Tuesday, September 28, 2010

AMW Reviews: Purederm Intensive Repair Foot Mask

I am a sandals-wearer, that means, my feet are exposed to dust, pollution, air and stress at all times!   The most care I've done for my feet is definitely not a third of what I've been doing for my hair!  On random days, when I'm not too lazy or sleepy, I would apply foot lotion and wear socks before I go to sleep!  On most days?  I just wear socks and doze off in la-la-land!

Poor feet.... *inserts sad face*

I was sent an Intensive Repair Foot  Mask made by Purederm for trial, I have to admit, no matter how easy the instructions look, it took me awhile to use this!  Man!  I think I need walking foot masks that forcefully strap themselves to my feet!!! *unique yet scary thought*  

After my 2 hours Dollface Makeup Workshop, I told myself I needed the food pampering it deserves!  And finally, I made it!  I've done it! 

Purederm Intensive Repair Foot Mask says ---
With highly emollient Shea Butter, Rich Avocado Oil, Camilia Japonica Oil, Opuntia Tuna Extract and other natural healing ingredients.  Purederm Botanical Choice Intensive Repair Foot Mask Avocado noticeably smoothes, softens and repairs dry, cracked, calloused feet and heels.  Significantly improving the look and feel of even the driest feet.  This newly designed "sheet type" foot mask delivers effective moisturizers and healing agents to your damaged skin for smoother, healthier and more radiant appearance.

AMW says ---
  • inexpensive
  • sheet type mask is durable and can fit size 5-9 feet!
  • sheet is really wet and moisturizing when gotten out of the packaging
  • packaging is eye-catchy!
  • smells really good!  Not overwhelming
  • has 2 natural products included that's really known for its moisturizing properties --- Avocado Extract and Shea Butter!
  • the rough areas on the feet are softened and moisturized after 20 minutes!
  • the softness feel is there even a couple of days after!
  • because it gives out a moisturized, radiant look, feet looks clean and fairer.
  • very convenient to use!  Has everything you needed to relax your tired feet
  • smart product!  Comes with as simple as "tape" which is very vital in the foot repair process!
  • because of the plastic mask that's used after the sheet mask, it keeps the moisture locked inside your feet even after 20-30 minutes of usage

  • if you are expecting the cracks on the heel area to be completely gone, well, you'll be disappointed, this is not a miracle foot mask!
  • constant usage is needed to see best results, to lazy bums out there?  This is definitely a con for them!
I am a bit wary the first time I saw this product, I thought its going to be messy, which explains why I have a huge "Power Puff Girls" towel below my feet!  It is the smartest innovation ever for Foot Masks!  It's mess free and best of all?  It works!  In just one use, I can feel the softness of my feet even after bathing!

from Purederm
  • Wash hands with warm water.
  • Open package and put the cream on feet.
  • Wear the foot gloves.
  • Leave on for 20 - 30 minutes before removing gloves and masks. No additional washing is required.
from AMW

  • make sure your feet is clean, must better to be cleansed with warm water
  • after doing this Intensive Repair Foot Mask, wear a cotton socks to further lock in moisture
  • if you have severe cracked heels and sometimes, has a bit of bleeding, make sure to have it checked by a doctor, do not be a "Doctor Quack Quack" ok?
  • when you choose to do the Intensive Repair Foot Mask, its also the best time to use your preferred facial masks for total relaxation.
  • try to raise your legs on top of pillows for further blood circulation!
  • do not sleep with these foot masks on!  Remove them prior to sleeping!
  • after removal of the sheet masks, gently massage the remaining product, concentrating on the rough areas of your feet
  • please follow instructions at the back, do not exceed the maximum length of time stated.
  • if itchiness or allergic reactions occur, remove product IMMEDIATELY!
Will I repurchase?
Definitely will!

To whom shall I recommend this for?
People with dry feet but not the type with opened wound!  Do not use this product if you have cracked and bleeding heels.

Where to purchase and how much?
At Watson's for Php79.75 (less than $2.00) for 1 pair.

Here's a step-by-step photo guide on how AMW did her 
Purederm Intensive Repair Foot Mask

Step 1: Tear off the upper part of the packaging which includes a pair of sheet masks for your footsies!
Step 2: Gently wear it on both feet!  There's no left and right!  So no worries!  There will be a bit of moisture dripping so feel free to gently massage them on the rest of your legs!  Hey, its still Avocado Extract and Shea Butter!
Step 3: Tear off the lower portion of the packaging to pull out the plastic masks.
Step 4: Gently wrap them on top of the sheet masks.
Step 5: Tape the plastic sheet masks to keep it from falling!  To lock in moisture as well!
Step 6: I chose to wear cotton socks because it's more comfortable that way!

Sit back, raise your legs and relax! 
Here's an after photo after 30 minutes of Foot Mask and Smiling Me!

Before I end this post!  Let me show you that this is the sexiest part of my body!  *lol*  Ahem!  Thanks to my mom and dad for my sexy, curvacious....FEET!  If only I can transfer this to my waist area? *hahahahaha*

I know I know!  I'm exposing too much!  Let's get back to business and my question for you is....
Do you have time to give your sexy feet the time and relaxation it deserves?
Now, do I hear "Footloose?" (oh man!  my generation is showing up in this blog!)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

(Note from Author: Product was sent for reviews.  All information written are based on the writer's personal experiences.  Author did not and will never receive payment for positive reviews.  Please purchase at your own discretion)


  1. I've been seeing a lot of Purederm reviews!!

    Oh, boy! I'm laziest with my feet...The only thing I do to it is clip the toenails XD

    But this is pretty cool! I've never seen a sheet mask for the feet!

    & your feet does look sexy! XD My feet almost looks flat >.<


  2. lol!! You're too funny Nikki!! I was going to comment that you have really sexy feet before i saw the last pic!! Wakaka!! :D :D

  3. I'm pretty lazy aswell when it comes to taking care of my feet (and cuticles, and dry skin, and hair, but that's a whole nother story).

    I've never seen anything like this in Canada!

  4. Thanks for this nikki! I'm going to Watsons to get this :))

  5. i have tried the Etude House foot mask before.

    I seem to hate the feeling of encassing my feet in a platic

    i mean, the mask is made of cloth...or the ones used for wet tissues, but encasing my feet in a plastic later after the tissue is very uncomfortable for me.

    my feet is the most abused part of my body. i try to moisturize it by using Skin Md's shielding lotion & Nivea creme

  6. Thanks for the review. I have never seen anything like this here but it seems interesting.

  7. You have pretty feet, Nikki! :P Nice review, I've never tried any foot mask at all.

  8. You are right talaga, looks tedious but worth it! Is this pwede to feet-that-are-hopeless? Heheh :)

  9. Lisa, oohh we really have to make a pact to take care of our feet! :)

    Jenn, awww, so you agree I have sexy feet? *hugs* I love you baby! :) Huge hugs!

    Anastacia, so true, have you tried one?

  10. Arezu, I'd love to hear your story! Hmm, this is a Korean Brand and made available locally for quite some time, I've seen them around but they're starting to import more unique products! :)

    Mimi, let me know how you enjoy the experience!

    Thia, how was it? hahaha I like the feeling actually, its worth it especially after you remove the plastic hehehe! Ohh I know what you mean, kaya nga I wore socks pa so that I won't feel weird with the plastic!

  11. Gio, My pleasure! Now you've seen 'em! :)

    Pammy, hahaha thanks dear!

    Kristine R, well , you can try, for sure, once is not enough!

  12. Wah! You have beautiful feet! I'm envious! (I have manly feet, ew). Thanks for this review. I think I want to buy some of these, since my feet are battered (by dress code, which requires heels for women) on a daily basis.

  13. i laughed at the part where you even drew the lines to show the curves of your feet.
    you're too funny. hehe.

  14. i js remembered i have a pair of hand and feet masks at home unused too :P time to try out!

    p/s: sexy curve u have there! my feet is flat :( flat flat

  15. thanks for posting this! I need to look this stuff up. my feet are disastrous!

  16. Skysenshi, ngek! hahaha try mo close up, its not that nice looking especially when it's tired :)

    Jenobebs, of course! Yon lang ang sexy so I may have to show it off di ba? :)

    Xin, yes, give it a try! Oh sister, you have flat foot?? Now there's something different between the 2 of us!

    Mona, you're welcome, I don't agree, judging by the way you look, I am sure your feet looks gorgeous!


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