Friday, September 17, 2010

AMW Reviews: Charm Travel Pro v2

I have this special relationship with my brushes!  You would be surprise how much time I spend a week to deep clean them!  My legs may be tired but I don't mind!  As long as I take care of them, I"m happy!  <--- spoken by a true Brush Addict.

I have tried and tested a lot of brushes and I can sniff a good brush from afar!  When Beauty & Minerals came up with their 2nd version of the Charm Travel Pro, I was one of the few who tested this like crazy.  Sophie, the owner of Beauy & Minerals is a friend of mine, when she told me she will be coming up with a new set of travel brushes, I got as excited as she is and I was a bit mean on testing her brushes.  I washed them "without care" and I've washed...air dried them so many times, if brushes could talk, I'll hear this "&^#$#)#" from them! *laughs*

I'm now ready to share my thoughts on these NEW CHARM TRAVEL PRO SET (Version 2).

**Photo from Beauty & Minerals photographed by Mark Ong

Charm Travel Pro Set v2 says ---
Charm introduces for the second time, the Charm Travel Pro as your take-me-with-you-anywhere brush set promising professional results. 

The NEW Charm Travel Pro dares to impress you, upping the notch in terms of bristle softness, and overall brush quality.  

A pleasant blend of the softest animal hair, and synthetic hair brushes, fit for their own uses, the Charm Travel Pro Brush Set makes sure you never have to scrimp on your essential seven if you're a girl always on the go!  Another plus is the very girly textured pink case for your fashionable makeup brush storage.

The Charm Travel Pro Set features twelve outstanding makeup brushes that ensure only the best performance not only for mineral makeup, but also for traditional makeup as well!  

AMW says --- 
  • the "pink" handle that I love is still there
  • handle is longer for a travel brush, perfect for personal use
  • all the bristles are soft and non-scratchy
  • bristles do not shed much.  The  most I've seen is around 2-3 hairs on the bigger brushes
  • all the brushes included are useful for a complete "made up" look
  • inexpensive for a brush set housed in a good casing
  • casing is firm, can house the brushes individually
  • brushes well protected on both the handle and bristles

  • people who uses a small handbag may find this casing a bit bulky (See tips below on how to deal with this)
Overall (What's the difference between version 1 and version 2?)
  • Case: v1 was housed in a plain black case, v2 is housed in a textured pink case
  • Length of handle: v2 has approx 1cm longer handle
  • Brush hairs: v1 and v2 both have mixed animal and synthetic hairs.  
  • Handle: the texture of both v1 and v2 are different.  v1 handle is pink covered with glossy finish, v2 on the other hand  is leaning on a more "matte" side
If you want to purchase your own travel size brushes especially when you're on a budget, this is definitely worth every single cent!  I call this the tiny version of the professional brushes!

  • wash the brushes upon purchase.  Do not use dirty brushes, may cause skin irritations
  • air dry on a towel, never blow dry or expose your brushes under direct sunlight
  • try not to let water seep into the insides of the ferrule
  • if you think the case is too bulky to tote along, I suggest you use a tiny pouch to house these brushes.  I do that!
  • if you don't plan to use these brushes yet, you can store them inside the pink pouch for protection
  • label your brushes with a "name sticker" or paint them with a polish for it to be unique to call as own
Will I recommend?
Yes.  This set is actually easy to tote along and complete for a full face makeup.

Where to purchase and how much?
The Charm Travel Pro Makeup Brush Set is sold for Php1,800.00 (approx $40.00) and is available, along with the complete set of Charm makeup brushes at Beauty and Minerals website.  They are also available at Shopsui outlets in Glorietta 3 and Tiendesitas.  Beauty & Minerals participates in bazaars during the December months so add them up on Facebook (Beauty & Minerals) for the latest updates!

Dual Fibre Brush
Most travel sized Dual Fibre Brushes are the worst of all!  They either shed or bleed like crazy and all you want to do is throw the brush away!  With this, I find that it was made with the right stiffness and the right fluffiness for that liquid foundation and cream based products application!  Sheds 1 or 2 hairs but afterwards, I don't have problems with shedding anymore!  With the size of the bristles, I prefer using the full sized Charm Pro Dual Fibre Brush for Liquid foundation application and the Travel Pro version to apply cream blush!

Powder Brush
Compared to version 1 set, the powder brush of version 2 is less fluffier.  I actually associate this with my Shu Uemura travel powder brush.  Using this brush for powder foundation application gives out a light to light medium coverage.  If you want a full coverage, a flat top brush or kabuki brush is preferred.  I like using this for loose setting powders, blushers and bronzers.  This is a perfect brush for retouch minus the "yucky heavy" feel.

Angled Blush Brush
This is one of the trickiest brush to use.  Its almost the same as v1 but this one is a bit denser.  Drying time for this brush is special as well!  For some reason, this brush dries up slower compared to the rest!  So make sure to use this brush once 100% dried.  If brush is wet and you use this? (Like what happened to me the first time), creates a gross mark on my cheek in which I can't seem to blend! 

Using the shortest end of the brush to contour the cheekbones and blend with the longer bristles.

Jumbo Concealer Brush
The most unique brush of all!  The jumbo concealer brush is not available on v1.  This concealer brush is the largest concealer brush I've seen!  The size for me is perfect as I am currently using foundation brush to conceal undereye circles, foundation brush is a bit huge to conceal the undereye area, the Jumbo Concealer brush is the answer to all panda eyes out there!  With the right concealer and this brush?  Works like a dream!

On spot concealing, this brush is work-able as well, you use only the tip of this brush to gently dab onto the "spot" needed to be concealed and using the brush itself to "pat" the concealer and set with powder.

Multi-Purpose Eyeshadow and Blending Brush
I prefer to use this brush as eyeshadow blending brush.  Blending is a breeze with the right size and shape especially for small to medium lid space that most of us have!

Pencil Point Brush
On a personal level, I seldom use this brush but for a quick smokey eye makeup, apply a thick line using kohl pencil liner and smudge it with this brush!  The bristles of this Pencil Point brush is non-scratchy.

Contour Eye/Nose Brush
Best brush to contour the nose area!  I am very picky when it comes to nose contouring brush and this one passed my test!  I also like using this brush to highlight the browbone area!  Just make sure you don't do that in one usage as you may transfer contour powder on your browbone!

Flat Liner Brush
Another brush that I seldom use.  This is supposed to be used for gel liner application, in my case I use this brush to apply "eyeshadow" on top of the gel liner or liquid liner to "set".  Works on both upper and lower lash line!

Angled Liner Brush (For Eyebrows and Eyeliner)
Though the name calls for Eyebrows and Eyeliner, I prefer to use this as eyeliner brush!  The handle is quite thin which makes it perfect to control. 

Pointed Eyeliner Brush
For gel liner and liquid liner application.  I prefer to use this brush for liquid liner application especially if you are using your own liquid liner for others!  Pull out the liquid liner applicator and grab some product using this brush and gently apply it on your clients' or friends eyes!  Winged eye makeup is easy with this brush. 

Brow Spoolie Brush
The Brow Spoolie Brush is considered an "unsung hero", a lot of people thinks this is not a useful brush inside a travel case, in my opinion, brow spoolie brush is as important as a foundation brush!  This is best used to brush your eyebrow after brow pencil or brow powder application.  Brushing your eyebrows with the spoolie makes it looks more natural and less dominant!  
Using the Spoolie Brush to untangle your mascara is also an important makeup trick to avoid a makeup booboo of MASCARA CLUMPS!

Retractable Lip Brush
Perfect friend to apply those dark shades of lipstick!  Slowly trace the corners of your mouth with this brush before filling the lipstick in gives a nice "pout". 

Oh, before I forget, the length of the New Charm Travel Pro brush and the Sigma Travel brush are similar as seen on photo below!  The ferrule of the Sigma brush is a tiny bit longer..just a tiny tiny bit!

With the new Charm Travel Pro, I find myself lugging these brushes daily.  I felt embarrassed as I think I'm one of those rare case "Makeup Artist who never carries a set of brush inside her bag".  I've been asked to do someone's makeup on random days and I've blushed many times asking them if they carry their own brushes.  Now, with this brush set, I'm ready for the random makeover! 

Hope you find this review helpful!  If you have further questions on these brushes, do not hesitate to ask!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. that travel kit actually DOES have all of the brushes you would need... except for a foundation brush (I don't like using a stippling brush for foundation anymore. =P), but aside from that, EVERYTHING! =]

    even with my sigma one, I still have to bring some extra makeup brushes, but I think with this one, I'd only need to bring a foundation brush. =] Good job Sophie!

  2. i am liking the length and colour and all different types of this brush set! i keep looking at your each picture! this really look likes a killer set for someone on the go. i'd be happy to get one for myself even if i have tons of brushes already. they are pink!

  3. awww the pink one is so cute!!! now i keep the full size brushes at home while the travel size brushes i leave them at work :) its very handy :D

  4. thanks for the review miss nikki! i want this too!!! i am having a hard time bringing my makeup brushes when i'm on the go because it takes too much space in my bag, this one is the right size!

  5. Those brushes look adorable! They're pink! I'm also a brush addict although I never got around to reviewing my favorite brushes. Thanks for this review. :D I might check them out sometime.

  6. Wow definitely looks great for traveling. I love that it has a dual fibre brush as well. I can't travel without mine!

  7. You have the prettiest brushes ever! The eyeliner brush looks very nice and useful!

  8. im thinking of getting one LOL.. im a brush addict too hehe

  9. I don't carry a brush set with me either hehe.

  10. This looks like a fantastic set. Very handy for people on the go.

  11. The brushes look pretty! The pink handles made it cuter. :P The set is relatively cheap and I want the liner brush. :) Thanks for the review, Nikki.

  12. Lovely brushes. Love the pink handles and the variation that's included in the set.


  13. Christiana, yes, I know what you mean, some like the regular foundation brush more! :) Thanks for sharing! And you're right, great job for Sophie!!!

    Tara, dear, agree!!! Super!

    Jojoba, same with you, the additional length is really great! I have a hard time dealing with short handled brushes! Let me know if you need to get one! I'll help you out! :)

  14. Melissa, save up na!

    Xin, good idea, I may leave this set in the office!

    Issa, yes, and like I said, you can use a tiny pouch bag to house these brushes, you don't even need to use this pouch if you find this too bulky!

  15. Skysenshi, i'd love to read your reviews on your fave brush set!

    Fifi, oh wow..really? So you're a dual fiber brush user? For what? Foundation?

    Anastacia I know, brushes are eye candy for me! Not men!!! :P

  16. L4pinkpetal, thanks for reading

    Khymm, you'll love this!

    Kim, apir! No wonder we're friends! hahahhah

  17. Gio, thanks for reading as always dear! *hugs*

    Pammy, it is quite inepensive for good quality brush set no? :)

    Charming Vanity, thanks for visiting!

  18. I want them all! They look great!

  19. may i know the approx length of these brushes? it's not in their site. thank you@

  20. B and Crystal, agree they are great looking :)

    Anna, the length of the brushes are various, it ranges around 5-5.5 inches each from tip of the brush until the end of the handle :)


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