Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Food Tripping at: Sugi + New Phone Casing

The term "Sugi" means Pine Tree in Japanese, base on my research, pine trees have fragrant woods and when I got inside, the scent of yummy food greeted me so the name of the restaurant fits perfectly!

I went in this restaurant on a rainy Thursday to meet up with the Winner for the Vaseline Road Trip of a Lifetime contest!  It was nice to see familiar and new faces and good food served while sharing stories is a match made in heaven!

California Maki
Sushi roll with mango and kani stick
Love!!!  Had 3 rolls? I don't usually like to eat California Maki as its too filling!
With this, I enjoyed each roll as each ingredient can be tasted inside your mouth!

Sanshoku Maki
Sushi roll with tuna, ika and cucumber
Though I'm not a fan of cucumber, I only enjoy them when I put them on my eyes! *laughs*
this is not bad at all! The flavor of the cucumber did not overpower the tuna and ika!

Tori No Momo Teriyaki
Chicken leg barbecue with Sugi Teriyaki Sauce
Tastes really great, Ada and I were actually discussing if its pork or chicken, the bone leg is a giveaway!  Love how tasty the Teriyaki sauce and I had quite a number after popping my Anti-histamine!

Tofu Steak
Unlike most tofu steak, its covered with mushrooms and veggies.  Tofu is firm yet soft

Tenderloin Steak Teppanyaki
Beef tenderloin cooked misono style with bean sprouts as sidings
 Love this dish! My favorite of all!  The beef tenderloin is soft to bite and it almost melts inside my mouth!

Various Fruits for dessert
Mangoes, Watermelon and Pineapple to healthily end the meal

Gosh! I missed out taking a photo of the Koebi Tenpura (All shrimp tempura)!  The shrimp is actually quite big and not the malnourished type that you eat on other restaurants.

Oh yeah, sorry for the grainy shots as I forgot to bring my camera and I'm using a camera phone!

Overall, the experience was great! The servers are quite attentive and move quite fast.  Food price starts around Php300.00-500.00 per meal!

Thanks to the people from Vaseline and Media Contacts for this lovely dinner! :)  Enjoy the Roadtrip Trina and the gang!

Sugi Greenbelt 2
1st Level, Greebelt 2, Greenbelt
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St. 
Ayala Center, Makati

Oh yeah, if you read my tweet yesterday, I finally got my order online!  I searched for a Rubberized Cover Case for my Samsung I5700 Galaxy Spica and it's Eureka Moment when I found them on Ebay!  I got them in 2 colors --- Hot Pink and Red! 

Fits like a glove!  Perfect!

I'm more comfortable using my phone 
knowing that it's protected even at the back!

Have a gorgeous Sunday!
Enjoy your weekend food tripping!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. wow, love cali maki! ma try nga pag uwi ng Manila hehe.

  2. Yummy yummy yummy!
    Awe! I like your new phone cases! so girly!

  3. Yumyum sushi! :D~

    Your new phone covers are so pretty!! They're just so bright and happy!! :D

  4. hi nikki! where did you get your phone casing from? i'm looking for a blackberry case for the bf and hopefully they have one!

  5. im going for jap dinner soon ^^ i can't find any fancy casing for my phone :( it is just plain transparent rubber casing

  6. The food looks yummy as usual!

    And your phone casing is very pretty!

  7. *groan*
    im craving for japanese food na!

    i have a certain liking talaga for japanese foods. i think i was a japanese on my past life for i have this certain craving for japanese stuff.

  8. Meann, I'm sure pag uwi mo you'll be eating a lot of food you missed! :)

    Anastacia, thanks! I like it too! And I like the fact my phone is protected!

    Jenn, I know, it makes me smile everytime I use it :)

    Bea, I got mine over ebay, it was from a HK seller, for Blackberry case, I think you can find a lot of them down here, they have so many gorgeous casing for Blackberry, unlike the Samsung one, that's why I opted to purchase over Ebay :)

  9. Xin, I know sister, I don't see a lot of them down here too for this specific brand and model, so I opted to search online and good thing, it isn't that pricey, the negative side though, I have to wait for a month!

    Gio, thanks!

    Thia, I know, if you think past life you're a Japanese, I think past life, I'm a Korean as I love Korean dishes so much!!!

    Vainails, :) Nice to meet you!


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