Friday, August 27, 2010

I Wonder: "Do You Use Accessories To Convey Your Fashion Statement?"

Fashion?  I have a very simple fashion statement!  I've always grown to love clothing that I know works on my body shape and does not stand out in a crowd.  Comfort has always been my "key" in choosing my own style.

Recently, I've found myself falling in love with accessories.  Simple clothing can turn into nice, fashionable pieces when mixed and matched with accessories!  I recently hoarded purchased from my favorite online store (also from a dear friend of mine) Shannaholic Online Shop.  You can checkout her Facebook page HERE.


Dainty pink pearls with a soft flower.  I love using this on top of a plain tee!

Cinderella necklace that's too cute to resist.  
Dangling bag, mirror, airplane and a high-heeled shoe!
I don't know why there's an airplane though! *laughs*

A camera necklace inspired by my hubby who loves photography!

Eiffel Tower necklace which is one of my favorite and I love wearing this on regular days!
Love the big and small Eiffel Tower with a nice ribbon finish! 

Earrings are wonderful pieces that can totally change your look!
I have a certain "Length" requirement for dangling earrings and this is the perfect length for me!
Nothing screams "chic" than a pearl and flower combination!

And obviously, this is not my face! *laughs*  Isn't she adorable?

This is my ear wearing the white version!

And the black version

Another proof to show you how much I love flowers! 
A very dainty clothed black flower to be worn on your wrist! 

I Wonder:
"Do you use accessories to convey your fashion statement?"

Click comment and share to me your favorite key pieces!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy! 


  1. Oh I certainly do. Winter wear would be so dreary without them. Well, my winter wear anyway.

    PS: Love the Cinderella necklace ;)

  2. Love the necklace!
    And yes! I wear acessories, because they turn a simple outfit into something fashionable.
    My favourite piece is a necklace (lately with a rose pendant) and a bracelet.

  3. i have no ear piercings (sad) but yes i LOVE accessories. my recent favorites are long vintage necklaces (like your super nice cinderella necklace) and bracelets. :) my sister also sells unique accessories in her online shop you might want to check it out. :)

  4. I love youe accessories haul! So cute pieces!!

  5. I LOOOVE the bangle with big black flower, so chic! In my case, I want head turning pieces, so most of my accesories are chunky. Also because I'm a big girl. LOL.

    Nice haul, Nikki! The flower and pearl necklace I must say is super you. I'm sure you'll look lovely with it. =) Happy weekend!

  6. I love shannaholic!!! Miss you!!! See you soon!!!! Super can't wait :)MWAH!

  7. Yes I do! I love to change necklaces a bit. I am less adventurous with earrings cos I don't like to bring attention to the face. I would love to have more bracelets but I tend to stick to the same ones cos I'm lazy changing them. And rings are my fave but I do not have that many of them.

    No hair accessories for me though...don't want to accentuate my already fine hair.

  8. the cuff and cocktail ring are my staple statement pieces. i make sure to wear either of them with my plain outfits :-) i likey the cinderella necklace. nagtaka rin ako bakit may plane. to symbolize travel i guess? :-)

  9. Wow! Super thanks Nikki=) love love love it=) mwah

  10. I wear accessories too, especially the vintage looking ones just like some of the necklaces you posted. They all look really pretty. :P

  11. I love your accessories! They are all so beautiful!

  12. Tine, I love your accessories! I do wear them a lot of times too!

    Helena, I agree with you, at times, when I just want to wear a plain tee, I use accessories to spice it up!

    Helen, long vintage necklaces are soo cute! Thanks for sharing

  13. Anastacia, thank you

    Dang, I know! It's so me no? I wore it a lot of times!I've seen you in chunky pieces, you do look good on them! Happy weekend too my dear

    Beatot, miss you too and I'll see you soon!

  14. Sesame, I agree with you, I don't go with super huge earrings, they don't look good on me! I love rings, necklaces and bracelets too just to spice up my boring outfit!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Lootwagon, hahaha I know! Same with me, nagtaka din ako with the plane, it should be carriage no?

    Shanna, no problem! :) Thanks for sharing these pieces and selling them to me at a good price!

    Pammy, thanks!

    Gio, thanks

  15. I love the camera necklace. ^_^

    My hats (especially) are my signature accessories. Bangles too. :-)

  16. I love all these pieces here! the flowers are all so beautiful! love the earrings as well, where did you get it from?

  17. i love accessories! :) vintage rings! pearl earrings! beaded necklaces (i actually tried to make my own using safety pins)! watches (which aren't technically "accessories" nowadays) and lots more hehe:))

  18. L, the camera necklace is definitely for the hubby who's into photographY :)

    Lisa, from Shannaholic online shop at Facebook, but she ships locally only

    Joice, aww that's good for you, hats off to people who makes their own accessories


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