Friday, September 3, 2010

AMW Reports: Ice-Watch Launch

When I got an invite to attend an event for watch, I told myself I have to go!  I love watches!  I love wearing different watches on different days depending on my mood!  I think I got that from my dad! 

I can still remember the watch my brother gave me on my Graduation Day.  I also have a watch that was gifted to me for my "Engagement Day",  a Wedding "His and Her" watch from my sister and so on and so forth.  Each watch I own has its own story to tell!

Bright, playful, colorful, sophisticated or classy --- there's an Ice-Watch for everyone for any occasion.  

Fit's my personality right?  I googled Ice-Watch right away and learned that the watch is designed in Belgium.  Ice-Watch is an internationally renowned watch brand born in 2007.  Founded by the designers Jean-Pierre Lutgen, Polly Yu and Cristy So, the idea of "Change.  You Can." came to life when they started creating a wide variety of watches to suit every lifestyle and attitude.  The brand entered the Philippines just last year (2009).  I remember seeing them at Rustan's and wanted one myself because of its various designs that fits every mood you can think of!

The lovely stage at C3 Events Place.  It was raining hard outside but the reception inside was warm!

The display of Ice-Watch.  The stack-able box that doubles as a coin box caught my attention!  I want the white, the pink, the yellow, the red...uhmm....I mean..ALL OF THEM?

The event was hosted by none other than Mr. RJ Ledesma.  A good host!  Models showed off different Ice-Watch collection.

Ice-Watch can be considered as a fashion accessory and I agree!  Nine collections ranging from classic to playful.

  • The Classic and Sili collections - offer a wide choice of colors, from the more sober to the more flashy, with a polycarbonate or silicone texture for the bracelet.
  • Silicone lines (summer 2010/winter 2010/chocolate) - has just added a large range of colors.
  • Gold and Silver collection (leather bracelet), Gold Rose, Stone (Silicone leather or polycarbonate bracelet) or XXL (rubber bracelet) - best worn for more formal events or business meetings
  • Chrono models - for the sports enthusiasts
  • Ocean and 1844 collections - the more understated collection that can be worn at any time.

The distributor of Ice-Watch in the Philippines also invited the managers of Ice-Watch from Belgium on this lovely event.

The event gets more exciting when we were each given "play money" for auction.  Most of the auctioned items were kept inside a paper bag so it's mostly a surprise watch design that you will win.  I did not win anything but I saw a couple of good pieces being won by our fellow bloggers!  

I prefer to purchase watch that suits my taste so the "boring Nikki" went ahead to use the Php1,500 coupon and purchased my very own Ice-Watch, which I will show to you later on! :)

Saw a couple of familiar faces

It was like a reunion!  

Can I seriously leave without taking a picture with the life size Ice-Watch mascot?  Of course now!  I felt bad for the guy inside though!  He's obviously tired!  *laughs*

Here's my purchase!  I actually wanted a white version of this but the small face "white version" was out of stock so I opted for the black one!  Sorry for the tired face!  Concentrate on looking at the watch please?  *laughs*  The watch costs Php4,200 (approx $93.00).  Thanks to Ice-Watch for the gift certificate I was able to slash off Php1,500 (approx $34.00) off the price! 2 years warranty by the way!  Smart shopper right? 

For more detailed information on Ice-Watch, please visit the website or you can send them an email at

Thanks Ice-Watch and Ms. Abigail Ang for the invite!

Are you a watch lover like myself?
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I also have an IceWatch, same as yours but mine is white. However, mine broke in less than a year. I got in June 2009, mine broke around April 2010. The "seconds" hand fell off. When i inquired, they told me i need to bring the receipt, not just the guarantee card which i have(where they put in the date where you got it, as well as the model name) I have that card, as well as the accompanying price tag. When the SA checked her records in Rustans shang, they saw that i indeed got mine there.... Sigh =( ! This is the first watch i bought on my own with my hard earned money. I feel bad about it really.

  2. it's a nice watch! and with %, i would have bought it too :D loveeee discounts!

  3. Very unique ivent you share with! Such pretty watches you've got! I like watches and all those girly stuff but can't wearing them because of the allergy reaction I have :(

  4. My sis-in-law won in the auction. I've seen it and it's cute nga :) Smart shopper!

  5. The watch looks really nice, Nikki. And the mascot is cute. :P Great that you have GC's. :P

  6. Where can we purchase these lovely watches? Are they only available at Rustan's? :)

  7. MaryJoyce, so sorry about your Ice-Watch, thanks for letting me know and now, I have to keep my receipt as well! Appreciate it, and I hope by this time, you were able to save up for a different watch that will last :)

    Xin, same here sister! *high five*

    Anastacia, , what? allergic reactions on watch? so sorry that is bad! I can't survive a day without one!

    Kim,ahhh your sister in law was there? I think I talked to her either early this year at a L'Oreal event :)

    Pammy, I know, I like discounts :)

    Elise, Rustan's Alabang, Makati, Shangri-la Plaza :)

  8. Nikki
    Pa grab ng group pics na nandun ako ah!

  9. Nice watch! I think all the watches they auctioned are size large. The one I got has a face the size of my wrist. :p

  10. Rowena, talaga? Well I'm glad I got the smaller size :) it was nice seeing you!

  11. Oh wow! Buti ka pa you have pics of all of us during this event. I forgot to take photos of our bigger group. Pa-grab na lang. Haha!

    Ohhh and you had photos with the mascot!

  12. About the allergic reactions. Ice-watch is hypoallergenic. So you don't have to worry about getting allergies :)

  13. Skysenshi, sure, grab away :)

    Anonymous, thanks for sharing this information I don't have allergic reactions on mine!


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