Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Wonder: "Are You a Mouth Wash User?"

How important is hygiene?
I don't care how pretty or handsome a person looks, as long as I can literally smell what they had for that day, it's a big turn off for me! Everyone's been saying that brushing is not enough!  Using a mouthwash after brushing is turning into a vital regimen for most of us.

Personally, I am a mouthwash user,  I've used a lot of mouthwash brands and there are ones that hurts my tongue and the alcohol-free type!  I am very adventurous with testing new products (that explains the number of product reviews you can find here), recently, I've read and heard about the new variant that tells us they can make our mouthwash a delectable experience.

How Delectable?  2 flavors combined in a mouthwash --- Vanilla and Mint

 **photo from Listerine

Vanilla Mint is the only flavor of its kind and only Listerine can offer this new exciting taste.  We're used to mouthwash brands offering the typical peppermint and spearmint flavors.  Listerine brings something new to the table with the introduction of Vanilla Mint.  

Enjoy the sweet flavor of Vanilla Mint as it effectively eliminates the causes of bad breath, gum bleed and plaque.  Now, your mouthwash can provide not only a thoroughly clean and healthy mouth, but can also be quite a delight.  Who would have thought cleaning mouth germs could be such a treat?

Vanilla, I'm okay with it, but Mint?  I am not a fan of minty candies, chocolates, ice cream, in short...anything minty!  But I gave this a try anyways because I am done with my current mouthwash and I haven't been shopping lately.  Admittedly, I closed my eyes as I gargled this new variant from Listerine.

My verdict?  Not bad, I don't feel nauseous on days that I don't like the feel of strong minty taste, the vanilla is actually light to taste and it gives a nice balance to the strong minty sensation.  

The mouth of the Listerine packaging is quite huge though so I suggest to pour some on the cap slowly then mix it a bit water and gargle.

The Listerine Vanilla Mint 80ml will be offered locally at a special introductory price of Php47.25 (approx $1.20), that's 25% cheaper than the regular price of Listerine.  Perfect timing to give this a test yourself!

That led me to one question as I talk about Mouthwash.
"Are You A Mouth Wash User?"
"If you are, how often do you gargle?"
"What's your favorite mouthwash brand?"

Click comment and share your thoughts!
I'd like to know if I missed a good brand!

Have a wonderful day!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. im a mouthwash user. i use listerine ever since. i love all kinds and combos of mint. i love vanilla too! so i think im gonna love this! saw this on tv and i thought i'd definitely try this :)

  2. Mouthwash! My family cannot live without it.My boys always gargle after brushing, come back from school or outside, after food & before sleep.In singapore kids mouthwash s not so common, so we always buy a lot of kids mouthwash when we go back Japan.This is the best mouthwash and adult can use too.Very nice mint smell & we all love it :)


  3. Yup I am. And the Vanilla Mint Flavor is really interesting. I'm sure hubby will like this :)

  4. Yes, but I can't stand the strong minty taste so I use Oracare. :P Vanilla on mouthwash seems yummy. I tried the orange or citrus variant a couple of years ago.

  5. Ghetto, go give this a try! I'm sure you'll like it!

    Florance, thanks for sharing your thoughts, my family has been on and off with mouthwash, I think I'm the only consistent one !

    Kim, yes, give this a try, and for the moment that price is still ok :)

    Pammy, oh yeah! Oracare is quite strong nga! Have you tried mixing it with water?

  6. Anastacia, now that's a cute term! Mouthwasher! :) What brand do you use?

  7. yes, I am. astring-o-sol ice pure for me. :) love the taste!


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