Saturday, August 7, 2010

Salon Report: Matrix Sensoria at Antonio Hairdressing Libis

Weekends, best time for pampering!  REST aside from Time is Gold.  That is why I booked myself a hair treatment once I learned I have one Saturday free!  Going to a salon is for a treatment is definitely a "luxury" for me as I'm used to doing my own treatment at home!

I gave Antonio Hairdressing Libis a call to book for my hair treatment as I got a voucher from Matrix Sensoria treatment early this year. 

The salon that greeted me looks so inviting and eye-catching!  I used to pass by this salon a couple of times when I was working at Eastwood back then!  I like the fact that there are parking spaces right in front of the salon.
**photo from Antonio Hairdressing Libis Facebook Page

The reception area and I was greeted by a very friend staff! 

I was asked to take a sit at their super comfortable couch while I wait for the person who will do the treatment for my hair.  I can doze off here!  

While waiting, I took this shot of the Matrix display.  Background about Matrix, a decade ago, I got to know about this brand because my best friend used to study in Vancouver, Canada.  Each time she visits Manila, we have this "exchange gift" ceremony!  *laughs*  Once she gave me a heavy paper bag and once I reached inside, it was a HUGE bottle of Biolage Shampoo and Conditioner.  She explained to me that she has to purchase it in a salon and the combination works on her unmanageable hair!  I actually loved it so much I even asked her to help me repurchase every time she visits Manila.  Imagine my happiness when it finally reached our shores?

It wasn't a long wait but I was offered Coffee or Tea.  And you'd think I chose coffee?  *bwahahahaha*  You're right!  They just ran out of coffee so I ended up with Iced tea instead!

I visited the salon at a right timing as the salon isn't that busy as compared to regular days.  I was guided to the Biolage Therapie Center.  Ambiance looks really relaxing!  See the pile of magazines there?  "Ahhhh, this is the life!"

Joy is the one who attended my needs and did the whole treatment.  The treatment started out with a nice hair wash from Joy.  They used Biolage Sensoria Care Soothing Spa Shampoo.  The scent is quite different compared to the original Biolage Shampoo I've used.  Nevertheless, its still relaxing!

A good amount of Biolage Sensoria Care Conditioning Spa Cream was applied layer per layer as Joy gently massaged the product concentrating on the mid portion of my hair down to the tips. 

My favorite part of the treatment?  Massage!!!  Joy has the hands of a Massage Angel!  She has psychic abilities I think as she knew the exact spot that needs the most care!  At this point, I just want to lay down and sleep!

What can I say about my first-time experience at Antonio Hairdressing Libis?  
  • no hard sell, I wasn't offered other services just like other salons
  • wonderful massage
  • relaxing environment
  • super friendly staffs
  • my hair wasn't insulted as compared to other salons who kept on telling me I needed another treatment as my hair is damaged and lifeless
  • my hubby companion was taken care too!  (offered drinks, given a good waiting area)
  • the only negative side I can say at the moment is that the salon is super far from where I live.  I'd love to get a haircut in this salon in the future!
How long did this treatment last?
Approximately 1.5 hours

How much does the treatment cost?
Matrix Essentials Sensoria Care starts approximately Php1,000 (approx $22.00) and above.  My hair length costs Php1,400 (approx $31.00).

Feedback on Sensoria Care Treatment ---
I call myself an expert when it comes to "at home treatments" as I've done it as long as I remember!  This is definitely different from regular at home treatment.  

I've done this treatment more than a week ago.  I did not consider the look and feel of my hair after I left the salon, the real test starts the next day until this very day.

My hair did not change dramatically, my hair looks the same but the feel is definitely different!  My hair is super soft to touch up until this very moment I'm typing this post.  I don't see a difference with the natural shine of my hair but it's definitely more manageable.  What shocked me the most is the positive effect of this treatment stayed for more than a week!  Most treatments I've tried last 3-5 days only!

Feedback on Antonio Hairdressing Libis ---
You probably think I got good service because they knew I'll be writing about them.  You're wrong!  No one asked where I am from, they just asked how I got the voucher.  They did not even ask the name of my blog site!  They just knew my hubby loves taking photos of me and the rest of the salon shots are "ninja" shots!

A huge shoutout to Joy (I doubt if she'll see this post) but she's super sweet.  She even wanted to give back the tip I gave her.  *awww* right? 

My hair at present
Haircut: Tony & Jackey at SM San Lazaro

Enjoy your weekend!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!
Pamper yourself today!


  1. Your hair looks so great! Love the color and how healthy they looks!

  2. Green ambiance! how cool is that? wow, i know how relaxing it is to have your hair (and self!) pampered, more so, inside a very inviting and squeaky clean salon!

    Thanks for posting bout the experience! What hair color do you have Nikki?

  3. Looks so relaxing and amazing haircut`! My hair used to be something similar but my hair won't be straight after I cut it that way!

  4. Anastacia, the color was actually "at home treatment", done a couple of months ago, it livens up right?

    Herroyalbleakness, the color was at home treatment and it was just on box! From Revlon :) I just had my treatment :)

    Lisa, I know what you mean, I guess my hair is used to all these layers! I love layers

  5. I swear, you guys have the nicest and fanciest salon.

    your hair looks so shiny and beautiful.

  6. Your hair looks great! You have really healthy hair.

  7. oohhhhhh it's been so long since i went to a salon to do my hair. i need to get pampered!

  8. beautiful hair! it's similar to the length of my hair but yours looks so much healthier


  9. You're hair is beautiful!:)

    The salon looks very relaxing!:)

  10. Yes, Ate Joy is super nice, and super great with the massage! SO cute that they have a special Biolage "spa section" back there. That was my favorite part when getting my hair treated at Antionio's Libis :)

  11. wow!! glad you enjoyed!!! i've done matrix too at antonio hairdressing! :) hats off talaga to them.very magaling and accomodating :)

  12. First, I had no idea that there's a Tony and Jackey branch in SM San Lazaro! (Considering it's a 5-minute ride away from my place)

    Second, I love your hair! Love the color! I seriously want my hair to grow to it's over-the-bra-line length but my friends kept on telling me that this shoulder length is doing me good.

    Third, Antonio Hairdressing's owned by Pin Antonio right? same with Salon de Manila? Correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, I go to Tony and Jackey for rebonding treatments then Salon de Manila for haircuts, color treatments, and the likes. I must say, they're definitely one of the best salons haircut-wise. They'll never fail you. So I guess, Antonio Hairdressing's not bad either! :)

  13. Tnx a lot Ms. Nikki imagine ngaun q lang nabasa post u. Me nag-tip p sakin ha ha ha...Tnx for ur comments nakakataba ng puso..Joy of AH Libis...

  14. Becky, Aly, thanks!

    Mimi, I know what you mean, i love going to salons!

    Roxy, thanks, nah, its healthier because of the treatment!

    Faye, thanks!

    Denise, ahh you met Joy din? Super nice no?

    Traciethediva, I will take your tip and will look for Arlene, too far lang the salon from my place

    TGG, agree!

    Anne, how's your hair now?I agree, Tony and Jackey rebonding is great for the quality and the price!

    Joy!!! WOW! Nice to hear from you , nabasa mo talaga ha!

  15. nagparebond ako sa tony and jackey sm san lazro branch. loreal daw parang di umubra sa buhok ko. kakadisspoint

  16. @Anonymous did you go through with the rebond? Which brand did they use on your hair?

  17. I want to ask MATRIOX SENSORIA can buy or not.How much ?

    1. Hi Yuki, thanks for your query, I believe it's an "in salon" treatment :) It's not that expensive so have your hair checked on how much it will cause for a Sensoria treatment :)


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