Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Wonder: "Do You Hide Beauty Marks?"

Oh Saturday, how I love thee! =)
If you read my tweets and Facebook stats, you'll know that I was busy with a 3 day shoot for an AVP a week ago, it was really tiring but one of the best makeup gig experience I've ever had!  

In this shoot, I've met a model, she's Australian, French and Filipina.  Anthea's background is really impressive!  She's done a couple of runway shows, TV commercials (ex. Lucky Me Saucy, Del Monte Fit n' Right, etc...) and she can also act and worked for a film and you have probably seen her in previous "Magkaribal" episodes. 

Being her makeup artist on this 3 day shoot, I am in charge of her makeup and I create her looks base on what the director is aiming for.  Before doing someone's makeup, I make sure to study the facial features first and create a "Face Chart" inside my head.  When I saw her pretty face, I can see that she has a beauty mark on the left side of her cheek near the nose. 

Which led me to this "I Wonder" question for the week ---
"If you have beauty marks, do you hide it with make up?"
"If you don't have beauty marks, do you think people who do should hide it?"

You want to know my answer?  Well, I've decided not to!  As her beauty mark is actually pretty on her face and it doesn't disrupt the focus of her overall look! The least I could do is to "lighten" it a bit with makeup but not totally be a trying hard in hiding it!

Here's my before and after shot of her

Makeup used ---
For the Face
  • Becca Silky Hydrating Primer - concentrating on the drier areas of her face
  • Graftobian Cream Foundation - as foundation and concealer
  • Paul & Joe Compact Powder Foundation 020
For the Eyes
  • Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil no. 2
  • Guerlain eye primer
  • Lancome 6 Color Focus Powder Eyeshadow - Gold and Matte Brown
  • MAC Carbon eyeshadow
  • Stila Smudgepots in Black
  • Paul & Joe Curly Mascara in Black - curled with Shu Uemura Lash Curler
  • Elianto Stay On Eyeliner Pencil in Black - waterline
  • Urban Decay Glide On Eyeliner Pencil in Yeyo - on inner waterline to make the eyes pop
For the Cheeks
  • MAC Shadester - to contour the nose and the cheeks
  • Nars Blush in Orgasm
  • Set with MAC Blot Powder 
For the Lips
  • Kiehl's no. 1 Lipbalm - blot with a tissue paper
  • Revlon Lipstick in Soft Rose - applied using a lip brush
  • The Body Shop Love Gloss Clear - on the center of the lips for a nice fullness
And here's her close up shot!  With the beauty mark, she looks gorgeous the way she is....
(Photo uses Flash, so face may look too fair, but in person, it's not) 

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!
Keep that smile and love the way you are!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Nikki! I love how you did her makeup. And uh, she looks really different without make up. I like her better with makeup. As for your I Wonder q, no, i do not hide beauty marks. I have moles too on my face, I think I have more than 5 and I like it. Though some say beauty marks are imperfections, I think these imperfections are what makes people beautiful. Oh, but I think the case would be different if the moles are really big as in huge. Maybe a little concealing will help. :P

  2. super nice job nikki.. :D ang ganda niya... pag kinasal ako can you make me that gorgeous too?? hehe

  3. she's a beautiful girl and your makeup was perfect to bring out her features!

    You may have noticed that I have a rather prominent mole on my face. I've never tried hiding it before those despite having mixed feelings about it.

  4. grabe Nikkers your the best!!! im proud to be your friend :)

    Keep it up!


  5. I don't have any beauty mark but I remember when I was young I wanted to have one lol. I think its pretty, but like you said maybe soften it up. But its something not to hide!

  6. Pammy, awww thank you! I call her a beautiful canvass, she can get away with any makeup look! It's quite easy to prettify her :) Thanks! Same with you, if the beauty mark is too huge well it's time to conceal a bit!

    Donna, hahahaha naku ha? You do your own makeup and you look pretty, you don't need me :)

    Connie, yes, you have a beautiful beauty mark and NEVER hide it! :)

    Mags, aawww thank you INK!!!

    Jbreezybaby, lol now that is funny! I never thought of wanting a beauty mark!!!

  7. very nice nikki! i love her before and after picture!

  8. awesome job,hun!
    that's such a great work

    this is the reason why we are always fascinated with make-up. no matter how many people say that natural is make-up we can't just ignore the fact that make-up does prettify & increase our level of confidence by 100!


    i am never the type to hide any marks..even blemishes actually..hehe

    i have a beauty mark on my left cheek

  9. i love it ate..simple but gorge!!:D

  10. beautiful makeup you did for her!!!

    OK, i have a different viewpoint of beauty marks. mr. money smart is full of them and had been checked out by a dermotologist to see if they were cancer. Some were dangerous and had been lazered off. I reckon, just my honest opinion, that everyone who has such marks should be checked out by a doctor he/she trusted, just in case. i myself had some removed some time back because they were not good.

    just my two cents.

    1. Hi Jojoba, I miss so much your blog my make up reviews. I hope you're ok. If you have a new blog, can you send me the adress?

  11. Oh wow! Nikki, I absolutely adore the makeup you chose and did for her! In my opinion, the beauty mark actually makes her face look even more interesting.

  12. I don't think we should hide beauty marks unless they're really HUGE and at odd places like the tip of your nose and whenever someone talks to you, they can't help but stare at it.

  13. Woah job well done Nikki! She looks gorgeous! Nah, I don't bother hiding my beauty mark. In fact, when the bridal studio photoshopped it off our bridal portraits, I was livid and insisted they put it back!

  14. Lavender, thanks

    Crystal, thanks for the compliment

    Thia, I agree, you don't have to hide the whole face of the person with make up but just enhance what's needed and hide a bit on what's needed to be hidden! :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear! I can't tell you have beauty mark on your left cheek!

  15. Jamie, aww thank you ! Miss you na!

    Jojoba, thanks!I agree! There are some cancerous beauty marks and that's a different side of the story I agree on having it checked too! But for those regular beauty marks, do you agree in hiding them dear?

    Jess, thanks, I agree!

  16. Isabel, agree too! Thanks for sharing your you have beauty marks yourself?

    Tine, oh yeah! Even on my wedding photos, I would love to see the "real" me and not the "super photoshopped" me. You look gorgeous on your wedding photos! So great decision on not changing a thing :)

  17. Hi Nikki! wow, i love how you did her makeup. :)

    as for beauty marks, i don't think one should hide it.. i have a mole on my right upper cheek and a tiny birthmark on the left side of my lips, yet i am proud of it. :) for me, makeup is a means of enhancing one's natural beauty and not to hide one's flaws. :)

  18. hahaha OMG it's THEA! She doesn't really look THAT bad without makeup.. none at all. I think the "before pic" was kinda bad..ha. Beauty makeup tho :)


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