Wednesday, September 1, 2010

AMW Reviews: GoodSkin Labs Eyliplex-2

I consider eye creams as "Unsung Heroes".  People aren't giving them the time of the day as most eye creams are expensive and you only get to put that much on the eye area.  Most people would spend more on moisturizers rather than eye creams. 

"Can't I just use my moisturizer on my under eye area?"

Well, in my dictionary, products are produced for a reason, there's a reason why there are eye creams because the eye area is way more sensitive than the rest of your face!  No matter how good you look, if you have dark under eye circles or you have wrinkles around the eye, it can make you look stressed, tired and ugh...mature looking!

Investing an eye cream that works for you as early as NOW is not a bad idea!  Your eyes will thank you in the long run!

Recently, I've discovered a new system called Eyliplex-2.  The Eyliplex-2 Eye Regimen targets eye concerns with two complementary innovative formulas.  It says to have fast acting and long lasting formulas housed in one small convenient package.  A day gel instantly awakens the eyes by immediately smoothing and lifting lines making wrinkles less visible and skin more radiant.  The long-lasting night balm helps recharge and repair the skin's appearance by using a cocktail of highly effect ingredients helping to reduce the appearance of dark circles, restore firmness and further continuing to reduce the appearance of eye area wrinkles.

Too good to be true?  Read on and see how it works on me!

Eyliplex-2 says ---
The Claims
  • Clinically proven to visibly lift and tighten
  • Boosts natural collagen to restore firmness
  • Noticeably reduces the appearance of dark circles
Clinical Data
Immediately: 73% improvement in moisturization with the Day Formula
                       39% improvement in radiance with the Day formula
                       55% improvement in moisturization with the Night formula

After 4 weeks: 20% reduction in the appearance of dark circles.

After 8 weeks: 58% improvement in barrier strength
                         56% improvement in the appearance of lifting
                         41% reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles
                         28% reduction in appearance of dark circles.

AMW says ---
  • easy to tote along especially on travel, packaging can be sealed tight and the plastic used is not easy to break
  • packaging is simple yet I find it quite cute, I tend to reach out to this every morning and night because I like the fact that you have a product that targets for day and night but housed in ONE packaging!

  • no allergic reactions 
  • absorbs to the under eye area easily
  • I like the fact that this system targets on dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles!  The 3 issues most people would like to target on and this system covers all that
  • you don't need a lot per application so this can last for 3-4 months
  • the skin around my eye area is moisturized
  • puffiness has lessened after constant usage for 1 month
  • the day gel is quite tricky to apply 
  • at first glance, people may find this pricey, but after 4 weeks usage, I still have more than 3/4s left! 
  • not for the lazy bums :)
Not bad, it's never greasy and I wake up with moisturized under eye area which makes it easier for me to apply concealer on days that I needed to!  If you have the budget, I suggest you go for it, I don't have a lot of wrinkles to really see the final result but prevention is what I'm doing at the moment!

from Eyliplex-2
  • in the morning: apply Day Gel after cleansing to the entire eye area (above and below) by gently patting onto skin and let it set for 3 minutes before applying other cosmetics.
  • at night: warm the night balm between fingers and gently press onto eye area.
from AMW
  • I have to say this again and again, you can see the result of eye creams after constant usage and it takes weeks or months to see results
  • for eye creams, I prefer using "patting" motion in application rather than rubbing.  
  • leave for a couple of minutes before you start applying your makeup, that goes true especially for the day gel!
  • sleeping early and drinking lots of water helps in having an "awake" look.
Will I repurchase?

Where to purchase and how much?

At selected Watson's Personal Care store and Beauty by SM Department Stores for Php2,600 (approx $59.00)

Before and after using Eyliplex-2
1 month usage
Puffiness has reduced as seen on photo below
(Note: different people reacts on products differently, purchase at your own discretion)

Take a lot of rest if you have the chance and drink lots of water!  I have to remind you on that as I was one of the many who hates drinking water in the past!!!

Keep smilin'

Stay happy!

**product was given as gift by a friend.  Reviews were written based on author's personal experience with the product.  Please purchase at your own discretion.


  1. hey sis that's alot of difference! and all the lines and dark shadow are gone!

  2. This works just great for you! But you're right nothing works better than good sleep and drink a lot of water!

  3. I think it did work in minimizing the lines.

    I'm still not sure if im ready to shed out that much money for now though

    but as what you said, proper sleep & lots of water is still the best for the skin!

  4. nice review! i can see your skin looks more noticeably plumped and brighter too! I'm always on the look out for an eye cream that doesnt give me milia spots!

  5. i see the difference nga! i believe in investing in a good eye cream so i say go! haha

  6. Xin, yay! thanks

    Anastacia, agree!!!

    Thia, I am quite surprised too considering I've been sleeping late for the couple of days! Like 2-3 hours of sleep only!

    Nicnic, thanks!

    Crystal, so true, I'd go for eye creams investment! Especially for me, my undereye circles are a huge problem for me!

  7. at first I thought it's a contact lens bec of the packaging.. what's the most effective eye cream you've tried so far???

  8. Zashiq5, ahh true! you're right, it does look like a contact lens casing the best eye cream? far, whatever I'm using they all work for me! This one looks like its working. The Tri-Aktiline works too! And I've been a user of Clinique eye cream too and so far it's working well din! My mom in law swore by the Garnier Eye Roll on :) So overall, it really depends!


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