Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Winners! Levi's Php1,000 Worth of Gift Certificates

I know the Levi's Contest ended September 4th, but it took some time for the "judge" and myself to choose 3 winners for the Create Your Own I Believe Badge contest.  Deliberation after deliberation, finally, here are the winners!

Something that has to do with Friends.....

Torque Beverly
Believes: "Womanly Curves and Friends are SO alike"

Education, which I believe is very important...

Beatrice Margarita Lapa
Believes: "that education will shape our future"

Love, and long-distance relationship is close to my heart as I survived 3.5 years long distance relationship with now hubby a couple of years ago....

Rose Crizaldo
Believes: "in US, despite the distance"

I know there should only be 3 winners but something about MOMs touched my heart, to friends who knew me knows I'd give anything for my parents, my family...and I agree with Earth when she said "Moms are Superhuman!" So the superhuman mommy Earth will win something from me....

Special Prize from AMW
Earthling Rullan
Believes: "Moms are Superhuman"

Thanks everyone for joining!  There are more contests here on AMW and the rest of the blogging world!  Keep on joining and who knows?  Any day can be your lucky day!

To the winners, Congratulations!  I will email you for details!

Appreciate all the support and love!
Keep smilin'
Stay Happy!


  1. Wow! Thanks to you and Levi's. :D I didn't think I'd win something but...I'm just so happy (since I got bigger and I need a new pair of jeans). Hehe!

  2. congratulations to the winners! :)

  3. bea, rosey, earth, congrats to you 3 too! nikki, thanks very much for holding this contest. i've already visited the curve ID site and immediately tried out their system. i'm excited to see how it will be on actual at the Levi's shop. hope their friendly sales people are ready to lend a hand too!

  4. thanks Nikki! :)

    was nice seeing you today! :)

    here's my email earthlingorgeous@earthlingorgeous.com

  5. awwwww...the long distance relationship touched me because I am in one right now and its difficult at times but i know its very worth it! congrats to the winners!

  6. Congrats to all winners!
    Especially to rosey, double congrats, you also won in phoebe's site :)


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