Saturday, September 18, 2010

AMW Reviews: Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer

I've known to be a primer addict years ago!  I've been testing on different primers and  it's astonishing to know that lately, my primer topic died down a bit!  Gosh, my last Primer post the Becca Silky Hydrating Primer, and it was BB Creams that rocked my world!  

Fear not... CPR is here!  I am reviving the near-death Primer experience!

If you're wondering, I do prime my clients' faces when I do their makeup.  Of all the primers I own, I actually do use them and finish most of them up!  All my makeups are put to good use so no worries ok?

Anyways, enough with the talk, here's the new Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer I've been wanting to try for quite some time.  Thanks to Eman for sending this to me, appreciate the love!

Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer says ---

Creates a smooth base for foundation.  Evens skin for a smooth, virtually pore-less appearance and creates a smooth base for lasting foundation.
  • Lightweight, gel-like formula fills in pores and lines
  • Clean, fresh fragrance refreshes your senses.
AMW says ---
  • housed in a squeeze type tube packaging which makes it easier to control how much product is needed
  • hygienic packaging
  • clear packaging which makes it easier to see if product is almost done
  • sealed for freshness
  • a little goes a long way
  • it moisturizes my skin
  • gives a nice, smooth texture after application
  • foundation applies smoothly
  • foundation does last longer than applied alone, let's say, extended life for approximately 2-3 hours more? 
  • product life is good for 24 months! 
  • oily-skinned individuals may find this a bit heavy on their skin
  • on humid days, a little bit more of the primer used will feel heavy and sticky on skin
  • may cause breakouts to some with super sensitive skin (Ex. I myself have super sensitive skin and the first time I used it, my skin got a bit of redness, it was gone after my 3rd usage, skin is probably adjusting to the silicone as I've never used primers with silicone ingredient).
  • not everyone would like the 'silicone' feel
A primer does its job when makeup lasts longer, pores and lines around your face are minimized.  To start with, I don't have issues with pores so I can't tell if this product works for visible pores.  I do have laugh lines and tiny lines around my forehead so I'll base my opinion from my own face! :)
This product definitely helps foundation last a bit longer, makeup application is easier due to the "smooth canvass" it creates.  How about the lines?  It did not blur the lines as we expect on most primers.

Overall?  This is not my favorite primer yet it's not the worst!  Read my "tips" on how to maximize the functions of this primer!

from Revlon
  • Apply after moisturizer and before Revlon Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup.
  • Smooth a few drops all over face, blending from the center outward

from AMW
  • Do not skip your regular moisturizer prior to this primer application
  • Give an ample "drying" time before you apply your liquid/cream/powder foundation.  I would say, at least 5 minutes
  • On days that the weather is hot and humid, try to apply as "thinly" as possible and apply a bit more on areas that oils up and pores appear the most.
  • AMW EUREKA MOMENT: I tried mixing a tiny bit of primer onto the liquid foundation and applied the 'primed foundation' (laughs) with a foundation brush onto the skin!  Works like a Charm!
  • The above Eureka Moment is quite tricky to apply, you have to work fast!
  • If applied near sensitive the skin like under the eye area, use patting motion
  • If irritations occur, STOP using the product immediately
  • At the end of the day, cleanse your face well!
  • As always:  It'll be great to purchase this on sale!  Be on the lookout for discounts!

Will I recommend?
I suggest everyone to give this a test before purchasing.  Not all skin would go well with a primer!

Where to purchase and how much?
At Revlon counters locally for Php829.00 (approx $19.00)

A tiny bit of the Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
Clear and light gel-like texture

Gently applied on one side of the hand 
and let it sit for a couple of minutes

How does this compare to the famous Smashbox Photofinish Primer?
Smashbox performs better and foundation stays longer as compared to using Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer as base.  There's a huge price difference to consider though! 

Let me know if you have further queries about this primer!

What's your first primer ever?
Mine is the Smashbox Photofinish Primer Light
(click name for past review)
and I'm loving every bit of it!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product was sent by company as gift, author reviewed this product base on personal experience, please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. Didn't try this rimer by revlon but my most fave primer is Span oil control by TFS

  2. I've been loyal to Smashbox Primer ever since hehe. But now I'm trying something new still testing it.

  3. There is this really nice Primer from Lancome that I used before which I really love, as it makes you not only look flawless it makes the make-up last super long too! Only issue I got is that they only came out with that product as a limited edition entry. Too bad, I am quite sure it would be a great hit!

  4. I've been seeing tubes of this on a nearby American discount store and I was tempted to try this but I am not a primer user so I skipped this. Thanks for the review, Nikki. :P

  5. up until now i would still want to try this primer, but being the thrifty me, i just can't see myself shelling out P829 for something that i;m not sure works for me..

    just like what you said, not everyone could agree with this.

    if only revlon counters could actually give their customers a small container for the customers to test it out for themselves because i dont think that testing it at the counter can actually make you decide if it will work on you or not

  6. Anastacia, really? TFS one?I haven't tested it yet! :)

    Kim, me too, I've been a Smashbox Photofinish primer user for my clients for the longest time! I hope we find something less expensive that works din no?

    Ems,'s bad when good products aren't available anymore!

  7. Pammy, so true, if you don't need primer? You can skip it :) Good for you!

    Thia, I know what you mean! Well, hopefully, someday, they can give out a couple of squeeze for customers to give it a test before they buy! Good idea!

  8. Hi Nikki,

    I want to purchase my first ever makeup primer. since my makeup don't last much on my face and gets really oily, i need to retouch almost every hour. What can kind of makeup primer would you recommend for combi-oily?

    thanks and more power to your blog :)

  9. @ladymishel Hi there, is budget important for you? If you want a really good one and I've tested this on a lot of'll be the Smashbox Photofinish Primer in's best for oily skin because it doesn't feel heavy at all and it helps make the foundation stay for the whole day even under this type of weather. Pricey nga lang siya.

    If you're on a budget, then you can try this Revlon one, Mary Kay also has one (i will review next time or post about it) , I believe Avon has one too? They all feels the same, silicone base, my concern with it though is HOW SENSITIVE is your skin? Some people are lucky to have these products mentioned work for them but hinay hinay lang, test on it at baka mag breakout ka :) goodluck!


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