never fails to scream for "COK!" (Coke).  Good thing, I'm not a jealous wife! *winks*

It's your turn to share your Everyday Kainan Happiness and get the chance to win a family package at Manila Peninsula (where me and my hubby stayed when we got married) worth Php10,000!

Here's how to join:
1. For Philippine Readers only. (sorry international readers)
2. Answer this question: "What's your sweetest moment with Coca-Cola around?"
3. Type in your answer by commenting on this post together with your name and email address.
4. Contest runs from today until September 11, 2010.
5. No duplicate entries please!
6. ONE winner will be chosen via judges.

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(This is a sponsored post.)


  1. You and your husband looked too cute together!! :D Wow... you've been to so many places!! I'm jealous!! :D

    I'm a Coke addict too!! Nothing beats a tall glass of ice cold Coca Cola on a hot day! :D~ I also collect coke cans!! :D

  2. my sweetest coca cola moment happened to me in july when a friend from a foreign land visited the Philippines. during our hang outs in Manila, we discovered that we both love Coke! coke was our bonding moment! when i bought two coke (in cans) on his birthday, a day before he leaves, he's just like a little boy on his birthday party. Across cultures, across territories, across languages, there is Coke and Coke is love!

    (you may check this entry: thank you!

  3. By the way Nikki, I am Cha Javier ( and my entry was the one with a visitor friend thank you (sorry forgot to attach my details)

  4. Wow! So nice to learn all this about you Nikki! Hats off :)

    Well like you I have too many sweet/happy moments with Coke. Coke is like a staple in every occasion happy or sad.

    But I think the sweetest was when I gave birth and all my best friends were there at the hospital with a bottle of coke and a birthday cake for me and my daughter. She was born a day and a half away from mine. We celebrated life and friendship at the hospital and coke was a part of it. I think that's the sweetest

  5. ooopsy forgot my name and email :P

    Earth Rullan

  6. Awh, such a cute story! I love hunting down street food wherever I go too.

    I'm not too big of a Coke person but The Boy is! But my fondest memory of Coke would be when they first brought in Vanilla Coke from Singapore and I could drink it everyday. Now they have the Malaysian version which is a tad too sweet for my liking.

  7. Looked like you guys had tons of fun! I loooove Coca-Cola, way better than Pepsi, haha. :)

  8. i actually have two memorable experiences with coke, both with my little girl.

    one was our first picnic alone, just the two of us and it was her first taste of coke. the coke bubbles tickled her nose so she had a really funny expression on her face, a mixture of surprise and amazement.

    the other was after her 1st day of school. i treated her to a coke float as reward for not crying and being eager to go to school.


  9. I am such a coke addict too. Those photos of you and Mr. AMW munching on different foods are so cute. :P

    The sweetest moment I had with Coke was when I was still a kid. My dad introduced me to coke, being the coke addict that he was. Every time I was sad, he would always give me the most comforting hug in the world then hand me our favorite coke then I would end up smiling and give him a kiss. An instant "cheer me up" thing for me.

  10. my sweetest coca-cola moment and may i say the most memorable one.. was 9 years ago. my bf was still courting me then.. it was 9pm and instead of riding a tricycle on our way home he asked if we could just walk.. while walking we passed by this small bakery near our place and he said "gusto mo mag-coke?" and of course i said yes.. with that simple gesture we were able to talk and discuss things. after a month we became a couple.. upto now we're still together and happy..and looking forward to spend our lives together..9 years and counting.. and we will never forget that moment with coca cola..


  11. When I was in college in UP diliman, we used to stay up the whole night just hanging around with friends and friendly strangers.

    One night, we decided to have a picnic, complete with Coca-cola of course. wE were so lucky, because the College of Music students also decided to have a night picnic. So it was us and them at the sunken garden, with flutes and harmonicas and other instruments, and great food and great drinks. It was one sweet night!

    Kat C.
    katch05 at gmail dot com

  12. My sweetest moment with Coca-cola around:

    When I feel sad, Coca-cola is the first thing that comes in my mind. I don't drink alcoholic drinks nor do i drink anything else aside from water and coffee. having coke around makes an ordinary/ sad day an extra-ordinary one! It's fizz makes the "remaining happiness" sparkle and its sweetness reminds me that something good is bound to happen :)

  13. (Oh btw, I was not entering above. Sorry!)

  14. Oww~~You and your hubby is so cute~~ The chemistry that goes around between you both comes on food? That's how me and my bf too.

    I'm not a Coke-addict prob too sweet for me. I gonna say that Coke is Msia is way too sweet. Wonder if Philippines too..


  15. mr and mrs askmewhats! do a food blog! wish we had all the restos in manila too. haha if the bf wont accompany me, ako nalang eat haha

  16. mr and mrs amw must do a food blog!

    Probably the sweetest moment with coca-cola around is when my husband comes home from abroad. We've been married for 5 yrs and he comes home only once a year. Everytime we eat at home, dine out or watch movies, we always have coca-cola to quench our thirst. Even our son is a coke-addict in the making. lol. ^_^

  17. hi nikki! =)

    my entry:
    Transcending Boundaries Through a Bottle of Coke

    My boyfriend and I have been enduring a long distance relationship for about over a year now. He migrated to Canada and ever since, keeping in touch with each other and keeping our love alive has not been easy. Yet as the saying goes, true love conquers all-– even time and distance.

    On our first anniversary, miles apart and differing time zones, we were able to have the sweetest and most memorable first anniversary date (cyberdate) ever. Thanks to technology and to our favorite drink Coca Cola. We reminisced the days that we were together and at that time, distance wasn't a factor. Every element that made our relationship strong was there – love, patience, trust...

    It is bittersweet indeed, and what made it sweeter is the happiness brought to us by opening and sharing a bottle of coke...although not together, but the familiar sweet taste brought us back to the days wherein real happiness was just arm's reach...

    on my blog:


  18. Hi and Keith kinda reminds me of what I used to have with my ex...You two look so good together...magkamukha na nga kayo...they say you are soulmates daw pag ganon...hehe...Inggit ako...hehe..

    But I would say my sweetest moments with coke would be my memories with my mom...She had the biggest appetite but the sexiest bod! I swear...I don't say this 'coz she is my mom, but she really did have an appetite and she had a sweet tooth that sometimes only a Coke can satisfy...

    Leilani sonza

  19. I can just imagine Keith with a bottle of coke right now! haha

    My Entry:

    Coke has been a part of our daily afternoon snack when I was growing up. My mom, who is a certified "Coke Addict" would ask us to go out to buy coke partnered with any street foods we could find in our neighborhood (queck-queck, kikiam, fishballs, barbeque...etc). Then, our family would gather in front of the television, laugh and chat together.

    My whole family migrated abroad 7 years ago. It was very hard for me especially when my mom died a year ago and I wasn't able to go and be with her (I don't wanna bore you with my struggles in getting a US VIsa! haha). Those fun memories are what keeps me holding on each day...dreaming of a life in the future reunited with them. Having a glass of coke each day reminds me of them all.

    Kim Rodriguez

  20. Coca-cola has been a part of my sweet successes in life and one of those most precious unforgettable moment is the day I asked my wife for marriage. Coca-cola has been a part of our life together.

    Childhood years, we would save our money to buy a bottle of coke and share it together.

    Courting days, she would always request 1 liter of Coke, and small bilao of pansit malabon. It's never complete without COKE in every visit in their house.

    Now, Coke moments is sweeter as we share it to our 2 lovely kids. Every empty 1.5L or 2L Pet Bottles is our witness in all those happy times in our home.

    With God Almighty, my wife, kids and Coca-cola, I'm a Blessed and Truly a HAPPY MAN. Thank you.

    Pierre Andre delos Santos

  21. hi nikki!! :) here's trying my luck :)

    my sweetest coke moment was during our BIG day last July, we each had a can of COKE to accompany our lauriat feast that everyone enjoyed. It literally was a sweet start to our everlasting marriage :)

    this was followed by more Coke enjoyment in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Coke was a great way to beat the heat and it kept us company as we navigate our way around these two foreign cities.


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  23. hi nikki

    my sweetest moment with Coca-Cola around.. is last month, my father is working as a OFW while im studying far away from my hometown "coz my university location, so only my mom and my 2 little sister left home. Last month, my father came back from abroad at the same time i had a holiday, so i decided to go back from my hometown, and be with my family, i was fun seeing my whole family together, during lunch time we always drink coca-cola while talking & laughing...
    it was fun and such a wonderful happening while celebrating it with coca-cola..

    i know i was simple but for me it means a lot...

    Camilla monique

  24. My sweetest moment with coca cola happened just last week. My bf took me to a "carinderia", a very popular food house that sells cheap traditional Filipino foods. I never really liked the idea of eating there and it was my first time to eat in a carinderia.I felt really uncomfortable. We ordered liempo and sisig and bf bought a litter of coke just for the both of us! I then enjoyed eating there because of coca cola. We 'll come there again nextweek, of course still with coke!:)
    aly lorica

  25. My sweetest moment with Coca-Cola around was the day I got a marriage proposal.

    My sweetheart was one hour late on our dinner date then. I was fuming mad by the time he came in at the fastfood chain where we agreed to meet (well, who wouldn't be?). Though he was wet from the rain, I couldn't help showing my dismay on the fact that he kept me waiting for one hour.

    It was not like him. He was always ahead of me so I demanded an explanation before walking out. He managed a smile, order me to sit down and went to the counter to order food. "Inom ka muna", he said while he handed me a glass of coke. This will cool you down. I took a sip and put down the glass but he urged me to gulped it down.
    While half way through, something caught in my mouth. It was a tiffany ring with a paper rolled neatly on it. He was looking at me seriously this time and told me to unroll the note.
    It read "I love you. Will you marry me?"

    He was late because he had the ring re-sized! My tears rolled down as I said yes. The ring fitted me perfectly.

    The rest is history.

    emiliana sison
    emiliana.sison AT

  26. Hi Ms. Nikki! I'm now a huge fan of Mr. and Mrs. AMW! hehe! I uber adore your love story! ;)
    Anyway, below is my entry:

    Title: "Growing up with Coca-Cola!"

    I believe that Coca-Cola is indeed a staple in every occasion not just here in the Philippines but all over the world. However, nothing beats any other occasion than our own personal birthday. As individuals, our birthdate is considered as the most important day that we always look forward to every single year. And as we grow old, we share different memories of our birthday celebrations with our friends and loved ones.

    Being raised by a not-so-wealthy family, I have mixed type of birthday celebrations—it’s either extravagant or low-budgeted one. But since my family is more on the practical side, I usually have birthday celebrations wherein we only have “pancit/spaghetti and tinapay/cake” to share with (still better than no celebration at all). However, there’s only one thing that has been a consistent part of my birthday moments, be it the extravagant or the low-budgeted one—my family never fails to bring Coca-Cola around. The idea of having Coke as the universal softdrink in our family from the old to the new generation can make any simple birthday gathering way more “sosyal”. =D

    As for me, every birthday is the sweetest when I have Coca-Cola around to share with my friends and my loved ones. One sip of Coke can bring back those happy memories that I have as I grow older and wiser each year. Therefore, in my 24 years of existence, I truly believe that Coca-Cola has been a ‘major major’ part of it! =)

    That would be all, Thank You! =D

    -Lady Mitchelli-

  27. Here's my entry:

    On our first trip to Bora together, bf and I discovered how expensive the bottled waters are sold there.

    Others may be upset but we couldn't be any happier with the situation because we were able to indulge in drinking our favorite Coke every opportunity without the guilt. Coke was cheaper, more refreshing and it made our vacation even more special.


  28. Hi Ms. Nikki,

    I agree that you and Mr.AMW look good together! Cute nyo sa pics!

    My Entry:

    My sweetest moment with Coca-Cola happened on December 25,2006.
    It was Christmas Day and all of my family and relatives were gathered to celebrate that special day with food, drinks and good time.
    I arrived at my Lola's house really hungry because it was already lunch time then. I went straight to the food and placed some servings on my plate then sat on the table. Just when I was about to take my first spoonful, I remember to get a glass of Coke first. I saw the ice-cold pitcher of Coke on the other end of the table, so I stood up and when I was about to grab the pitcher... I felt water gushing between my thighs... My water bag broke and I'm about to give birth!! (Did I mention that I was already 9 months pregnant?!).
    It started to get chaotic and hilarious at the same time! All of them were excited while my husband started to get nervous. He went straight to the car and started the engine right away while my aunties we're the ones carrying me. It was like a scene in a comedy film!
    At the hospital, during my labor, all i was thinking about was the food that I was about to eat and the Coca-Cola that I was about to sip. Haaay...
    I gave birth to a handsome baby boy on December 25, 2006 at 11:01pm. We named him Gabriel Alfonso.
    The next morning when I woke up, I saw my family and relatives around me with the left-over food from the previous day's celebration and a glass of Coca Cola all for me! They started teasing me that I gave birth because of my thirst for Coke.
    Although, I wasn't able to eat those food yet because of the OB's advice, I can't help but to immediately take a sip of the ice-cold Coca-Cola they brought for me! Imagine, the deprivation during my 10 hour labor?!
    Definitely, sweet moments like these with Coca-Cola are hard to forget! ;-)

    Khrishia Sedenio

  29. I'm a certified Coca-Cola addict. My friends and co-workers know this. I would buy cans of Coke from the supermarket, lug them to the office and stash them in the bottom drawer of my office cabinet. During our Christmas party, they had a case of Coca-Cola especially for me, a substitute for beer and hard liquor since I don't drink those. I think that's a sweet gesture on their part.
    At home, apart from enjoying Coke with my family during meals, my dad and I bond over bottles of Coca-Cola and books. He'd say that I'm not being fair since I use a huge glass. I'd retort that I don't gulp down the liquid as fast as he does. Even my sister-in-law's mom likes Coca-Cola so much that I've joked with my sister-in-law that we ought to have a Coke-drinking contest between my dad and her mom, faster drinker or drinker who drinks the most over time wins.

    salmoncat (my online pseudonym)

  30. Hi there

    I think you are a big fan of coke!.............I too love it :)



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