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AMW Reviews: Purederm Pearl BB Cream

I am not adventurous with BB Creams lately.  I've relied on my favorite Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream and I'm actually on my second tube.  I was asked to review one BB cream from a brand not new to me.  Purederm --- I've purchased a couple of Purederm face masks way back and so far, I don't have issues with it.  I am game to give this product a test as it has "pearl" in its name, nothing to lose, sounds like a wonderful product right?  Read on for my experience after testing this product...

Housed in a pearlescent tube with baby pink lettering, I find the product quite girly and cute!

Purederm Pearl BB Cream with SPF 27 PA++ says ---
Purederm's 3-in-1 Pearl BB Cream protects and moisturizes your skin with three functions namely UV Protection, shimmer effect foundation, and skin moisturizing.  With SPF 27, Purederm's Pearl BB Cream double blocks UV A ray, and UV B ray while the shimmering pearl powder keeps your skin looking fresh and clean.  It's waterproof formula controls the formulation of sebum and also keeps one's skin healthy and glowing.  Contains natural extracts and combined nutritious herbal extracts that brightens skin tone and helps protect and improve your damaged skin.

AMW says ---

  • simple yet elegant packaging
  • product well-sealed upon purchase

  • squeeze type tube makes it easier to control how much product to be squeezed out

  • has SPF27 PA++ which protects my face from UVA and UVB rays
  • gives a nice healthy "glow" to my skin throughout the day
  • minimal re-touching needed, works great as a makeup base or primer
  • gives light to medium coverage
  • can double up as a concealer
  • available in Matte and Shimmer. I would say this Pearl BB cream variant works for MAC's NC20-35 skin color
  • can be easily purchased locally
  • price is not too expensive for a BB Cream that's made in Korea. 
  • a little amount goes a long way
  • for those with ok skin, no need to use foundation, just set with a translucent powder for that "natural look"
  • Dry-skinned individuals may find this drying.  Moisturizer prior to application.
  • Oily-skinned individuals may look oily due to the glitters.
  • I can literally see specks and the wrong camera flash may lead to obvious sparkle on the face

People will definitely find the glitters a huge CON, for me, I actually like using this on a daily basis because it gives a nice "glow" and "awake" look on my face.  Again, if you will be out under the sun or there will be flash photography around you, I suggest to use the "matte version" which is also available in the market.

from Purederm
  • after washing your face, apply a pea-size amount into the tips of your fingers
  • gently pat and blend first into dark blemishes such as eye bags, skin blemishes or pimple spots
  • avoid using on irritated skin or sunburned skin
  • if skin becomes red, swollen and itchy during use, STOP using the protect overall and go see a dermatologist
  • keep out of eyes, if there is eye contact, rinse with water
  • avoid using if skin is sensitive to bandage and tapes
  • keep out of reach of children
  • avoid storing under direct sunlight or too high and too low temperatures
from AMW
  • the product should blend a bit to your natural skin color, but if you found the product to be quite light on your skin, I suggest to dust a darker powder foundation on top of your BB cream.
  • apply using your clean fingers, try to blend gently, never rub your face too hard
  • to lessen the shimmer, I set the tinted moisturizer with my favorite matte powder foundation
  • if skin is really dry, apply BB cream together with your favorite moisturizer, I prefer blending them together
  • you can purchase the non-shimmer version --- Dark Pink packaging for matte effect
  • If you know you'll be taking a lot of photographs with flash, do not use this BB cream, or try to use the alternate matte version
Will I repurchase?
The matte version sounds interesting.

Where to purchase and how much?
Php699.00 (approx $15.00) for 50ml tube.  Available in Watson's Branches locally.

Top photo: the texture of the Purederm Pearl BB Cream.  Not runny at all
Bottom: Blended a bit, it looks quite light to start with

Purederm Pearl BB Cream blended onto my skin tone perfectly 
after several minutes

Using Purederm's Pearl BB Cream only

Set with Neutrogena Face Powder

Have you heard about this BB Cream brand?
Have you used any Purederm products?  After face masks, I've also tried a couple of products from the said brand!  You can always check back for reviews :)

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Note from author: Product was sent for review purposes. All reviews base on personal experiences, please purchase at yourown discretion.)


  1. hi nikki! purederm is my first bb cream and my default bb i can say:) and this variant looks promising, thanks for the review :)

  2. Didn't heard about this line, but it looks so perfect on your skin! The shade matches to you pretty nice!

  3. never tried this bb cream before but it sounds good. thanks for the review


  4. I've stopped experimenting with BB creams entirely because they tend to look patchy on my skin, but I'm still trying to use up my Hanskin tube. This pearl bb cream is really not for me I think. Most BB creams tend to make me look oily, so I don't need added glitters. Lol.

  5. Thanks for this review Nikki. I haven't tried BB creams yet so this might be my first one since its affordable and is available locally.

  6. Hi...thanks for the review of this product. I don't wear make up at all. just moisturizer and sunblock. You mentioned that the purederm pearl bb cream, can be mixed with a moisturuzer... and that's it? I'm not into finishing powder also... So, ok lang to do this...
    Now i have to decide between shimmer and without shimmer...
    Thanks again.

  7. when you talked about the glitters on face, i suddenly thought of edward cullen. LOL.

  8. ianneregina, so your first one is the matte version? How do you find it?

    Anastacia, really? It's not available even in Korea? I wonder! hehehe

    Roxy, no worries, my pleasure!

  9. Fifi, oh I know what you mean, I guess go for the matte versions or if you're happy with whatever you're using...do not be like me and STOP experimenting HAHAHHAA

    Liz, no worries, you're right about the price, much more affordable no? Pero I remember you don't like the "glitter effect" so try the matte version instead :)

    well, if your skin is not too oily Anonymous, you can always get away without setting powder, but if you have oily skin, I suggest you do so, with our humid weather you may look like an oil walking around the streets of Manila :)

    Xin, yes!Edward Cullen-ish is the perfect description!!!! :)

  10. the texture looks nice! interested with the matte version =)

  11. now im sure that i saw BB Cream in Watsons!
    at first i was really not sure..

    great review!
    though i already crossed BB Cream out of my list but it's good to know that BB Cream is penetrating the Philippine market slowly but surely.

  12. Honestly I don't know, because I have a ton of BB creams and really don't look at new lines

  13. hi nikki! is there only one shade for this bb cream? cause im in NC42 and i want to purchase one :) and what kind did u get shimmer or matte? :)

  14. Khymm, me too, I'm interested with the matte version but I'm kinda enjoying the Shimmer version :)

    Thia, I know! BB Creams do not work for you no? Well, its okay, you save the money! hahaha

  15. Anastacia, well true, there are so many brands out there in Korea for sure, can't wait to go there and I'll probably go crazy with BB Creams, but I think I'll repurchase Skin79 VIP Gold as it works for me!

    Janika, yes only one shade, I think it gets blended into your skin naman, I suggest you give the tester a try if they have it at Watson's :) Mine is the shimmer version :)

  16. Hi Nikki,
    thanks for the replying.... don't have oily skin....more on sweat...

  17. Hi Nikki! I've been reading your blogs and I find them very helpful. :) With the BB Cream, I use the one in Skin Food. For me, its pretty good I have the Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream and the Aloe Sun BB Cream both have SPF 20 PA+. Maybe you can do a review on them so I would know if the other BB creams you've tried are better than these. Thanks! :)

  18. Anonymous, ooh sweat? Go with blotting oil control sheets! :)

    Kat, I've already reviewed ALL BB Creams I've tried. Click this link

  19. ahhhhmmmm, ive triEd d Pearl BB CREAM of PUREDERM, it's really a good one! So affordable and u'll
    use it in about 3 months! It's blending on ur skin and doesn't smudge at all, even wen ur perspiring it's still there u'll use it d whole day! No trouble at all! And it really tightens ur pores! So effective! U will not regret it!

  20. im using now PUREDERM 3 in 1.it looks good on my morena skin..also i alternate it with Etude BB cream-i alsp like this brand!


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