Monday, September 13, 2010

Nail Art Tutorial: "Promod Top" Inspired Nails

Good morning!  Are you well rested to start the week right?  If you missed last week's nail art tutorial, well, I was able to do a nail art design but since I was home alone and there's no photographer helping me out to take  a photo, I wasn't able to take a good picture of it!  Sorry!  

This week, I wanted to start the week right with nails that screams "Simplicity is Beauty"!  I was inspired by my Promod Top which I wore on my Vaseline Road Trip Adventure.  Photo taken at Bangui Windmills.

And here's my nails inspired by my outfit on top!
How do we create such nails? Easy!  Just follow steps below...

Step 1:
Apply your preferred Base Coat to protect your nails.  I recently repurchased The Face Shop's Base Coat (click HERE for review).  Apply 2 coats of Elianto's White Polish and The Face Shop's Nail Color in BL604.  Alternate both colors.

Step 2:
Create thick French Tip alternating both shades used. 

White French Tip on Blue fingernails

Blue French Tip on White Fingernails

Step 3:
Using any thin brush.  In my case, I am using L.A. Art Deco polish in white to create lines, just like my outfit inspiration.

Create lines on the dark blue French Tips

Create longer lines on the dark blue base of the nails

Step 4:
Choose any glitter polish (either gold or silver), apply L.A. Colors Art Deco Gold for that nice contrast.

Step 5:
Making sure the design is completely dry, protect your nail art design with your preferred top coat.  I am using Elianto's Top Coat. 

Sit back and enjoy your newly designed nails!  Simple yet gives out a loud statement!

Hope my nail art tutorial brings out the smile on your lips :)
Have a wonderful and meaningful week ahead!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. awe! your pictures are good enough! you don't need photographer with your shoting skill:D
    lovely nails, such adorable idea!

  2. i love this! so simple yet it looks pretty and nautical :)

  3. so nice!!! i have been feeling really uninspired lately, right now both my hands and toes are naked :(

  4. that's cool. but i reckon i love the first pic the best. :)

  5. I love your nail tutorial..Absolutely adorable..:)..

  6. super cute! i like the nautical feel to it :)

  7. lovely color combination Nikki! you made it look so easy LOL

  8. This is so pretty! love the stripes, they have a nautical feel that I really like.

  9. very pretty! napaka-creative mo talaga Nikki :)

  10. They look so cute. And it really does have a nautical feel too it. :P

  11. really fun nails, as always :D im a fan of nauticals!

    i'm so lazy with nail haha

  12. where do you buy po L.A nail polishes?


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