Friday, September 10, 2010

Tip for the Day: Achieving Perfect Base with The Body Shop

Most of you have read my Report on The Body Shop's Autumn Trend 2010 event, and as I promised, I will be sharing what I learned in this event! 

The event started when the pretty and no-makeup, Ms. Billie Liboro-Palabyab, PR Manager' Trainee of the Body Shop Philippines, introduced us to the lovely Smoke and Fire makeup collection.

I got really excited when we were introduced to The Body Shop's Finalist for the Asia-Pacific Regional Make-up Competition, Ms. Roma Reposo, to teach us how to achieve perfect base, The Body Shop style!

I have tried my best to remember everything but spare the old and forgetful brain that I have!  I'll share to you the simplest method I've learned so you can achieve your own perfect base!  

1. Pre-foundation application - use a primer if necessary especially on areas that oil up easily.  
In this photo: Roma applied  The Body Shop's Skin Primer Matte It on Billie using a foundation brush for more precise and even application.

2. Foundation and concealer application - always test foundation color on your jawline to determine which foundation is best for you.  You can always mix 2 shades to achieve a better shade close to your skin tone.  
In this photo: Roma mixed 2 shades of The Body Shop's Oil-Free Balancing Foundation adding extra foundation on areas that needed the most coverage (undereye circles, sides of the nose, etc...)

In this photo: A concealer brush was used to cover redness and blemishes

In this photo: You can always stand back and check if there are areas that you missed that needed more attention

3. Setting the foundation  - after concealer and foundation application, lightly dust with Loose or Pressed Face Powder to set.
In this photo: Loose Face Powder was used with Smudger Brush for smaller areas

In this photo: A powder puff was used to set the whole face with a patting motion.  Try not to apply too much to keep skin fresh and natural looking.

4. Contouring  - Use a matte contour powder and brush onto forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and decolletage for that natural contoured look!
In this photo: The Body Shop's Bronzing Powder was swept lightly on Billie's nose.

In this photo:  To pop Billie's cheeks and create a nice contour, Roma used a blush brush (but she strongly suggests to use a slanted blush brush) on the hollow of the cheeks.  You can achieve this by sucking in your cheeks.

5. Post-Application Technique - Spritz The Body Shop's Vitamin E Face Mist to set foundation/ powder and keep complexion looking fresh throughout the day!

And here are photos to share for you to see the rest of the lovely people who attended the event!

Stay tune for another tip on how to create a simple smokey eyes using Kajal Liners as base from Ms. Dens Congco, the Chief Make Up Artist of The Makeup Den.  I'm sure you'll get a tip or two and you can achieve these looks even with your current makeup!

A shoutout to Ms. Rozanne Salcedo and Ms. Argie Lingat, for making my makeover such a pleasure! 

Have a wonderful Friday!
Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. cool makeover

    looks great! i've always wanted to try the vitamin e face mist


  2. Does the primer work? I've been looking for oil-control primers but most are just way out of my budget =(

  3. Those are helpful tips. Thanks for sharing them. :)

  4. I am amazed by your memory, sister! At nagchichikahan pa tayo ng lagay na yan ha? :) And my face is so funny! Thanks for posting, hihi :D

  5. Thanks for sharing these great tips!

  6. nice tips! :)
    i saw on your previous post that Kerastase is your fav. hair brand. i was wondering if it really does wonders to your hair? it's extremely pricey here where i live & i really want a HG shampoo finally for my hair >_<

    - Coco

  7. aweeee! more greetings! nice make-up make over!

  8. You guys have so many get together & get to enjoy your hobbies. How fun!

  9. Roxy, same here! I heard it's really nice!
    Isabel, I haven't given it a try, but I heard that it works for oily skin!

    Pammy, my pleasure! Glad to share!

    Tara, hahahha if it's about makeup, I have good memory , for the rest? I Have super bad memory! :) It was great seeing you here! Your face is not funny its cute!!!

  10. Gio, my pleasure

    Coco, yes it does Coco, I've always thought it was just overly priced but I love it, especially the serum!

    Anastacia, :)

    Ally, true, we do have a lot of events down here! And I'm Glad I was able to join!

  11. One again, your articles is very good.thank you!very much.


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